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Special Properties Misiones

Special Properties

La Chacra

La Chacra is a hotel that has been family-run for three generations and where different undertakings like yerba mate, tea and afforestation have been developed. With the warmth and service of its own owners, you will be treated to the highest-quality attention and amenities. Additionally, its six rooms are especially equipped for a relaxing stay, guaranteeing you will enjoy your time here. Visiting the drying rooms and sawmills, you will participate in the production process of two of La Chacra’s products: yerba and wood.

Yacutinga Lodge

This wonderful Lodge, with its rustic style, is located in the Yacutinga Resrve - two hours distance from Iguazú Falls. Immersed in the forest, the hotel is characterized by its organic architecture and known for having achieved a high level of comfort in harmony with nature.

Tacuapi Lodge

Tacuapí Lodge is located in the heart of the missionary jungle. Their cabins are separated from each other and from the main lodge in order to provide a quiet and private atmosphere for its guests . It is ideal for nature lovers who are searching for total disconnect. Tacuapí won the 2014 excellence’s certificate from Trip Advisor.

Hotel Melia Iguazu

The Melia Iguazu Hotel is the only hotel located directly inside Iguazu Falls National Park, offering an incomparable view of the falls. Its spacious rooms are well-lit and elegant and contain large windows that give the room natural light and private balconies that provide views of the forest and the falls. This hotel, without a doubt, is an oasis in the middle of the jungle.