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El Calafate Day Tours

Nibepo Aike: Patagonian Ranch Day

Experience a day in the life of one the famous Patagonian Estancias, where time stands still and even today sheep breeding remains the main occupation. Walk around having excellent views of the Southern Arm of Lago Argentino, going through woodlands and getting to know the great variety of flora and fauna. Learn about the history of the place, the shearing process of the animals and horse handling gaucho skills demostrated in the corrals.

Duration: Half Day

Includes: Transfer Hotel/Ranch/Hotel, Bilingual Guide, Lunch or Dinner

Does not include: Horseback riding, Gratuities

Departures: AM – From 08:30 to 15:30 hs // PM – From 16:30 hs to 23:30 hs


Perito Moreno Glacier Tour & Navigation

This day you are visiting a National Reserve. Please remember that National Park Fees are not included. 

After an appropriate time you will leave on a full day excursion to Perito Moreno Glacier (shared service), in Los Glaciers National Park.  A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1981 and home to one of the most awe inspiring landscapes in Argentina, Perito Moreno Glacier is a site to behold.

During about 1 hour a bilingual guide will provide you with all the information you might want to know, and things you might have never thought about.

On arrival you will have the chance to enjoy stunning views of the glacier from the nearby walking trail and viewing platforms.

But not just that, you will also enjoy the included Perito Moreno Glacier boat cruise that will take you close enough to fully appreciate the 80m high ice walls!   In the early evening, you will return to you hotel in Calafate.

Duration: 6 hours

Services included: Transfer in/out, Walkways Perito Moreno, Scenic cruise, bilingual guide

Not included: National Park entrance fee, lunch


Cerro Frías Experience

Discover the natural wonders surrounding El Calafate by exploring Cerro Frias Mountain. The mode of exploration is half the fun, with horseback, zip line, trekking or even 4×4 vehicles options. Choose your favorite transportation style and enjoy perfect panoramic views of Lake Argentino, El Calafate, Fitz Roy Mountain and even Torres del Paine. The landscape combines steppe expanses and lenga trees forests that both host different types of plants and animals ready to be discovered by the clever eyes at a moment’s notice of all adventures who visit this natural paradise.


Duration: Both half and full day (4 hours or 6 hours, respectively)
Services Included: Transfer in/out, bilingual guide, lunch (full day option only)
Services Not Included: Lunch (half day option only)


Note: Valid during summer time (between October and April)


Safari Experience

The vast Patagonian steppe, although often mistaken as desolate, is full of unique wildlife like guanacos, wild hares and birds. On this small group half day tour, you’ll explore on 4×4 vehicles and by foot. Walking and riding will provide you with the ideal mix to understand the diverse wildlife and their ecosystem, all with the help of a local expert guide. Throughout your adventure, admire a wall of oysters fossilized 23 million years ago and learn about the paleontology and geology of Patagonia.  To end the tour, share a hearty and authentic meal at a house tucked deep within the Patagonian landscape before heading back into town.


Duration: Half days (5 hours)
Services Included: Entrance fee, transfers in/out, lunch or dinner with beverages, safari equipment


Note: This activity is only valid from November to End-April.


Torres del Paine Day Tour

Visit one of the most famous parts of Patagonia: Torres del Paine National Park. Leaving from El Calafate, drive through the spectacular Patagonian steppe and cross the Argentina-Chile border to reach Torres del Paine National Park. While in the park, make the most of your time with short hikes with driving in a shared vehicle to hit the top spots. The steep mountain scenery will take your breath away. The crystal-clear waters of Lake Pehoe and Lake Nordenskjöld will help you find inner peace and compliment the vivid green landscapes in between.


Duration: Full day (16 hours)

Services Included: Transfer in/out, box lunch

Services Not Included: Park enterance fees


Valid from September to April


Full Day El Chalten – Self Guided

The excursion begins at 7.00 hs from El Calafate. You will take the mythic Route 40, that goes along the Argentino Lake up to La Leona river. Pass by the canyon with the same name “Cañadón La Leona” and after 1.15 h ride arrive to the ancient route hotel “La Leona”, almost a museum of the Route 40, where you can have coffee and cakes.
The trip continues along the Lake Viedma, from where you will have magical views of glaciers, hidden lakes and the overpowering presence of the Mount Fitz Roy. Make some photo stops at the viewpoint of the Viedma Glacier and Lake and after a 3 h ride we will arrive to this andean village called “The Capital of the Trekking”. Upon arrival at El Chalten you will have the chance to make another stop at the National Park Interpretation Centre.
Once at Chalten, live your own adventure. Well marked trails that lead to the most beautiful viewpoints of the Mt Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre (Laguna Capri, Mirador Torre and also Laguna de los Tres)


Included: Packed lunch.
Dificulty: Moderate.
Walking time: 3 to 6 hours.


Note: Please consider that in the national park the weather may be different than in town. Therefore, we recommend you to take rainproof jacket, sunglasses and gloves.

Ice River Navigation

Travel through the northern arm of Lake Argentino by boat to see some of the best sites of this region. Start your tour in the Upsala Channel, where you will find a stunning natural barrier comprised of icebergs. Then the ride will continue to amaze you as you come face to face with a magical landscape: the Upsala Glacier. The boat ride continues as you then head to the Spegazzini Canal, which provides you with an up close view of the Seco Glacier, followed by one of the tallest glaciers in the park, the Spegazzini Glacier.


Duration: 5 Hours
Services Included: Transfer in/out, Navigation


Glaciares Gourmet Experience

Experience the grandeur of Los Glaciers National Park navigating through a series of ice floes with varied colors and shapes as you work your way toward the Upsala Glacier. Then, drift along the turquoise waters passing giant icebergs and approaching the breathtaking Spegazzini Glacier, one of the tallest in the national park. Enjoy a delicious, gourmet with a magical, glacier landscape before you. Then, as afternoon beckons, we’ll cut the engine and find true serenity in an extremely silent bay of the Spegazzini Channel. There, we will follow a route together that affords you stunning panoramic views and a deeper look into the amazing world of Los Glaciers National Park.


Duration: Full day
Services Included: Transfer in/out, lunch on-board, bilingual guide
Services Not Included: Park entrance fee


Note: The itinerary is subject to changes based on the captain criteria to guarantee the passengers safety.


Estancia Cristina Cañadon de los Fosiles

Ride by boat through the turquoise waters of Lago Argentino, sailing around floating icebergs as you venture deep into the national park en-route to the remote Estancia Cristina. Once you arrive, learn about its history in a brief tour and embark on an adventurous 4×4 vehicle excursion to a breathtaking viewpoint of the Upsala Glacier, Lake William and the Andes range. Then, you will trek to the Cañadón de los Fósiles area where you can find a large collection of fossil remains, uncovered by glacial movement over the years. End the tour by returning to the Valley of Estancia Cristina before traveling back to El Calafate.


Duration: Full day
Included: Transfers in/out, tours estancia, entrance fee.

Optional: Lunch (please check options)
Difficulty: Average- High. Good physical condition is recommended.

Age Limit: Must be 12 years or older to participate


Note: Estancia is only open October through April. 



Big Ice: Journey to the Center of the Glacier

Admire the world-famous glacier on this unforgettable excursion deep into the ice world of Patagonia. After a short boat ride along the glacier’s towering facade, your adventure begins along the lateral side of the Perito Moreno Glacier. Attach crampons and ascend the glacier in a four-hour trek across the ice. During the trek, you will experience the ice landscape of the glacier, exploring the huge caves, crevasses, and beautiful lagoons. Marvel at the breathtaking views of the immense and amazing ice landscape during this truly once in a lifetime experience.


Duration: Full day (14 hours)
Services Included: Transfers in/out, hiking equipment, bilingual guide
Not Included: lunch, park enterance fees


Note: Must be between the ages of 18 and 50 to participate in this activty. Pregnant women, overweight passengers and passengers with disabilties are not permitted to participate for safety reasons. No exceptions. 
Valid from September to April (summer time) except Dec 25th & Jan 1st


Minitrekking: Hiking on Perito Moreno Glacier

Have a breathtaking adventure in the ice world of Patagonia by experiencing the iconic glacier up-close, walking on the ice itself! The adventure begins by riding along the towering façade of the glacier, followed by disembarkation on the opposite shore. From there, you will walk along the lateral side until ascending onto the ice. This two hour, moderate circuit on the ice will introduce you to the fascinating glacial landscape. The most incredible shades of blue will treat your eyes as you see streams, small lagoons, crevasses and sculptural ice formations. Truly a once in a lifetime experience!


Duration: Full day (10 hours)

Services Included: Transfer in/out, bilingual guide
Services Not Included: lunch, entrances to the National Park.


Note: Excursion permitted only for passengers between the ages of 10 and 65. Pregnant women, overweight and disabled passengers are not permitted to participate in the excursion. No exceptions. 
Valid from September to April (summer time)


Estancia Cristina Discovery

Navigate the turquoise waters of Lake Argentino, sailing through floating icebergs as you venture deep into the national park en route to the remote and gorgeous Estancia Cristina. Once there, learn about its history in a brief tour and embark on an adventurous 4×4 excursion to the breathtaking viewpoint of the Upsala Glacier. Ascending the mountains in a short trek, discover the most impressive sights of the oriental front of the glacier, Lake William, Patagonian ice field and the Andes range. Return to the farmhouse of the Estancia and navigate back to El Calafate.


Duration: Full day (10.30 hours)
Services Included: Transfer in/out, estancia tour, entrance fee.

Optional: Lunch (Please check our options)
Age limit: Must be 12 years or older to participate


Note: The estancia is only open from October through April.