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Buenos Aires


Iguazu Falls

Rio (Brazil)


Atacama & Uyuni

Uyuni is located in southwestern corner of Bolivia and is known worldwide as the gateway to the massive Uyuni Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni). The largest salt flats in the world, Uyuni hosts thousands of international visitors every year to “walk amongst the clouds” and marvel as natural mirages develop when sky and earth blend into one. Uyuni´s Salt Flats are a photographer´s paradise and have captured the imagination of all those who have visited.
San Pedro de Atacama, a tiny village located in northern Chile, is like an oasis in the vast Atacama Desert. Close to the Bolivian border, San Pedro de Atacama has excellent access to some of the most spectacular and bizarre landscapes in South America. Imagine high altitude giant sand dunes, jagged canyons, enormous salt flats and boiling geysers, not to mention a smoking volcano, and much more… All of which have propelled San Pedro into becoming one of northern Chile’s most popular travel destinations. That said, San Pedro´s traditional adobe brick architecture retains its uniquely relaxed atmosphere and at night it offers some of the most incredible star-gazing in the world.