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Salta Hotels


La Candela Hotel

Warmth, cordiality, and tailored guest service to enjoy at any time of the year. A big old house was remodeled leaving its original style untouched surroundings and exterior facades still reflect its neo-colonialist style.
You will notice a different hotel concept where the service commitment lies in the desire to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

Hotel del Virrey

The charming Hotel del Virrey is located in the historic heart of the city of Salta. A colonial house from the early 20th century, it has been restored to preserve its original architecture and contains all the comfort of a modern hotel.

Antiguo Convento

Located in the heart of the historic corridor and just three blocks from the city’s main square, this hotel possesses all the services and comfort one would expect for its category of accommodation. With a colonial style of decoration, this hotel is an excellent option for those tourists looking for comfort and easy access to the main attractions in Salta.


Balcones de la Plaza Hotel

Boutique Hotel, a colonial house built in 1896, is located within the Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Province of Salta and has only ten (10) rooms equipped with the highest comfort and details that reflect the culture of the place.

Ayres de Salta Hotel – Executive Room

Pioneering the concept of contemporary, urban and personal accommodation, Ayres de Salta Hotel has introduced a dramatic paradigm shift in traditional, downtown-area accommodation.
The guests live a unique experience. Comfort and service seekers, they find quality in simple and warm details. Their choice of accommodation is mainly based on the characteristics of the weather in Salta and the hotel’s harmonious spaces and tailor-made service.
The hotel blends technology, design and textures with the surrounding landscape and nature, which can be enjoyed from the terrace. It is here that the “air” of Salta can be taken in as the sun sets over the pre-Andes mountains or when the stars shine in the Northern sky at night.

Villa Vicuña Boutique Hotel

This colonial residence was built in the early twentieth century.
Set in one of the most famous and emblematic streets, the hotel comes to life in the heart of the city. Located just two blocks from the main square and within walking distance of the most traditional sites, you can easily walk round the historic city center that defines the culture and spirit.
Fully restored to new condition without losing its old-world charm, Villa Vicuña provides an inviting blend of the magical spirit of the ancient with the luxurious comfort of the new.
Indoors there is always a feeling of warmth that, combined with the French style decoration and the excellent personalized attention, create a harmonious balance between the pleasure of feeling at home and the exquisite feeling of being abroad.
The hotel has twelve (12) rooms, decorated in a romantic style, and a backyard with a swimming pool. The hotel offers a delicious buffet breakfast and 24-hour service.


Kkala Boutique Hotel

Kkala is a charming boutique hotel located at the foot of a mountain, in the exclusive residential area of Tres Cerritos in Salta. The hotel combines tradition with unique antiques and regional craftsmanship.
Kkala Boutique Hotel is only five minutes away from the city center; perfect for exploring the city, or enjoying typical food in a local restaurant or prepared in house.
The hotel has 10 rooms, each with their own personality. Their names were chosen from national parks and magical worth visiting places in Salta.

Hotel Solar de la Plaza

Hotel Solar de la Plaza is one of the few antique houses that has managed to keep its original characteristics throughout the years. Containing tiled roofs, high windows, flowered patios and interior gardens, these remnants of the past are mixed with qualities of the present to provide a unique and comfortable environment to its guests.

Design Suites

Located in the heart of the city that most represents the north of Argentina, this hotel offers its guests a unique lodging experience. Its exquisite restaurant, impeccable design and strategic location make Design Suites stand out above the rest of the hotels in Salta.


House of Jasmines

At the foot of the Andes and just ten minutes from the international airport and the capital city of Salta, the Fenestraz family managed to create a unique and romantic atmosphere that combines the Northern tradition with the comfort of the best boutique hotels.
House of Jasmines Estancia de Charme, a centuries-old mansion fully recycled with careful attention to every detail; these are all elements that allow you to have a fantasy holiday in Salta, in northern Argentina.

Legado Mitico

In the historic quarter of the city of Salta, this house, which once belonged to an important family of Salta, has been transformed into a glamorous boutique hotel. Inspired by the history and culture of Northeast Argentina, its style evokes the most beloved characteristics of the Salta territory as well as those of its original inhabitants.