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Say Hueque started as a small, familiar project and grew day by day. Nowadays, our team is formed by a fixed staff of fun-loving travel professionals from Argentina who are passionate about sharing the best that our country has to offer and delivering the best experience for our passengers.

So if you have this spirit about travel, have experience dealing with international customers in tourism, or if you are a foreigner with experience in this area and have lived Argentina for several years, do not hesitate to send us your resume at the following email address


The positions we are most looking for are:

*Travel Advisor

*Trip Coordinator (booking & operations area).

*Marketing Assistant – Full Time Position

The Marketing Assistant will provide overall assistance to the marketing department, working closely with the department head. The objective is to broaden the reach of Say Hueque through social media and different marketing initiatives, focusing on both direct and word of mouth marketing. The Marketing Assistant will do so by continuing current initiatives as well as modifying existing content in order to improve the online presence of the company. The Marketing Assistant is required to evaluate the progress made in the efforts to promote Say Hueque and will take action based on the findings. While experience isn’t absolutely necessary, a passion for both writing and travel is.

Responsibilities: Composing, planning, and uploading of content on social media outlets, Performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on existing content, Analyzing and reporting the performance of the executed tasks, Drafting, revising, spreading, and monitoring the performance of promotional campaigns, Drafting, revising, and sending well structured letters to third parties, Interacting with former and potential clients, Testing and reporting on the performance of website elements,Updating, supplementing, and creating databases.

Requirements: Understanding of Marketing concepts, strategies and terminology, Understanding of and working with social media outlets and their respective audiences, Writing, speaking, and understanding the Spanish language on a basic level, Writing, speaking, and understanding the native English language on a high level, Working well both autonomously and in teams.