Travel With Say Hueque – COVID-19: Breaking News
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Travel With Say Hueque – COVID-19: Breaking News

Dear friends and travel community, 

First of all, I really hope that you are all doing well, that you are safe, healthy, and at home with your beloved ones. For those who doesn’t know me: my name is Rafa and I am the founder of Say Hueque Argentina & Chile Journeys. I have been running our travel company for over 20 years now.  This is a message to touch base with you to share how we are living the COVID quarantine these days in Argentina.


#Proud of our team: For those of you that were traveling in Argentina and Chile during this period, you might be aware that the local team was going the extra mile to keep you safe and take you out before the borders were closed.

I don’t have enough words to express the pride I feel for this team. Sales, office staff, ground operations, guides, drivers, administration, they all have worked extra hours to send our clients back home. They have given support to those who wouldn’t be able to complete their journeys, the dream travel you have longed for years in some cases. 

I also want to thank you all, for your thankful emails full of loving words and gratitude. Thanks you for stay in touch in these rough hours. I am proud of this travelers community that we have built over the years. 


#Next steps: We want to become a source of inspiration. As a tribe of travel professionals, we are sure that part of our job at this moment is to inspire travelers and followers. Staying positive and maintain a good vibe is more important than ever.


We are sure the storm will pass, this is just the moment to fasten our seatbelts till the red light turns off. Keeping the good vibes rolling for our community is crucial. As travelers at heart, we are positive minds by nature, and our mission today is to spread this spirit. 

Let’s turn the crisis into a learning experience. 

In the next weeks, you will see in our social media different means to keep your travele spirit and your sense of adventure going! We say: Stay Home, Make Plans.


Rafa Mayer – Director & founder of Say Hueque Argentina Journeys


This is the Best Time to Book Your Next Adventure

Special Booking Policy – Terms & Conditions 


Though we all are a bit down in the dumps with the COVID crisis, we are still here, ready to help you keep the good vibes up! And the best way to achieve this precious goal is to travel. Travel has always helped us going through difficult times because our dreams have always come true on the road. We decided to offer you the possibility to book now a trip for the future. To help you make a simple decision that may now seem difficult in these uncertain times we’re living, we want you to know that:

You can now book a trip with us only by making a 10% deposit on the total price of the booked services during the trip.* And if any last-minute change occurs, we have you covered! Any travel you book with us from 25th April 2020 may be:


We miss being out there into the world. We know you’re feeling the same way, and you’re giving your best to put out the fight as we all are. We want to be helpful to our community of devoted travelers. Keeping the wanderlust spirit going it’s our most important duty. Keeping our dreams of an amazing future going, it’s our all duty.

Let’s stay in touch.

Virtual greetings from Argentina 


*Domestic flights must be paid full-price in advance. *The terms of this Special Booking Policy only apply for cancellation by COVID-19. For any other canceling reason our regular Booking Policy will be applied. The terms of this Special Booking Policy does not apply for group journeys nor for trips booked before 25th April 2020. They run for trips from September 2020 till May 2021, except for those who travel between the 20th December 2020 and the 5th of January 2021. In those excepted cases, our regular Booking Policy will be applied.