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Bariloche Day Tours

Glaciers of Mount Tronador

Experience for yourself why this famous mount is called ‘Tronador,’ the tallest mountain in the Andean Lake District. Ride along a stunning and scenic route past Mascardi Lake and under a huge cohue forest where you will trek to the beautiful Cesares Waterfall. The adventure continues through the Manso River Valley toward the little town of Pampa Linda and the Ventisquero Negro Glacier. At the glacier, you will hear booming sounds of cracking ice chunks, breaking from the glacier. Enjoy lunch surrounded by a natural forest, beautiful mountain views and Mount Toranador’s  glaciers.


Duration: Full day (10 hours)
Services Included:  Transfer in/out, lunch, bilingual guide 
Difficulty: Low


Note: There is an extra cost of 25 USD per person for passengers with hotels located more than 12 km away. 




History & Cooking

Tour the classic San Carlos de Bariloche loop in an authentic experience where you will learn how this small mountain village has evolved into one of the most captivating cities in Patagonia. While visiting top sights like Campanario Hill and the Llao-Llao Peninsula, you’ll be amazed by the picture-perfect views of Moreno Lake, Nahuel Huapi Lake, Lopez Mountain and Capilla Mountain. To cap of the end of a perfect day, find yourself in an engaging cooking class and beer testing, which will give you a sample of the immigrant and native cultures found in Bariloche. This fusion can even be tasted in the food.


Duration: 5-6 hours
Service Included: Transfer in/out, cooking class, bilingual guide, meal


Note: There is an extra cost of 25 USD per person for passengers in hotels  further than 12 km away.


Mountain Bike Rio Manso

Visit the southern boundary of Nahuel Huapi National Park. After riding to the Manso Inferior River Valley. Jump on the bikes to cross the river through the first suspension bridge and begin this 22km/14mls trail adventure along the river through wonderful wooded areas and local farms accompanied by a beautiful mountain landscape. The path si mostly flat with some uphill ascents and technical descents. Halfway stop for a refreshing lunch and continue the trail until the last of the Suspension Bridges where the transfer is awaiting.


Duration: Full day
Included: Transfer in/out, box lunch, mountain bike (& helmet) and guide
Difficulty: Medium to High

Cycling time: approx. 4 hours on a technical trail with rocks. 


Note: There is an extra cost of 25 USD per person for passengers in hotels more than 15 km away.


Trekking Cerro Catedral

Enjoy an impressive hike in Nahuel Huapi National Park. Go trekking through mountain tops, beautiful forests and valleys in between. From the base of Cathedral Ski Center, take the chairlift to the beginning of the trail, which is 2100 m (6,900 ft.) up to begin a challenging hike across uneven surfaces and rocky trails for amazing views of the Andes. Around lunch time, stop at rock formations named ‘the Cathedral’ and appreciate the incredible landscape that is truly breathtaking. Afterward descend the mountain along the Van Titter Creek, where you’ll find your hotel transfer waiting for you at the end.


Duration: Full day
Services Included: Transfer in/out, box lunch, cable car pass
Trekking duration: 7 hs.
Difficulty: Middle-high
Type of terrain: Technical trail and rocks.


Kayak Lake Moreno

The lakes of the Nahuel Huapi National Park are ideal for kayaking. They offer pristine waters, so clean you can even drink the water. Lake Moreno is located in the Llao-Llao Nature Reserve, providing a charming place to paddle surrounded by beautiful forests and magnificent views of Lopez Mountain, Capilla Mountain and the famous Llao-Llao Hotel. Paddle in the crystal clear waters pooling at the bottom of Mt. D’Agostoni to find hidden spots off the beaten track.


Duration: Half day
Services Included: Snack
Kayaking time: 1.30 hour
Difficulty: Easy


Nivinco Waterfalls

This is a great way to see the famous seven lakes route, but as a more active alternative. Visit the northern side of Nahuel Huapi National Park and enjoy a short stop in the picturesque mountain village of Villa La Angostura. Delight yourself with indescribable views of the well-known Espejo Lake and Correntoso Lake. Then, hike 45 minutes through a wooded forest until you reach the gorgeous Nivinco Waterfall. After soaking up the beauty, find yourself relaxing riverside with a savory lunch. You’ll return the same way home.


Duration: Full day
Services Included: Transfer in/out, box lunch
Trekking duration: 1.30 hours
Level of difficulty: Low


Note: There is an extra cost of 25 USD per person for passengers in hotels more than 12 km away. 


Enchanted Valley

The Enchanted Valley (Valle Encantado) is an environment that showcases landscapes with amazing rock formations to an inspiring colorful transition from steppe scenes to an Andean Patagonian forest. Then, cross the Limay River up to the ‘estancia’ where you will take part in a ¨walk of interpretation,¨ which includes visiting natural caves and learning about the impressive geological history of the valley. The most unique part of this valley, and what truly separates it from everything else, are the mysterious volcanic rock formations. Their erosion has left striking figures, giving the place a magical feel. A traditional lunch is provided as you sit and enjoy the incredible views.


Duration: 6 hours
Services Included: Lunch (Alcoholic drinks are NOT included), transfer in/out and bilingual guide.
Trekking duration: 1.30 hours
Difficulty: Low


Note: There is an extra cost of 25 USD per person for passengers in hotels more than 12 km away.


Exploration of Tristeza Sound

Discover the most remote and less visited branch of the Lake Nahuel Huapi: Brazo Tristeza. Sail along this impressive glacier fjord surrounded by beautiful mountains and waterfalls every step of the way. Once you reach the end of the lake, start a hike in this exotic forest that is home to amazing trees like coihues and alerces. As you hike along the trail, climb up to a collection of waterfalls on the Frey River. On your way back down, enjoy a satisfying lunch on board the Kaiken boat. This is truly an experience that lets you see some of the most amazing sights northern Patagonia has to offer.

Duration: Half day
Services Included: Transfer in/out, lunch 
Trekking duration: 1.30 hours
Difficulty: Low


History & Nature

Discover the classic circuit of San Carlos de Bariloche with this engaging tour. Stop by the most important look out points of the area, like Campanario Hill and Llao-Llao Hotel, where you can appreciate the beauty of Lake Moreno and Lake Nahuel Huapi. This place also gives you chance to appreciate the notable Mount Lopez and Mount Capilla. Off the beaten track , in a more untraditional city tour, enjoy a nature oriented walk through an impressive forest in the Llao-Llao Nature Park. This tour truly combines the history of the region with the beautiful history that surrounds it.


Duration: 5-6 hours.
Services Included: Transfer in/out, lunch, guide, beer tasting
Walking time: 1 hours 
Difficulty: Low