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Bus Trip To Iguazu Falls From Buenos Aires W Say Hueque

12 Comments 19 January 2013

Bus to Iguazu Falls…I’m currently living in Buenos Aires, and recently got the chance to travel to the famous Iguazu Falls. When I first heard about the opportunity, I immediately wanted to sign up to visit these incredible waterfalls that stretch over a mile across the Argentina-Brazil border. But when I heard that I’d have to ride on a bus for eighteen hours to get there, I flinched. Eighteen hours?!  And I thought my ten hour plane trip to Argentina was bad!

Buenos AIres

Buenos AIres

After taking a day to mull over the issue while walking around Buenos Aires´ Casa Rosada, I decided to go ahead and sign up for the trip, despite the long distance.  The falls are one of Argentina’s absolute must-see attractions, I reasoned, so they would be sure to compensate for however horrible the bus to Iguazu Falls turned out to be. However, to my surprise and delight, the bus to Iguazu Falls turned out to be far better than I’d expected.  And I was very happy that Say Hueque suggested that I get the 1st class seat (Cama ejecutiva) with the flat bed!

Big new bus to Iguazu Falls

The bus (I traveled with Via Bariloche) departed from the Retiro Buenos Aires Bus Station on a rainy Friday evening, and by the time I’d traveled through the city and checked myself in, I was eager to get inside and out of the cold. Upon boarding, I was pleased to discover that my seat was beside a window, on the second level of the impressively large double-decker bus. Even better, the seats were huge, plush and comfortable, and a pillow and blanket had been neatly placed atop each one. And there was plenty of space for me to store my impossibly-stuffed backpack, both under the seat and in an overhead compartment. Another nice, welcoming touch: when the bus started moving, a bus attendant walked up and down the aisle to offer everyone candy from a basket.

Iguazu Falls Bus in style


Exploring Iguazu Falls


I’d brought my fully-charged Kindle and iPod to ward off the unbearable boredom I was sure I’d be facing before bedtime, but as it turned out, I barely used either one of them. Three different movies played throughout the course of the night, and my seatmate and I had a great time watching them together. We shared my headphones to listen when the chattering around us got too loud—and believe me, there was lots of chattering. The bus personnel were not at all strict about passengers talking loudly or even getting up to walk around and stretch their legs. In fact, the bus had barely started moving when I saw several passengers, closer to the front, popping open the bottles of wine that they’d brought with them. The knowledge that I could get up and stretch up my legs if I needed to helped the prospect of the next 17 hours to seem much more appealing.

Dinner was served to us at a reasonable Argentine hour, around 9 or 9:30. I was very impressed by the personnel’s sense of balance as they whisked up and down the aisle, passing out trays and drinks at remarkable speed. The food was actually quite good, and very filling. We even got a flan for dessert! Water and Coke were always available on the bus to Iguazu Falls, and after dinner we were offered tea and coffee. There were even free bottles of wine (of course, many of the passengers already had that covered). And just in case the wine wasn’t enough, the personnel came around after the lights went off to offer free whiskey or champagne to everyone on board (I took advantage of this service). Everyone had a handy fold-out drink holder next to his/her seat that was actually quite sturdy; I fell asleep with a cup of water in it and it didn’t spill once.   When it was time for bed, I drew the curtains on my window closed and pulled down the leg-rest from the seat in front of me. After reclining my seat back as far as it could go and stretching out my legs, I was lying almost completely flat and felt very comfortable. The pillow and blanket were the final touch; I was sleeping within fifteen minutes.

Comfy bed on bus to Iguazu Falls

The bus to Iguazu Falls drove very smoothly. I actually forgot I was on a bus when I woke up in the morning to breakfast, coffee and another movie. The personnel were prompt, helpful and friendly up until we finally arrived in Puerto Iguazu.

Incredible Iguazu Falls

Incredible Iguazu Falls




I actually felt as though the bus to Iguazu Falls took less time than my flight to Argentina, even though I know that isn’t true. I think that airlines could definitely learn a thing or two from these buses; for me, a small, fold-out leg rest made all the difference in the world. Namely, it meant I could sleep comfortably. I’m very happy I decided to take a bus to Iguazu Falls, and I wouldn’t hesitate to travel on one for a similar length of time to another location in Argentina.

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  1. admin says:

    I am glad that you enjoyed your trip! Look forward to seeing you back in Argentina soon.

  2. rolande anderson says:

    Did you stay overnight in Iguazu and where?

  3. giampiero flore says:

    vorrei ke mi forniste programma e prezzi per iguazu-falls

  4. Krey-schwickerath sylvia says:

    I want to make a trip from b.a. To rosario and than……???
    What can you offer me?? I would come from uruguay

    • admin says:

      Hi Sylvia,
      Nice to hear from you. Yes, we can help you plan your trip from Buenos Aires to Iguazu and beyond. I have asked one our travel advisors to follow up with you. All the best from sunny Buenos Aires!

  5. Coreen says:

    hi there,
    just want to find out if there is a border or customs there where we can cross to the argentina from brazil?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Coreen,
      Good to hear from you. Yes, you will have to cross the border in order to see both the Argentine and Brazilian sides of Iguazu Falls. When are you planning on coming to Iguazu? Let us know and we will send you some travel information and trips/activities available.
      Say Hueque

  6. Astrid Paravisini says:

    Hi! I see you really took advantage of your third day over there! I was advised to look around Misiones, there seems to be a lot to see over there. Did you get the chance to go anywhere around it? Also I’d like to know if you happen to know whether the falls are open to public during december (let’s say from dec 18th to 20th) and whether are there buses that can take me from Misiones to Buenos Aires by dec 22th. If you don’t know but can point me where to get information I’d be really grateful. Thanks in advance for your help!

  7. yasmin says:

    this is so cool – we are planning a 2 week trip – to argentina and brazil. do you think this is possible to see the falls? what do you recommend?

    we want to go in mid-july – do we have enough time to plan this??

    thank you!

  8. paul martin says:

    hi can I take abus from rio de janeiro to the falls plan on goin in march

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