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There are many different exotic locations and remote places in the world that would satisfy any outdoor lovers thirst for exploration.And each continent has several of these spots that lure travelers during all times of the year.

Arguably one of the most breathtaking of these sites lies within Patagonia South America. Paradise is Patagonia. The epitome of nature’s immaculate exquisiteness and splendor is all around you when you visit Argentine or Chilean Patagonia. With its majestic Andes Mountains and their terrific heights, its dense forests of rich wildlife, its serene lakes shining with an unforgettable iridescence and its pristine glaciers carving through the land, Patagonia South America trumps any other region in the world.

Its epic diversity and stunning scenes will make every traveler want to return. A tourist can pass through the lands with a guide and see all the peaceful and magnificent sights. Instantly, the visitor will become an amateur photographer, if not already one of the many professionals that head to this land each year, and snap photo after photo. Bring some extra memory for that camera, because there is so much to see and one picture of each isn’t good enough.

If you are more of the hands on type, Patagonia South America has just as much in store for you. One can hike the Andes and trek through its hills and forests. This can be a day adventure up to a two-week full on exploration. The limits are endless here. Travelers can horseback ride along the gorgeous valleys, engage in water sports and activities like kite surfing a national lake, and even hang glide over the land to see it all from a bird of prey’s point of view. The land is not only filled with attractiveness, but tons of undertakings to be accomplished whilst inside the region. Patagonia South America is where every nature photographer and action lover wants to be. It contains the Laguna San Rafael National Park, Los Glaciares National Park, Nahuel Huapi National Park, Torres del Paine National Park, Alberto de Agostini National Park and the Tierra del Fuego National Park. A place like this with so many national parks sanctioned off, you know it earns its reputation.

Located in the south of Chile, Laguna San Rafael will astonish you with its ten mile long fjord carved out by glacier activity. Los Glaciares in the Santa Cruz providence will astound you with its faultless winter wonderland and Perito Moreno Glacier. At the foothills of the Andes, Nahuel Huapi will blow you out of the water with its many lakes, rapids and waterfalls in the luscious green and blew acreage. Next to Los Glaciares in southern Chile, Torres del Paine will dumbfound your senses as you tilt you head all the way back to see the extravaganza that are the peaks of the Andes cutting into the heavens.  Near the tip of Chile, Alberto de Agostini will amaze you with its islands and glaciers, and you will know why Charles Darwin made his way all the way down there.

Closest to the Arctic, Tierra del Fuego will change the way you look at view scenery in the world, because it doesn’t get much better than this remote area of regal glow and beauty. Each of these locations is filled with an extraordinary array of vivid colors that make its flora and fauna completely unforgettable. It is living, breathing poetry. The diversity is incredible. Animals ranging from hares to cougars can be found all over the region, from its mountains down to its shores. The waters contain whales and penguins that you cannot witness anywhere else, while condors and eagles dominate the skies above.


From the most striking and delicate flower to the stern evergreens that stay strong year after year, every bit of wildlife is represented in Patagonia South America. Travelers can spend a month hopping from region to region, park to park, and still will not get enough. These rich and fertile lands have something for everyone to be flabbergasted by. Its indescribable by mere words and photos cannot do it enough justice. Once in South America, Patagonia, you will know utterly and completely why you came. The pure air will fill your lungs and refresh your soul. Prepare for out of this world sights. It’ll be hard to believe it ever happened.

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