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Veronica Sas

Veronica Sas

(5 / 5)

Todo estuvo muy bien organizado y no tuvimos ningun problema. Estoy muy contenta con el viaje y voy a volver a usar la compañia para mi proximo viaje!

Hola Ursula,

Perdon que me tardo un poco contestar pero volvimos de Argentina y nos fuimos en otro viaje para North Carolina hasta el martes. Estoy cansada de ir en aviones!

Abajo respondo a las preguntas :)

Cual fue tu hotel favorito?
Nuestro hotel favorite fue BA Sohotel.

Cual fue tu excursión favorita?
Iguazu Falls

Hay algún guía que quisieras mencionar?
Ursula, Hector y Pablo.

Que es lo que más de gusto de viajar con Say Hueque?
Todo estuvo muy bien organizado y no tuvimos ningun problema. Estoy muy contenta con el viaje y voy a volver a usar la compañia para mi proximo viaje!

Hay algo que mejorarías? Tienes alguna sugerencia?
Todo fue perfecto! Gracias!


Richard Lue

Richard Lue

(5 / 5)

In a whole view, we are satisfied.

Hi Patty:
Thanks for your greeting.
We have a long returned flight to back home, it is O.K. No more delay / cancelled. Just a joke :)

In a whole view, we are satisfied. This is the first time we use the agent like "Say Hueque" to plan our trip, we did it by ourselves in the past, so this is an very good experiance. I already send our itinerary to one friend from Canada which met at Machu Pichu for her information. She may be visited Argentina next year.

Thanks again for you, Agustina, Patricio and all friends whose help us have an amazing trip in Argentina.
For more details comments, we need time to summarize and sent to you later.
Sarah & Richard


Katrina Huening

Katrina Huening

(5 / 5)

Overall Say Hueque did a fantastic job

Evening Patty,

I am doing really well although definitely missing the beautiful countries I had the chance to see on my trip. Sorry I didn't respond to your last email but it went into my junk mail for some reason and I didn't see it until this email arrived. To answer your earlier question, I took a look and I paid $500 Argentinian pesos for the Gran Aventura boat ticket.

Regarding the rest of the trip, it was fantastic! To answer your questions:

-My favourite hotel was the location in Buenos Aires. The open-air hallway with the vines that walked into a beautiful courtyard was definitely more unique than a large chain hotel where many people stay where travelling. I loved that you used small local boutique hotels which really gave you a feel for the culture and the city that I was visiting

-As for the most memorable place I visited, it has to be Igauzu Falls. A fantastic tour guide in such a beautiful setting made for a very memorable stop, I couldn't have imagined not seeing it when I was travelling

-The best part of travelling with your organization was that everything was taken care of for me. As soon as I arrived in a city, I was told the itinerary for the time I was staying there which made it an extremely simple and stress free vacation. The only thing I would suggest was that I wasn't told that I would receive a breakdown of each leg of my trip once I arrived in my next city. It would just take the confusion out of it as I was wondering how I was suppose to get my tickets, rides, etc when I started on the journey.

Overall Say Hueque did a fantastic job and I will absolutely go on Trip Advisor to give you a fantastic rating as you created a very memorable trip for me that I couldn't have even imagined on my own. For photos, I added a bunch to my blog site so feel free to use any of them that I have posted:

If you need any more information from me, please be in touch.

All the best!


review-Katrina Huening-imagen-1
review-Katrina Huening-imagen-2
review-Katrina Huening-imagen-3

John and Joan Schindelar

John and Joan Schindelar

(5 / 5)

We would highly recommend Say Hueque to anyone contemplating a trip to South America. They are a great travel agency: efficient reasonable, friendly, and knowledgeable.

In late 2015 my wife and I decided to visit South America--Argentina and Chile, in particular. Friends of ours made the trip the year before and used Say Hueque, a travel agency in Buenos Aires, to put their trip together.

So, we called Say Hueque and talked to Henry, a sales representative/travel agent. We laid out our plan and asked Henry to "Make it Happen."

Henry called back about a week or two later and had an itinerary to discuss with us. Yes, 5 weeks was fine, and yes, about $10,000.00 per person sounded reasonable. Henry took it from there.

We wanted Say Hueque to make all the internal/domestic transportation arrangements while we would do our own round trip international flight arrangements to Buenos Aires from PDX. Henry took care of all our domestic transportation to include flights, buses, boats, and vans. Except for one very overcrowded van, all went smoothly.

Then Henry left Say Hueque for another job, so we became quite concerned about our trip arrangements. However, our concerns were of no consequence and unfounded. Pia took over and carried the ball very well.

We also wanted to do shared transportation. We love to meet and travel with people from all over the world. That worked out well for us except for one side trip where we felt the 4X4 (Ushuaia) we were using was very overcrowded and the seat belts in the back did not work. That was a local problem, not a Say Hueque problem.

We requested all 3 and 4 star accommodations, to include breakfast. We wanted to make our own dinner arrangements. Furthermore, we wanted beautiful views from our hotels. Henry made that happen, although some of the hotels were quite some distance from town. For us that was fine. Joan and I love nothing more than a wonderful glass of Argentinian wine and beautiful views. All the views were just wonderful. There wasn't one that we didn't like.

At every destination we were met by the local travel company. They were never late, easy to identify, courteous, and efficient.
Our guides at each location were very good except for two. Of the two, one spoke almost zero English, and the other knew his material, but was verbal non stop, switching back and forth in Spanish and English. One never knew when the "switch" was going to happen! However, all the others were excellent. In fact, we got to know them so well it was difficult to say good bye, knowing we would probably never see them again.

Our drivers were equally as good. We felt safe at all times, except the one time we had no seatbelts in the back of the van. Generally, between our limited Spanish and their English, communications were quite good. In fact, I would say very good.
All our itinerary daily excursions were well planned and wonderful. We learned so much about the history, culture, geography, people, flora & fauna, food and drink.

The only thing we might have changed on ur itinerary was to perhaps build in a rest day once in awhile. For example, we had several occasions where we had 3, 10-hour days in a row. We are in our mid- 70s, and a rest day might have been nice. We are experienced travelers, and in quite good shape. But we did get tired. People who were not in as good a shape as we were might have encountered issues without some rest.

Lots of folks have asked us about favorites. That is a very difficult question to answer. Each city we visited had its own charm. S. C. de Bariloche is a standout city for me, as well as Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, and El Calafate. I also liked Santiago and Valparaiso in Chile. Patagonia is an experience never to be forgotten.

Favorite experiences? How could you beat the wonderful asados, if one is a carnivore, and I am. Come on, you are in Argentina! They were just wonderful and beautifully prepared. We also loved our walks through the beautiful national parks. Who could ever forget Iguazu Falls or a walk to Perito Moreno Glacier--and the glorious Upsala Glacier! How about the seafood and chocolate in Ushuaia. The daring trip by bus over the Andes from Santiago to Mendoza. The beautiful Mendoza wineries. Vendimia--amazing! The beautiful parks and museums in Buenos Aires. The charming sea cities of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. The island of Chiloe. The brewpubs in Bariloche. All the penguins. The list goes on and on.
Places to stay: We loved Candelaria del Monte Estancia outside Buenos Aires. It was a great place to rest and rewind before our long grueling trip back to Portland. The Bobo Hotel in Buenos Aires where we rested before our trip actually started. The Los Yamanas in Ushuaia, Esplendor Hotel in El Calafate, Casa Molino in Puerto Varas, Chile, De la Isla Hotel in Castro, Chiloe Island, Su Merced Hotel in Santiago, Cacique Inacayal Hotel in S.C. de Bariloche, Verde Olivia in Mendoza, Loi Suites in Iguazu!

One more positive experience, if one can call taking his wife to the doctor a positive one. While we were in Mendoza, my wife got a severe cold and persistent cough, and we deemed it necessary for her to see a doctor at a clinic. The hotel, Verde Oliva, took care of all arrangements, including transportation. Once we got to the hospital we were met by an English speaking nurse, and she helped us fill out all the appropriate forms. We were seated, and since we had no appointment, sat for about 40 minutes. Finally the doctor came out to get us, examined Joan, and prescribed some meds. Within a couple of days Joan was back on the road to recovery. I would like to say at this point that upon our return to Oregon, Joan went in to our family doctor and he said the Argentine doctor did exactly the correct things. Oh, our bill? $28.00.

How well do we like Argentina? We are returning next January/February 2017. We are returning to Bariloche, one of our favorite cities; Mendoza because Joan was ill and never had an opportunity to wine taste, and then Salta. Salta will be a first time for both of us. We have even asked for exactly the same hotels and exactly the same guides in Mendoza and Bariloche. Salta is brand new.

And, what company will be putting our trip together? Say Hueque.
We would highly recommend Say Hueque to anyone contemplating a trip to South America. They are a great travel agency: efficient reasonable, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Now, if there was some way to get to and from Buenos Aires quickly, easily, and comfortably, we would be very happy. Flying is no longer fun.

One exception might be LAN Airlines, used for all international flights. They were not crowded (We flew coach.), the food was at least a 2 1/2-3 stars, they used real glass for wine, real ceramic plates, and real reusable metal utensils. Their service was 5 stars, Believe it or not, even the bathrooms were kept clean.
So I believe we could give LAN Airlines 4 stars.
Aerolines Airlines, used for domestic flights, wasn't bad, but did not compare to LAN.

Yours in travel,
John and Joan Schindelar


Ed and Paula Gois

Ed and Paula Gois

(4 / 5)

We really had a memorable holiday, thanks to Say Hueque

Dear Patty

Great to hear from you and again, thank you very much for being always there for us. You did a super job and I commend Say Hueque for providing such a level of support to their clients. Paula has now saved the recipe for empanadas. Thank you for that too.

We really had a memorable holiday, thanks to Say Hueque. I have summarised our thoughts below, including some areas where we feel you could make some improvements. Here it goes:

Hotel we liked the most: Loi Suites in Iguazu. We also felt that two other hotels deserve mentioning, they are Hotel Esplendor in El Calafate and Cabanas del Lago in Puerto Varas. All very good hotels.

Hotel we liked the least: Cilene del Faro, Ushuaia (quite poor), not the type of hotel we asked for, very misleading website photos. We also felt that the Bobo Hotel in BA was not of the standard we asked for. It is in serious need of renovations and is very noisy during the night.

Favourite Excursion: Perito Moreno and Iguazu, both a big WOW for us.

Least interesting excursion: Visit to the cemetery in BA, however famous that may be. We could have used the time to gain a better insight into BA.

Least liked place: El Calafate (the city). Very small, dull, and most of all, uninteresting.

What we liked the most about Say Hueque: Having someone on the ground in Argentina available 24/7 during the entire stay of our holiday. We also felt that Say Hueque was very resourceful in information about the country and the places we visited. Well done!

What we liked the least about Say Hueque: Not spending more time during the planning phase explaining in greater detail all the proposed excursions and looking at all possible alternatives. We wasted 2 precious days during the holiday as a result. Partly your fault and partly ours as we should have perhaps asked more questions. Communicating purely by email did not help much either. For example, placing Estancia Cristina and Torres del Paine on consecutive days completely went against what we asked for as these were long day and very tiring excursions. We ended up cancelling Torres del Paine and therefore wasted a full day in El Calafate as a consequence. The bus trip from Puerto Varas to Bariloche was the worst day of the holiday.

Also, we had a 1.5 hour connection between two flights at Aeroparque in BA, one with LAN, the other with Aerolineas. This proved to be far too short as our first flight got slightly delayed. The check-in lady did not want to accept our bags and could not guarantee that these would be on the connecting flight. Luckily they did, but had they not arrived it would have been a major problem for us. All the stress that this generated could have been avoided.

Overall comments: In general, we had a fantastic holiday, mostly due to Say Hueque. For future we could recommend that you focus even more on the profile of the particular client and not try to mass sell Argentina. You say that you design a custom holiday for each individual client but sometimes it did not feel like so. You have a very beautiful country but on a relatively short trip it is impossible to see everything and we felt that a couple of things were cramped into our holiday.

We wanted to thank Silvia, Yuna and you for your respective part in making this such a wonderful holiday which we will remember forever.

This may not be the last time we visit your part of the world, as we met many friendly Argentinians who recommended other beautiful regions of your country. If we come back, we will most definitely approach you again.

All the best
Ed and paula


Molly Quish

Molly Quish

(5 / 5)

We are so happy we booked our trip through you. Say Hueque really made everything so easy and stress free.

HI Patty,
Thank you for the email. All went smooth on our return home. We are so happy we booked our trip through you. Say Hueque really made everything so easy and stress free. It was all wonderful. I will definitely add a review on Tripadvisor- once i figure out how to add to that thread.
Answers to your questions are below:

Which hotel did you like the most? We loved Fierro! The room was great, balcony was awesome to have, staff was great and the restaurant was the best food we had in BA! We also loved Posada Verde Oliva- it was so charming and cozy, and their dinners were fantastic!
Which was your favorite excursion? It's a toss up between the wine outing and the glacier- for very different reasons. We ended up adding the lunch at Septima on to our wine day, and are super happy we did!
What was the best of traveling with us? Is there anything you think could be improved? You really made our honeymoon Stress free! All of your recommendations were great, everyone we worked with was great, overall, just fantastic!


Sandeep D

Sandeep D

(3 / 5)

Overall I am extremely pleased with Say Hueque and have been recommending you to everyone that I have been speaking to about my trip

Hello Ursula,

My apologies for the delay in response. It has been extremely busy since getting back to Canada with work related demands.

Overall I am extremely pleased with Say Hueque and have been recommending you to everyone that I have been speaking to about my trip. This is my first time using a tour company and it really helped. My challenge is that I have zero time to do the kind of planning / analysis that it would take to book everything personally, I really appreciated being able to explain what I am interested in and pick from a menu of options then come up with a customized itinerary for my own interests. Then get everything booked quickly. People have been blown away by the pictures / stories I have from my trip. I liked also being able to just pay for the majority of the trip ahead of time and then just basically need to show up - with all flight, tour, transportation to/from and hotels taken care of. Having a local guide to help me I think was pretty critical as it let me enjoy the trip rather than think about logistics, as well there are always things where it helps a lot to have a local expert tell you the information you need.

My favourite excursions were hiking around Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre and the Perito Moreno glacier. If I had to do things over again, I would spend more time in Patagonia given the weather can be a bit unpredictable and it gives more time to try the different sights. It was breath taking to see these things and the highlight of my trip. Buenos Aires is such a world class city that I think to do it really properly you need to spend more than a week there, definitely more than the 2 days I only had available. Iguazu was also impressive. I was a bit surprised by the Tango show, it was not something I thought I would enjoy as much as I did but I was so blown away by the athleticism and coordination and it was great to see the Argentine expertise in this.

I particularly want to say that the staff at Senderos and and Huellas del Sur were super helpful in terms of the arrangements Say Hueque booked with local operators. They were very friendly and helped me with figuring out good plans for the last bits of my itinerary, and tried to make things easy for me wherever possible. Costanza (spelling?), the tour guide for Iguazu, is an absolute gem - charming, friendly, informative and helped me beyond the tour of Iguazu itself when I needed to run some errands. With how poor my Spanish is I appreciated having a nice day's worth of conversation with her. Arnold for the Iguazu forest tour was also a great guy. I liked his sense of humour and the chat we had. Overall all the accommodations I stayed at had friendly staff who were helpful on getting things done - as Casa Del Sur one of the front desk staff helped with arrangements getting to / from places and same with Kau Yatun.

Here are some of the pictures and videos if you are interested. I've given Say Hueque's name to some family friends who want to do Argentina properly, so hopefully they will be contacting you soon about this.


review-Sandeep D-imagen-1
review-Sandeep D-imagen-2

Gudrun Albrecht

Gudrun Albrecht

(4 / 5)

All in all my 5-day-trip was awesome, the recommendations and the organization of Federico Luna from Say Hueque

Hi Federico,

I checked your link to write a short report about my trip to Jujuy, Salta, etc. Unfortunately I couldn’t find or open a window to write directly there and I’m rather busy to get back to important projects I have to organize. So I ask you to put it in the correct frame!

As I had already stayed in Buenos Aires for several times one of my Argentinian friends insisted, I had to get out of the city and have a look at other wonderful places around Argentinia. I rather prefer warm places and mountains, so I decided after some weeks here in BsAs to go for getting some information about the North of Argentinia in Say Hueque, because I already had a nice experience of a friendly lady a year ago. There I got some basic ideas to think about my trip. When I finally returned with the idea to go to Salta and take ‚ el tren en las nubes‘, an interesting ‚package‘ of places to visit was prepared for me. Unfortunately this idea could not be realized as the train did not run in this period, but I was offered an interesting variation of my original plan >> going for a day to Cafyate. What could be a disappointment at first sight then became the most interesting and amazing part of my whole trip: the first part we were going to Cachi, a place that overwhelmed me because of it was small, quiet and just lovely as well as the next stop in Molinos where we had a small lunch and enjoyed the fascinating atmosphere of this unique place - could have stayed there a little longer. The landscape we travelled through then was awesome to look at. Arriving in Cafayate I enjoyed a wine tasting and finally was taken to a nice hotel to relax and spend the night there.
I was completely satisfied about the choice of the hotels the agency had booked for me, real nice places all of them: one in Cafayte, one in Salta and one in Purmamarca.
I had quite enough time to explore Salta on my own after my day trips, enjoy visiting a peña and some museums.
All the guides that accompanied us were quite friendly and informed profoundly about the places. I visited San Antonio de las Cobres and later Las Salinas Grandes and finally got to Purmamarca where I spent the night. I loved this place because of its amazing mountains surrounding it and enjoyed the ‚curcuit‘ there.
The last part was the trip through the Quebrada de Humahuaca and to Tilcara - amazing as all the other places.
All in all my 5-day-trip was awesome, the recommendations and the organization of Federico Luna from Say Hueque was something I did really enjoy and appreciate. I would go there with pleasure again for booking another tour !

Best wishes Federico, have a good time; at the moment I really, really enjoy a lovely and rather warm spring time for a change here in my local area.

Gudrun Albrecht


Comments About:

Salta & Jujuy

Julia Tang

Julia Tang

(2 / 5)

Dear Patty,

Thank you for your e-mail.

For your questions, here are our replies:

-Which hotel did you like the most? Mirador del Lago Hotel was the most acceptable among the accommodation we've stayed.

The rest were quite disappointed.
Hosteria La Posada in Puerto Madryn, Posada del Barranco in El Chalten, and Jasy Hotel in Puerto Iguazu were totally unacceptable.

Particularly, rooms in Posada del Barranco were dusty and sandy, windows could not be tightly closed during the gusty windy nights. This hotel, in fact was semi-shut down for business. Its main entrance door was locked and no one was in the hotel during morning and night hours, and because of this, one of our group members had to stay behind in the cabin to wait for the manager to show up, finally at 10:30am on our check out day, thus she could not join the group for the early morning trekking to Fitz Roy. In addition, the manager in Posada del Barranco admitted that the hotel needs to be re-renovated soon. He also repeatedly mentioned that Say Hueque knew that the hotel only had 3 cabins available and had never requested rooms with 2 beds for us.

As to Jasy Hotel in Puerto Iquazu, it was very unclean. Floor, towels, shower curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases were very very dirty.

-Which was your favorite excursion? Moreno Glacier, Punta Tombo, and Iguazu Falls (both Argentina and Brazil).

-What was the best of traveling with us? Arranged transportation to and from airport.

-Is there anything you think could be improved?

1. Definitely on accommodation. On this, we still anxiously want to know why Say Hueque booked these 3 hotels: Hosteria La Posada in Puerto Madryn, Posada del Barranco in El Chalten, and Jasy Hotel in Puertofor for us to stay.

2. The vehicles for the transfer between Calafate and El Chalten were old and small, passengers were crammed together for 2-3 hours on both trips. On the road, we saw many others' private tour groups had much bigger and more comfortable vehicles compared to ours.

3. There was no drinkable hot water available in all hotel rooms for making tea or coffee. If it is common in Argentina and Brazil that no thermos / kettle is provided in hotels, better inform us in advance as this is rather unusual to us and we may bring our own.

4. Tour guides:
-most helpful is Patricia in Buenos Aires
-most satisfied is Cotty (names??) in Puerto Iguazu and Brazil Side
-most disappointed is Mary in Peninsula Valdes and Puerto Madryn

Kind regards,



Monica Allman

Monica Allman

(5 / 5)

Thank you and everyone at Say Hueque for everything y'all did for us!

Hello Ursula, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Getting back to work this week has been crazy. We had fun in Mendoza. We really enjoyed the wine tours. We had lots of wine. I think we drank a bottle everyday we were on the trip. The high country tour wasn't exactly what we expected. It was mostly sitting in the car driving. I think we would've enjoyed a hiking tour though.

Our photo session went really well. We got some good pictures. Did Yuna show you some? Everyone really liked them.

We tried going on the Say Hueque site and trip advisor to write a review but couldn't see where to add one. So we really enjoyed everything with Buenos Aires. Great hotel, great city tour with you! We enjoyed the tango show. We are glad we had that extra day. For Mendoza the hotel was just ok. It was older, the elevator did not work, the rooms weren't as nice, but staff was friendly. Like I said the high country tour was not what we expected. The wine tours were really nice. On our free day we rented bikes in Maipú and biked to different wineries, and did tastings. That was really fun.

Thank you and everyone at Say Hueque for everything y'all did for us! We had a great trip. Everything went smoothly

Monica Allman


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Buenos Aires, Mendoza & Wines