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Tina Abkarian

Tina Abkarian

(5 / 5)

I was very impressed and happy with Say Hueque

Hello Ursula!

I'm well, how are you doing? I can't believe how quickly time flies - you're right. It's already been 3 weeks since I came back to Toronto.

I told you in person, and I will happily say it online as well - I was very impressed and happy with Say Hueque. Even with the change in my itinerary due to the cancelled flight, the company was able to accommodate and make the necessary changes (although i wish they could have done something more to get me a refund for the one evening lost at L Hotel). All of the tours, hotels, flights and excursions went smoothly and I was very happy with most things booked via Say Hueque.

To answer your questions:

Best hotel: the Iguassu hotel (St. George) was very well located and had great accommodations and buffet breakfast. Also, L hotel was also in a very nice location very close to Serrano Plaza. The hotel in Mendoza was ok. It was a little bit out of the way, and a few blocks away from the main streets. I think my favourite was George hotel in Iguassu.

Excursions: My favourite excursion by far was the wineries in Mendoza! Nothing even came close to this. I had my own person guide who was absolutely great (I cannot remember her name) and my own personal transfers by a very nice driver! I enjoyed all of the wineries I visited. The only one problem we encountered was the last winery where I was scheduled to have lunch, but had to be changed last minute because the winery had double booked an event and bumped us to one of its sister wineries nearby. It was still a great lunch experience, so it wasn't a big deal. The entire Iguassu excursion in both the Argentine and Brazilian side was also very nice. The guide was there the entire time, and took us through the entire park and explained everything, but was not overbearing. The one excursion that I wish was a bit better was the Buenos Aires city tour. I wish we spent more time in certain areas, and did more hop on/hop off at certain sites.

The best part of travelling with Say Hueque: the headache-free travel! Everything was taken care of by the company, and i was able to just book my international flight and have the company do all of the rest. I liked this, because I just didn't have the time nor the patience to research everything. I had preferences and ideas in my mind, and they personalized my trip to my unique taste in every aspect (excursions, hotels, domestic flights) - it was very well done! They catered to my needs diligently. I was very satisfied.

Anything that could be improved: I wish i was able to have more information about the pricing of the entire trip. I was quoted a price by Say Hueque, but I really wanted to make necessary changes to reduce the price (the Canadian dollar devaluation made the US dollar price of the trip very expensive). I asked to get details of the pricing (a breakdown at least showing hotel/transfers/guide cost detail), but this was never provided.

Overall, I really really enjoyed my trip created by Say Hueque. They did a fantastic job accommodating my needs and were so attentive to ensuring i was well taken care of! My pick-ups from the airport were always very dependable and punctual, there was usually a guide accompanying me in each city (that would be you Ursula!) who made me feel welcomed. I felt safe for the most part in all of the hotels I was in. My biggest fear coming to Argentina as a single young woman was that I had no idea whether Say Hueque was trustworthy and dependable. My fears were definitely put to rest once I came to the country and realized what a professional and organized tour company Say Hueque really is.

So a big THANK YOU to you Ursula, and everyone else throughout my trip and booking process who made me feel safe, welcomed and happy :) The salad was my pleasure, and it was the least I could do. I will definitely take the time to write a review on tripadvisor in the coming days.

BIG HUG back,
Tina Abkarian




(4 / 5)

As we said before, we found your organisation marvelous. We will certainly recommend you to friends who would like to travel to Argentina. Congratulations.

Dear Patty,
here are our replies.

As a guideline we ask you this questions:
Which hotel did you like the most?

Although the Torres del Paine hotel was certainly the most comfortable (but we suppose the most expensive), the one we liked best was the Palermo in Buenos Aires. But we also liked the hotels in El Calafate and El Chalten which we would certainly recommend.

Which was your favorite excursion?

The Perito Moreno and the Uppsala Glacier icebergs. But we also enjoyed the walking on the various trails very much.

What was the best of traveling with us? Is there anything you think could be improved?
The enthusiasm of the guides and the punctuality: we never waited for more than 5 minutes.
You should warn your clients that, in the Torres Del Paine park, there is no mobile connection, unless you have a pc or a satellite-linked GSM (which was not our case).

We love to know your opinion!

As we said before, we found your organisation marvelous. We will certainly recommend you to friends who would like to travel to Argentina. Congratulations.
We cannot remember the first name of the very kind guide we had at Perito Moreno. Can you retrieve that for us?
I have tried to put an opinion on Tripadvisor, but cannot find how to do so. Their site is quite messy!
All my best,


Emmanuel Noyant

Emmanuel Noyant

(3.5 / 5)

Thank you very much for your job. I will recommend you.

Hello Karen,

Sorry but i didn't find the time to visit you after my trip !:)

Everything was really great except the place of the rooms into the hotels ! It was always the worst one !
Also, the hotel in El Calafate is not very good. I mean, the reception and the restaurant were very cool but the room was really not.
The hotel in San Martin de los Andes was a very good one. It was "La Cheminée".

Thank you very much for your job. I will recommend you. You are welcome in my place if you want to visit a day.

Best regards.


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Buenos Aires, Patagonia

Nathan Simonson

Nathan Simonson

(5 / 5)

Professionalism, expertise, personal care and interest

Professionalism, expertise, personal care and interest; I found these and more from the first day that I emailed Say Hueque about a five week holiday in Argentina. Patricio devised and arranged a fantastic itinerary; and Augustina Julia followed up with exceptional assistance while in-country. I can only thank them both for giving us such a wonderful holiday.
We did meet other people travelling with Say Hueque while in Argentina and they too sang the praises of this company.

Julia and Patricio - we really did have a wonderful holiday, and do thank you both so much for everything. It was all great.

The only thing (which is very minor) would be to let people know that for group excursions, that the noted pick-up time is the time that the bus starts it's round of pick-ups and may not reach your hotel until a little later. In the beginning we were getting worried that we were forgotten as the bus would not be there at the designated time. After a few times of this we realised that the bus just had other people to pick up first. It is a minor detail, but I think it would be helpful for clients to know this from the beginning.

Favourite places - so many beautiful places in Argentina - but I think we both loved the penguin rookery in Haberton (photo attached - I love the way he seems to be looking at the fantastic scenery), and especially the hikes around El Chalten. We were so lucky with the weather which was glorious. Photo attached. Sorry that the photos are sidewise - hope you can put them the right side up!

Please do use the testimonial and photos as you might wish.

Again, thank you both.
Susan and Nathan


Myra Friedman

Myra Friedman

(5 / 5)

I would recommend Say Heuque to my friends.

Hi Patricia, It was a wonderful trip. Henry at Say Hueque put together a great itinerary, and after he left, Pia pulled it all together.
I liked a lot of the hotels. I liked the location of the hotel in Santiago, as it was in town in an interesting and fun neighborhood. Many of the hotels were beautiful, but the distance from the city was very big. I like to eat dinner in the city and walk around after dinner, and I could not do that when the hotels were so far. The hotel in Mendoza was lovely, as was the hotel in Puerto Varas, but both were very far out of town. The hotel in Bariloche and the hotel in El Calafate wre within easy walking distance to town, and I like that.

I love the estancia, Estancia La Candelaria del Monte. It was an exceptional experience. The staff and the food were wonderful. I would highly recommend this.

We had exceptional guides, particularly Frederico in Bariloche and Vincent in Mendoza. They were absolutely the BEST and made the experience. Antonio in Chiloe Island was also good.

My favorite excursions were
Bariloche when Frederico took us on a hike to “Enchanted Valley” and then for a wonderful lunch at an estancia.
Upscale Glacier. That was a wonderful experience. Seeing the icebergs floating in the water is magical.

I would recommend Say Heuque to my friends. I think you should ask whether people prefer hotels outside town with beautiful grounds or prefer to stay in town. Other than the distance of some of the hotels, I have nothing negative to say. It was a fantastic trip!

Myra Friedman


Susan & Dave Robertson

Susan & Dave Robertson

(3 / 5)

It can't be easy coordinating so many stops at so many places and for the most part it all came together and we had a great trip.

Hi Patty
Here are some of my thoughts:
Hotel Oporto is not that great. The location is far from anything to do and some of their staff were great but they let us down on the last day. We had a 7:30 pick up which is when breakfast starts so we asked for a 7:15 breakfast and they agreed. Well at 7:15 nothing was out and the guy there cleaning up said breakfast does not start till 7:30 When we explained that they promised us a 7:15 breakfast he went and got us a yogurt and went outside and swept the sidewalk instead of getting anything for us to eat. The floor in the rooms is old wood and almost impossible to clean so it looks dirty.
The hotel in Easter Island was our favorite. Great location and great restaurant. We had a great guide, Chris as well. Easter Island was one of the highlights of the trip.
Some friends had recommended the bus ride from Santiago to Mendoza. It was interesting but I'm not sure I would have picked it since we were going to Salta for 3 more long bus rides that were even better.
As you know, in Mendoza we had 2 problems with drivers. This is especially critical when catching a flight. We also mentioned that the bike tour was pretty lame; old bikes and cycling in town a short way. And the lunch that was on the itinerary never happened.
The guys in the hotel in Mendoza were great.
The wine tours were pretty good in Santiago and Mendosa. Although we did decide to stay for a third one in Mendoza on a day we had 2 booked. It was quite surprising to us what they did. It was expensive and all they did was bring lunch with a different wine with each course. But they did not say one thing about the wines or the winery. It was just an expensive lunch.
The excursions from Salta were good. It is a long time on the bus but you can't avoid that. The wine tours at Cafayate were very weak. No tour of the winery. All we did was taste one or two wines with large groups of people. We did not even sit down and the entire explanation of the wine and winery (or whatever they were talking about was in Spanish).
The hotel in Salta was great and Carlos at the front desk was really helpful.
Iguazu Falls was fantastic. Constanza was also fantastic. We liked that quirky old hotel there too. I"m not sure everyone would like it; there was a one inch gap below our front door that anything could have come in through and the bed is upstairs, but we liked it and liked the restaurant as well.
Collonia was okay but kind of boring. Rita was okay.
The map you gave us in BA was fantastic. We used that all the time. The list of restaurants we never used once because we didn't know where they were. If that came with a map it would have been great.
The Tango show was oversold. The itinerary said all the Malbec you can drink. First of all it was a very cheap wine. It was not Malbec. It was called 'Vino Tinto'. There was no mention of Malbec on the label anywhere. It may have had some in it but not enough to be classified as Malbec. In addition, we finished the bottle and wanted one more glass and they said that is all we get. The show itself was okay.
So that is about it.
It can't be easy coordinating so many stops at so many places and for the most part it all came together and we had a great trip. If I was you though, I would be careful about promising more than you are going to get on these excursions as that is when you feel shortchanged.
Often the highlights were when we got great service at a hotel or an excursion. So I recommend you try to keep using those people that were really helpful to us.


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Buenos Aires, Chile, Salta & Jujuy
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CJ Chong

CJ Chong

(5 / 5)

I will definitely recommend SH to anyone going to South America, and if we do go back, and we probably will, I will use SH again.

Hi Patty,

thank you for your email. Yes, we had a wonderful expedition to Antarctica and South Georgia Island. The passage to Antarctica was a little rough, but we survived. We saw some wonderful wildlife and the best of all was a close encounter with a humpback while. It surfaced about 15m from our zodiac, and then headed straight towards us before diving about 3m away from us.

I have made a post to Trip Advisor. Please have a look.

In terms of hotels, we picked Das Cataratas in Iguazu Falls, which was obviously very good, but in terms of hotels used by Say Huegue, we liked the Senderos in El Chalten. It was clean and the staff were really friendly and helpful, and the place was very homely. The Mirador in El Calafate was quite good too. As I said to you previously, we didn't like BoBo in BA much. Apart from it being old, the location was not the best, nothing much around for tourists.

Favourite Excursion - Iguazu Falls, Argentinian side. Great day, and the weather was good.

What was best travelling with SH? Well organised. For older travellers like us, the last thing we want are hassles, things going wrong, not met at airports, etc. This happened to friends of ours two weeks ago in Santiago, not met at the airport, and not told what time the day tour would start the next day. For us, everything happened smoothly, you met us at EZE, we were met at Iguazu airport by Roberto, and we were met at El Calafate by Eduardo. And the other thing which was best was the fact I could communicate with you all the time, using Whatsapp, and you always replied. It meant that I was never worried as I knew I could get help quickly if we were stuck.

I will definitely recommend SH to anyone going to South America, and if we do go back, and we probably will, I will use SH again.

Thank you very much for the recipe for empanadas. We tried a few in El Chalten, and liked them.

Attached is a photo from the visit to the Moreno glacier.

Warm regards,



review-CJ Chong-imagen-1

Ivan Tyler

Ivan Tyler

(4 / 5)

Guys as a team we experienced, THANK YOU! We had a fantastic trip of a lifetime

HI Patricia

Sorry it’s taken so long ………it’s been a rough chaotic start to 2016…. with a quick trip to Kenya squashed in as well.

Our trip was friggen awesome, incredible! mostly because you guys run a fantastic ship.

Honestly. only one thing was NOT OKAY!

From the start, we were picked up by a driver …….no info nothing literally loaded on a bus that was it, we arrived at the Hotel, dumped is probably the correct term. No representive from Huellas del Sur.
The chap at the front desk, told us that someone from Huellas del Sur, would come and see us at 7 pm, So we rushed in to Town and made sure we were back at the Hotel at 7pm ………………………………………….no one arrives.

Next morning, we off to the Big Ice ……Mind blowing ……, we realised that we need to book quickly something for our “free day “
As soon as we got back to the Hotel, we spoke to the chap at the front desk as to what he would recommend,
He told us the boat to the glaciers is what we should do ……. if someone from Huellas, had seen us on day one, this would have been already planned ………………
The chap called Heullas, as they are “our operator “, they tell him we need to get to the Huellas office within the next hour, so off we run and within 30minutes we at the office.

There is another couple been attended to …. but lots of voices, behind …you guys know the setup .so after a few minutes someone is called to assist us, we explain who we are ………………………………….
Oh no you have to book direct now, no let me see what I can do, I can take to the operator nothing.
Just NO. {


I suggest you separate your brilliant operation from them ………………I am honest everyone besides the Heullas team was brilliant.

Each of you, we met were fantastic
The small things, the check in /boarding passes the day before ….Heullas did not ,even with your request ……..get rid of these guys .
The transfers to and from the airports first class

The small things, mate /picnics…….and just because you all were relaxed, just made it awesome.

Guys as a team we experienced, THANK YOU! We had a fantastic trip of a lifetime. We thought that we would have drama somewhere as one does when traveling …. WELL nothing. and honestly another thing which stood out is your Airline, WOW ! what a pleasure, at check in , it normally a disaster anywhere you go , it was a pleasure

Thank you SAY HEUQUE!!!!

And please should any of you come to this side of the Atlantic please let us know, advise or a place to crash, you will be most welcome.
PS. Your recipe has been tried and tested …. yummy

Best Regards
Ivan & Genevieve


Betsy Blum

Betsy Blum

(5 / 5)

Thank you for your professionalism and expertise

Hello Patty

I want to thank you for the excellent organization of our trip to Patagonia. We, both couples, enjoyed the sequence and variety of our trip. I owe this all to you and your knowledge of the Patagonia region. We loved El Chalten, our first stop and the trekking was awesome. We loved the beauty and the grandeur of Fitz Roy and we enjoyed excellent weather. Only once did we experience the promised wind, rain, and the need to put rocks in your pockets and that was on the hike up to the base of Los Tres where we couldn’t see the towers. Our hotel Kaulem was lovely and well situated and the town is just a delightful grab-bag of fun restaurants, hotels and hostels and businesses with lots of dogs. We enjoyed the atmosphere.

All of our hotels were of excellent quality and each unique. We enjoyed the hospitality at all of them but our favorite was The Indigo in Natales and unfortunately our time there was short.

We want to thank you for all the transfers. Everything worked like clockwork except the one airlines glitch with an emergency landing between El Calafate and Buenos Aires, and there you were not responsible but your representative was available by phone.

The cruise was fantastic and a perfect break after trekking in two beautiful parks. I would tell everyone to take the cruise despite its expense and 4 nights was perfect.

Finally, back to Buenos Aires, both the Tango Show and the bike riding were perfect for us. We enjoyed the bike riding in particular and learned so much about the city and your country. Our guide, Rodrigo was perfect for us.

We will be recommending Say Hueque to our friends and I will get something on Trip Advisor soon.

thank you for your professionalism and expertise

Betsy Blum


Anil Kashyap

Anil Kashyap

(5 / 5)

My hat's off to you.

Carolina, Yuna, Silvia,
Just finished our trip. Sitting in the lounge of Buenos Aires airport.
Wanted to commend all three of you on a job well done.
.. Excellent organization.
.. All transfers got to us in time without a hitch.
...great advise on restaurants and things to do.
.. We did a trip to a ranch
Riding horses, good lunch and wine. Really enjoyed it. did a Great job checking up on us during the trip to check for problems.
My hat's off to you.
I know that Pal and Rajeev feel the same.


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Hiking Patagonia, Patagonia