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Iguazu Falls

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Uruguay, Argentina´s neighbor to the east and Brazil´s neighbor to the west, is one of South America´s smallest countries, but don´t let that fool you. It is home to some beautiful beaches, nature reserves and traditional estancias. Located just an easy 45 minute boat ride from Buenos Aires across the Plata River (Rio de la Plata), Colonia del Sacramento will delight. An historic village, Colonia´s old town center is filled with outdoor cafes, museums and galleries, and just outside the sleepy village, discover traditional estancias that specialize in horse riding and delicious, slow-cooked “asados” (barbeques). In contrast, Montevideo is a bustling capital city with great shopping and exciting nightlife. For those looking for the perfect city getaway, consider Uruguay´s clean, white sand beaches. Popular with locals, Argentines and Brazilians alike; the world-class beaches of Punta del Este, just two hours east of Montevideo, are also home to international music festivals and frequent celebrity sightings every summer.