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Special Properties Patagonia

Special Properties

Tierra Patagonia

Tierra Patagonia invites you to forge your own relationship with Torres del Paine National Park, as nothing but the wilderness surrounds you and you have an endless array of outdoor excursions to enjoy. The building´s architecture is beautifully integrated with the landscape and offers stunning national park views. The hotel´s design is purely Patagonian with locally sourced materials and artworks.

Patagonia Camp

The Patagonia Camp’s comfortable ‘Yurts’ - circular tents that in addition to being private, are found immersed in a beautiful forest of coihue trees from where the Toro Lake and the Paine Massif can be seen- are equipped with everything needed for a comfortable camping experience and are decorated with materials and furniture made by local craftsmen. Each unit offers private terraces and a central dome that allows guests to enjoy spectacular views of the Patagonian sky.

Eolo Lodge

This wonderful lodge is equipped with all the necessary comfort for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Its spacious rooms possess a warm and pleasant decoration that is highlighted by beautiful views of the surrounding landscape, providing each room with natural light. Without a doubt, what distinguishes EOLO from the rest is its staff of local Patagonia residents, who are extremely capable of offering their knowledge of the area to guests.