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Atacama Day Tours

Termas de Puritama

In the Atacama Desert 30 kilometers (roughly 18 miles) northeast of San Pedro de Atacama, you’ll find the Puritama River. This river forms a cluster of geothermal hot springs where you can relax and recharge your body with its healing waters. The waters originate in the Andes mountains, however, despite being mountain waters, the hot springs volcanic proximaty heats the waters to temperatures as hot as 33°C (91° F). Enjoy these theraputic waters for a well-deserved swim. In fact, a dip in here will recharge your body from the nourishing energy and healing properties found in the water’s vitamins and minerals. 


Duration: 3 hours

Services Included: Transfer in/out, admission to hot springs – tkt included


Tatio Geysers & Machuca

Experience one of the most astonishing natural phenomenons by visiting the Tatio Geysers and nearby Machuca village. This is a place to truly be impressed with the contrasting colors from the steam columns of the highest geothermal fields in the world. Find yourself walking across an expansive field that will make you feel as though you’ve ventured to a different planet. Then, immerse yourself in the natural, mineral-rich spring waters of a nearby hot spring before you find yourself venturing off to learn about the people of the Machuca village. Along the way, you’ll be impressed by the massive andes mountains and find yourself captivated by the native plants and animals.


Duration: Full day (8 hours)

Services Included: Transfer in/out, breakfast, guide, tkt included

Services Not Included: Park enterance fees (15 USD, only payable in chilean pesos in cash)



Moon Valley Tour

Find yourself in one of the world’s driest and most hostile parts of the world: the Atacama Desert. Here you can visit amazing geological formations created from a unique combination of clay and salt.. This adventure shows the “Three Marias” area, which models the great powers of our planet’s natural forces which offer up delicate work formed over thousands of years. Apart from the grand rock formations, you will find yourself adventuring through salt caves, which offer up views equally impressive. However, the highlight of your adventure will be a picturesque sunset at the Licancabur Volcano that is truly indescribable.


Duration: 4 hours

Services Included: Transfer in/out, guide, tkt included

Services Not Included: Dinner, park entrance fees (5 USD only payable in Chilean pesos, in cash)


Laguna Cejar

Found within the Atacama Salt Flats is the Cejar Lagoon. This body of water is the ultimate saltwater swimming pool where you can float until your troubles fade away. Find yourself relaxing as you take in the views of the beautiful landscape paired against the turquoise waters, volcanoes and great expanse of the salar. Next up, you’ll visit the Salar Eyes, which are two fresh water wells in the middle of one of the world’s driest deserts. To further add to your adventure, you’ll visit the impressive Tebinquinche Lagoon where you’ll stop to enjoy an appetizer with a view of the Andes reflected in the salt water lagoon.


Duration: 4 hours

Services Included: Transfer in/out, snack, guide, tkt included

Services Not Included: Dinner