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El Chalten Day Tours

Peninsula Viedma trek


Visit Argentina’s largest glacier and see the noticeable erosion of the ice over the rocks, after learning about its recent history. Then, set sail across the bay, seeing Mt. Fitz Roy and Mt. Huemul from the boat. After an hour long ride, disembark to trek the peninsula. Surrounded by the natural beauty, learn the history of the glaciations, the movement of large ice blocks smoothing the rocks. This area is off the beaten track, rarely seen by people, as such, it is the ideal point for the Glaciology talks offered by our guides.

Duration: 6 hours
Degree of difficulty: Low-medium.
Services Included: Snack, guide
Services Not Included: lunch, park entrance fee
Age restriction: Must be 8 years or older to participate

Kayak Rio las Vueltas


Enjoy a memorable experience of kayaking along glacially formed rivers and lakes. The activity starts in Condor Lagoon and continues along the Río de las Vueltas River. The river is winding – as its name suggests. Alongside are beautiful lenga and ñire forests. Before heading out to the river, brush up your skills, practicing a bit of paddling in Cóndor Lagoon. While kayaking down the river, take a moment to admire the forest, mountains and waterfalls. You’ll stop for delicious lunch on the riverbank along the way before continuing down the river until arriving back at El Chaltén.


Duration: Half day
Difficulty: Moderate
Physical requirements: No experience necessary. Must be able to swim. Should be fit and comfortable participating in outdoor activities. 
Ratio: 1 Guide : 2-6 passengers 
Minimum Age: 14 and older, minors must be accompanied by a parent.
Services Included: Transfer in/out, guide, kyak and related equipment, snacks
Services Not Included: alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, insurance


Note: This activity is only offered between November and April. 

Mountain Bike from Lago del Desierto


Start your tour by driving on this 37 km unpaved route between El Chaltén and Lago del Desierto. Once in Lago del Desierto, put off the bike ride for a little bit, if you want, choosing to explore the area, trek Huemul Glacier or travel by boat on the lake. The bike ride back to El Chaltén has some uphill moments, but will generally be flat or downhill. For the most part, the road is in the valley basin of Rio de las Vuelta and there will be many parts where the trail runs parallel to the river.


Duration: Full day, 6-7 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Physical requirements: Fit. Minimal MTB experience recommended
Services Included: Bike and related equipment, transfer to Lago del Desierto.
Services Not Included: Meals, guide.


Note: Excursion only possible October through April.

Lago del Desierto – Private Service


Indulge all five sense with this off the beaten path adventure. Sail from Punta Sur’s wharf to see the Huemul and Crestón glaciers, where you will then disembark to traverse one of the trails of the Vespignani Glacier Reserve. The hardest trail will be an uneven hike to the foot of the Vespignani glacier providing you incredible views of the north face of Mount Fitz Roy. Otherwise, the intermediate option is considerably shorter and will take you to a prominent panoramic point overlooking the Glacier. The easiest and entirely flat trail, which can be combined with one of the others, visits the forest and coastal area of the reserve.


Duration: Full day (8 hours)
Services Included: Transfer in/out, boat ride, trek, snack
Services Not Included: Meals


Note: Excursion only available between October through April. 

Viedma Navegation


Enjoy a boat ride across Lake Viedma to meet the front of Argentina’s largest glacier. Admire an infinity of different blues in this ancient ice and appreciate one of the wildest glaciers of Patagonia. The lake’s depth allows for a pleasant cruise near the shoreline, permitting the observation of the mountains Fitz Roy and Huemul. Upon arriving Cape Horn (Southeast end of the Ventisqueros Field), the vessel turns West and the magnificent view of the Viedma glacier is shown. Sail along the glacier’s front wall, and spot large icebergs, whose walls may rise up to 40 meters over the lake level. The tour is guided by local experts who will give informative talks on glaciology to understand more clearly the glaciers’ behavior.


Duration: Half day (3 hours)
Services Included: guided boat ride