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Mari Hirayama

Mari Hirayama

(5 / 5)

If anyone around me has a chance to visit Argentina I'll recommend Say Hueque for sure

Hola Deborah,

It’s nice to hear from you, Deborah.
How have you been? Every day you meet new travelers? And make them happy?

I’ve been busy at work since I came back to Japan and started to work on Jan.5.
I sometimes look at the photos taken in Argentina and think about Argentina.
Argentina is so far away from Japan so my friends have no idea what they can expect in your country.
All they can think of is….. Tango!
So when I talk about my experiences in Argentina they show interests.

Oh, guess what? I met someone I know at Iguazu falls!!
He is Japanese and used to take English lessons at our language school.
(I work at a language school as a management staff) He works for Toyota company in Brazil at the moment.
He was with his wife and a guide waiting for a little train to Garganta del diabolo.
I was standing next to them in a queue! Can you believe it? I was all the way from the other side of the earth and met someone I know!

Chocolate you gave me was interesting. So after I came back to Japan I searched about the tree on internet.
You gave me opportunities to know little things but interesting things about Argentina.
Oh, I also checked what fish I had look like. I’m glad I didn’t know what Surubi look like!!
Please keep making visitors happy, Deborah. You are a wonderful guide.
If Argentina was a lot closer to Japan I would come over to Argentina again.
There are many interesting places I couldn’t visit.
If anyone around me has a chance to go to Argentina I’ll recommend Say Hueque for sure!

Would you like me to write a comment in English or Japanese in Trip Advisor?

I’m going to attach some photos. You can see how much I enjoyed!



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Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia
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Jamie Sanders

Jamie Sanders

(4 / 5)

My trip to Patagonia was incredible


I am back in NYC and had a great time in Argentina! Say Hueque was very helpful with planning, so thanks for all the recommendations!

My trip to Patagonia was incredible. In both Calafate and Chalten your recommendations were spot on and I appreciated both the tour recommendations and the local restaurant recommendations. It was very helpful. I had such a wonderful time doing the Big Ice trek on Perito Moreno (my favorite excursion!), and going to Estancia Cristina. The hiking in Chalten was beautiful and we were lucky to have great weather. Also, as you said in your guides, the trails are well-marked and easy to do as a solo traveler.

My only complaint about Patagonia was the trip to Puerto Natales. I already sent some feedback on this, but I did not receive any recommendations either for excursions or for local things to do while I was in Puerto Natales, so it felt very much like a wasted day. I was also told that I could book when I arrived in the town but that wasn't true and many excursions were either full or the offices were closed. In the future, if you recommend going to Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine, you should provide options for travelers. Also, I did not realize Torres del Paine was so far from Puerto Natales so it would have been much better to stay in the park. I'm disappointed you did not provide that as an option, especially for nature lovers that are heading down to Patagonia.

The trip to Iguazu was great! Our guide in the park was outstanding and we learned so much! We also opted to do the trekking the second day and we didn't know that it was trekking AND zip lining and repelling. I ended up doing all of the activities, but my travel companion was 60 years old and did not do either. It was fun to spend the day in the rainforest but please be clear about all activities included in the excursions.

My favorite hotel was St George in Iguazu. The location was perfect, we walked to all the best restaurants and it was in the center of the town. Their breakfast was also the best. The hotel I stayed in in Calafate (I believe it was Cualquienes?) was also very nice, their desk staff was the most helpful. The staff at Erratic Rock II in Puerto Natales was friendly but not helpful with activities to do in the area.

Thanks for sending along the empanada recipe and the wine recommendations, I will certainly miss the cuisine in Argentina!



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Iguazu Falls, Patagonia

David Dreisbach

David Dreisbach

(5 / 5)

The two trips that we did were great

Hi Carolina,

Sorry it took me so long to get back with you. I will say that the hotel Kau Kaleshen was very clean and nice. The staff was very helpful also. If I had to say anything bad is that they only had one tv for everyone to watch, none in the rooms. But that wasn’t really that big of a deal. I also want to say the people that worked at Say Hueque were all very helpful and spoke very good English. The two trips that we did were great. The trip to Torres Del Paine was a lot of fun. The guides at South Road knew English real good plus they knew a lot of history. I just don’t know where to start the trip was one of my wife and myself, best trips. We also would like to thank Ezequiel F. in Buenos Aires for helping us with the booking of the trip and what things we should do etc… He spent a lot of time in making sure that we knew what to expect, and what to do and see. Thanks to all!!!



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Jose Luis Gonzalez

Jose Luis Gonzalez

(5 / 5)

Disfrute mucho el viaje y estuve muy satisfecho en general

Hola Carolina gracias por toda tu preocupacion durante mi viaje que disfrute mucho y estuve muy satisfecho en general.
Gracias miles a Patricio por toda la ayuda y coordinacion tambien.
Todo salio muy bien con la excepcion como les conte del viaje a la Pinguinera, aunque me convino el cambio de hacerlo por la tarde.
Referente a los hotels, por supuesto el mejor fue el de Ushuaia, pero muchas veces no es el hotel sino el personal, y les digo que el personal del Chalten, especialmente una chica que no recuerdo el nombre pero es porteña fueron maravillosos, aunque en general todos fueron amables y los guias de las diferentes excursiones fantasticos.
Lo unico que creo que debieran aclarar mas es lo de los vouchers, especialmente que usan las agencias locales y el unico voucher que use de los que me enviaron fue en Ushuaia el del Canal Beagle. Acuerdate la duda del voucher para viajar de Punta Arenas a Ushuaia. Por lo demas muy bueno todo.
Muchas gracias por las recetas, se las dare a mi sobrina para que la trates, ella tambien conoce Argentina, para mi es la cuarta vez que voy. Lo siento pero yo no cocino, pero ella es muy Buena en eso.
Un abrazo para los dos.


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Monique Raymond

Monique Raymond

(5 / 5)

We have nothing but great things to say about our experience in Argentina

Hi Deborah,

We have nothing but great things to say about our experience in Argentina, and our trip to the Iguazu Falls with Say Hueque was certainly a highlight of the trip! All correspondence was answered in a timely manner, and questions were answered thoroughly. We enjoyed our time in Puerto Iguazu and the Hotel Amerian was an excellent hotel. Having a local guide meet us and provide recommendations, for both sights and restaurant was very much appreciated. We enjoyed all of our meals, particularly those with the local fish, and of course the Argentine wine!

The 2 days spent at the Falls were experiences we'll never forget, and we have hundreds of pictures to remind us of our time there. We recommend seeing the Falls from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides to get the full experience. The Great Adventure boat ride was a great chance to see the falls upclose (and a chance to cool off). We were disappointed to here that the DVD of our boat ride hadn't arrived a few hours before we were set to check out. However after calling Deborah, our local guide, she coordinated a pick up by a Hotel Amerian staff member so we received the video before leaving for the airport. Very much appreciated and excellent customer service by all!

All the best and we hope to visit Argentina again in a few years!


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Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls
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Troy Hayes

Troy Hayes

(4 / 5)

The trip exceeded our expectations


As you can see, I've been home a week now but I am still catching up. The flights home went well.

Best hotel: hard to answer. The best staff was at the del Virrey Hotel in Salta. All of them spoke excellent English, which helped us a great deal. The rooms were a bit small, but OK.

The most unique hotel was the Los Colorados Hotel in Purmamarca. The adobe architecture together with the stunning view of the colorful mountains was amazing. No English spoken.

The Killa Cafayate Hotel had the best interior and garden decor, but there was a problem with the hot water which required me to go down to the desk twice in the evening. It was off again in the morning. Limited English spoken.

Neither Rebecca nor I cared much for the Orquideas Palace Hotel in Iguazu. It was away from town. Breakfast was a few minutes late the second morning, which is critical when there was only 40 minutes to eat and get back to the room to use the facilities before the transportation arrived. The lobby internet did not work and wi-fi was only available in the lobby, and it was slow. We both felt that the clerks manning the desk were a bit cold and indifferent. But the hot water worked. Moderate English spoken.


1. Let clients know upfront that English will be limited in some places. I actually think you did that, but we still had our expectations a bit too high. Hence, perhaps a bit more emphasis.

2. Put in the sleeping altitudes of hotels. I've done a fair amount of mountaineering and know that the altitude you sleep at is more critical than the maximum altitude during the day, unless that is extreme, of course. Warn people that may be susceptible to altitude sickness to confer with their doctor before the trip about medicines that can prevent or lessen altitude sickness. If there's a 2-day excursion at a higher altitude and another at a lower altitude, do the lower altitude excursion first. This last suggestion might have eliminated the problems Rebecca had.

3. Leaving a client in front of the wrong hotel and driving off should never happen. The refund of that excursion was an appreciated gesture of apology.

4. Over time we worked with Mariano Galindo, Pia Costantino, and you. Somehow, you did not understand that we had purchased transfers from EZE to Newbery Airport, and later in the trip, back to EZE. Things happen, and we appreciate the dinner you provided as an apology.

5. Toward the end of the information you sent us, you said "The tour does not include: . . .Iguazu National Park Argentinia USD 30, (only paid Argentinean pesos and cash)". I thought "cash" referred to the "USD 30". And since it was almost the end of my trip, I did not have a lot of pesos. In my opinion, you should leave out "USD 30" and say something like "Iguazu Nation Park Argentine 260 pesos to be paid only in cash and only in pesos."

6. Communication: encourage future clients to think about bringing a phone that works in your country (or perhaps it is better to buy one there). As we found out trying to communicate with you, email just isn't timely in a lot of cases.

Having gotten all the critical comments written, I must say that the trip exceeded our expectations. Bariloche was quite nice with the mountains and lake. BA was just OK, but then we are not big on cities. We enjoyed our visit to the cemetery, saw some entrepreneurs demonstrating the tango, and enjoyed our Say Hueque dinner.

Salta was beyond belief. Despite the altitude problems for Rebecca, we could not believe the color of the mountains. The highlight of the entire trip was the second excursion, which turned out to be a private tour. The specialness of a private tour was enhanced by Ramiro Rosa, who was great. The mind-blowing beauty and uniqueness of the mountains went on for miles and miles. Iguazu Falls was a nice way to end. While it was nice on the Argentinian side, we found the Brazilian side even more spectacular. With the high cost of a visa for Americans, it was still worth it.

We would recommend this tour to friends of a like mind. It can be challenging, but is very rewarding. We found the Argentinian people happy and friendly. We were able to communicate with them in buses and cable cars by catching the odd word, acting out a thought, and smiling a lot.

Thanks for your help,
Troy & Rebecca Hayes


Rachel and Dilip Sequeira

Rachel and Dilip Sequeira

(1 / 5)

I think we'd recommend Say Hueque to friends, but maybe with taxis!.

Hi Carolina

Sorry it's taken us so long to reply - I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year - it was a busy season for us and we're just getting round to dealing with the backlog.

We had a great time in Argentina, and for the most part everything was efficient and well-organized - of course, some things (like another tour group accidentally taking away Rachel's pack in El Chalten) just can't be predicted, and can make for good holiday stories afterwards.

Most of the hotels were really good. Probably the best one was the one in Puerto Natales (whose name I can't remember), but I think BE Hollywood would also have been great if we'd been there more than 6 hours! The only one that we were a little unsatisfied with was Patagonia Rebelde in El Calafate - we were there on two occasions, and the first time we got a poorly maintained room (unoiled hinges which were very noisy, and poor plumbing.) But the second time the room was just fine, so it's probably just that one room - and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

Being met in BA, and oriented, was super-helpful. That saved us a lot of time and energy, and made sure we would always have phone service if we needed it for emergencies (we never did.)

The part I think could be improved was the airport transfers - you know already the problem where the driver took us to Aeroparque rather than Ezeiza and charged us (thanks for running that refund so quickly!) But the pickups were also bad: both times we were standing around waiting for around 20-30 minutes even though our planes weren't early - and we were the only people waiting like that in the departure hall, so we don't think it was a traffic problem that everyone else was also having. In retrospect getting a taxi at the airport booth would have been faster, cheaper - and most importantly, there would have been less stress.

Thanks for all your work, and that of Yuna and Tamara, in putting the holiday together for us. I think we'd recommend Say Hueque to friends, but maybe with taxis!.

Dilip & Rachel


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Chile, Patagonia
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Alexey Kulikov

Alexey Kulikov

(4 / 5)

Thanks for the advices you and your agency gave me, I used a lot of them

Hello Carolina!

Thanks for the advices you and your agency gave me, I used a lot of them, especially ones about the restaurants, keeping that in mind it could be nice of you also to provide list of favorite cafes in Puerto Natales, because I've had them only for Calafate and Chalten. It is a small town, but anyway it could be useful.
It is a weird thing that in countries where people drink a lot of mate, all the hotels I've been in, which were like 3*, didn't have a teapot in the room. In the Kau Kaleshen the only thing I can colmpain about is the lack of TV, though they have it in the public living room, in the personal rooms after a busy day it is a good thing.
Well, other than that, I don't know - you gave me more than I needed :)


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Hiking Patagonia, Patagonia
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Nao Ishikawa

Nao Ishikawa

(5 / 5)

Anyway, I think my choice of Say Hueque is the right and the best choice and I am happy with your service at reasonable cost.

Hola Carolina,

It was an amazing experience, thank you so much for your arrangements.

which hotel did you like the most?
-La Dunas, but all those hotels I stayed at are nice, especially staffs are great.

What was the best of traveling with us? Is there anything you think could be improved?
-Fits Roy is the best, because the palce is the my long admired mountain, and off course I was happy to trek there with great guide.

Just one thing, there was something wrong with my printed voucher for bus trip from Puerto Natales (no ticket I message are delivered the night before the trip ) to El Carafate and I was kept waiting for a while ( 20 min.) , but eventually I took the bus.

Anyway, I think my choice of Say Hueque is the right and the best choice and I am happy with your service at reasonable cost.
Thank you so much.



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Hiking Patagonia, Patagonia

Bill y Jhonny Huybregts

Bill y Jhonny Huybregts

(5 / 5)

Argentina is a magnificent country

Hola !!

Thanks again for all your help

We had a great time

Our guide was wonderful a lovely person and helped provide an awesome day.

We will now head to buenos aires mar del plata iguazu then home to australia

Argentina is a magnificent country

Thank you for having us

Much appreciated

Bill & Johnny


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