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Iguazu Falls

Rio (Brazil)


Iguazu Falls Day Tours

Iguazu Falls Tour: Brazilian Side

This day you are visiting a National Reserve. Please remember that National Park Fees are not included. Check at the end of your itinerary the corresponding fee, to be paid locally in national currency.


After breakfast, enjoy a half day excursion (shared service) to the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls where you will enjoy vast panoramic views of the Falls allowing you to take them in their entirety.


“Brazil requires that most tourists have a visa to visit the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls. Please check with the Brazilian Consulate to ensure that you have the appropriate visa before traveling or you will not be allowed to enter Brazil. For example- US citizens, Canadians & Australians (as well as other nationalities) need a visa to visit the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls.”


Duration: 4 hours

Services Included: Transfers hotel/park/hotel, guided visit

Services Not Included: National Park entrance fee, lunch


Iguazu Falls Tour: Argentine Side

This day you are visiting a National Reserve. Please remember that National Park Fees are not included. 


After breakfast you will depart on a full day tour (shared service) to the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls where you will have intimate views of this unforgettable section of the Iguazu River. An guide will show you the hidden gems of this unique National Park and will take you off the beaten path to show you the best views.


Lower and upper walkways permit up close and personal experiences with this magnificent spectacle of nature. Trails through the 210 square mile reserve provide visitors with various views of the falls, especially the largest one, Devil’s Throat. The ecological train ride is included in the tour. Return to the hotel in the late afternoon.


Note that in the park there are different excursions you can take for an additional cost. On the “Gran Aventura” you can sail the river and get closer the falls (Please be aware- on the boat trip there is a 100% chance that you will get wet…the falls provide a refreshing “natural shower”. Be sure to take some extra clothes if you want to do this excursion.)


This day will be a real adventure, full of thrills and spills, and is an absolute must for the adventurer at heart.


Duration: 6/8 hours

Includes: Transfers, Guided Visit with Bilingual guide

Not Included: Entrance fee, Lunch


San Ignacio Jesuit Ruins & Wanda Mine

Drive from Iguazu south to the ruins of the UNESCO World Cultural Hertiage site of the Jusit Mission of San Ignancio. This historical site was rediscovered in 1897 and has stayed as one of the best-preserved sites in Argentina. Arrive to the site of the ruins where you can then discover the past for yourself through a walking tour of the mission. The mission was built in 1632 when a group Jesuit monks attempted to civilize the natives, the Guarani. At this historic site, visit the famous Wanda Mine and walk through the tunnels speckled with precious gemstones.


Duration: Full day (12 hours)
Services Included: Transfer in/out
Services Not Included: Entrance fees


Note: Only available on Wednesdays & Saturdays.


Pozo Preto Trail

Upgrade your trip with a private, guided expedition through the heart of the Brazilian rainforest. Hop in an electric car or bike, or even walk along a 9km one-way path to see the beautiful flora and fauna native to the region. Follow your guide to the 10-meter high observation deck to see panoramic views of the forest and the Lagoa do Jacare (Alligator Lake). Here you can find a great diversity of aquatic animals. Kick back and relax on a ride along the upper Iguassu River or swap your boat ride for an inflatable kayak before arrive to Porto Canoas where you will enjoy a delicious lunch.


Duration: 3-4 hours (combined with visit to the Brazilian side of falls)
Services Included: Lunch, guide
Services Not Included: Park entrance fee


Note: Children 7 years and younger are not permitted to participate in this excursion.


Nautical Adventure Boat (Iguazu National Park)

Feel the force of Iguazu Falls for yourself with an incredible boat ride under the base of the falls. On the Argentine side of this natural wonder, you’ll ride under rainbows through the mist until you ride under the falls. Don’t forget your camera, so you can capture incredible shots until you get completely soaked under the falls. In this tropical region, a ride under the falls is a refreshing treat that temporally relieves you from the heat. This ride under the falls is unlike anything else you can possibly experience with a very interactive opportunity to engage with this giant natural wonder.


Duration: 12 minutes (combined with visit to Argentinian side of the falls)
Services Not Included: Park entrance fee, transfer in/out


Itaipú Dam

Tourists from around the world are enchanted by simply viewing this feat of engineering. This fusion of man and science generates enough clean, renewable energy for development efforts and everyday needs in both Brazil and Paraguay. The grandeur of the Itaipú Dam can most be seen most famously from the observation points. The dam, itself, is gigantic measuring approximately 8 km (5 mi) long and 60 m (196 ft) tall. The spillway of the reservoir has a volume of 1,350 km2 (520 sq. mi) that stretches the horizon, generating endless energy for Brazil and Paraguay.


Duration: 1.5 hours approx.
Services Included: Guide
Services Not Included: Entrance fee, transfer in/out


Iguazu Forest Adventure

Discover a new ecotourism adventure with this selection of activities that will give put you in direct contact with the world around. Choose between canopy zip-lining, trekking or rappelling for an extreme adventure in this tropical climate.


Canopy zip-lining: Glide between treetops more than 15 m (50 ft) in the air, as gravity carries you more than 800 m (0.5 mi) through the rainforest canopies.

Trekking: Follow a 900 m (0.5 mi) trek through the jungle, happening across different flora and fauna, including strangling trees, parasitic plants, air carnations and orchirds.

Rappel: Experience the rush of descending a waterfall that stretches more than 15 m (50 ft) tall. 


Duration: Half-day (4 hrs. approx.)
Services Included: Transfers in/out, bilingual guide


Note: Chilren 6 and under, pregnant women and people with physical disabilities are not able to participate in this activity.


Iguazu Cruise


Cruise aboard the Victoria Austral catamaran, to see the rainforest landscapes from a different perspective. This river ride starts upstream of the Iguazu River, and then, passes under the Tancredo Neves Bridge before turning downstream to position you at the Three Boarders intersection. This point of convergence is where the Iguazu River empties into the vast Paraná River. The fun doesn’t stop there as the cruise continues south along the Paraná River where the water level raises to that of the Mbocay streams. In the Mbocay streams, relax and enjoy the warm, tropical sun fade into the distance.

Duration: 2.15 hours
Services Included: guided boat ride


Note: This excursion is not available on Mondays. 


Guarani Community

Meet the Guarani people in this authentic cultural excursion. Learn, first hand, of their ancestral culture which carries secrets of the forest, natural medicinal practices, ceremonial songs and dances, artisanal crafts and deep-rooted life philosophies and beliefs. Guided by your local experts, the Guarani, walk into the heart of the forest where they will teach you more about traditions of their people. In the forest, they carry out initiation rituals as well as baptism of younger tribe members. Also, along this walk, you will gain insight into their life seeing their crops, houses and hunting traps from ancestral times.


Duration: Half-day (3 hs approx.)
Services Included: Private transfer in/out, Bilingual Guide, Entrance fee


Great Adventure Boat (Iguazu National Park)

Enrich your visit to Iguazu Falls with a rough adventure through the Argentine National Park. Hop into a truck for this off road adventure. As you travel through the subtropical jungle, your guide will show you native flora and fauna. This fun-filled adventure even offers a chance to feel the power of the falls for yourself with a ride under the falls that combines incredible views with a healthy dose of adrenalin. Keep in mind that you will get wet, so we recommend that you bring a change of clothes with on your tour.


Duration: 2 hs (combined with visit to Argentinian side of the falls)
Services Included: Transfer in/out, guide
Services Not Included: Park enterance fees
Minimum age: 12 years old


Note: Pregnant women, people with heart problems, neurological problems or spinal problems can not participate in the boat ride. Additionally, must be 12 years or older to participate. 


Gastronomic Experience in Iguazu

Have a great night out in Iguazu with the perfect recipe: great food, loads of laughs and lots of good times. Join us on this international culinary experience that includes a cocktail-making class, empanada competition and the best stake in town for dinner. Find yourself as the student in a class in wine-based cocktail mixing taught by a real life sommelier. Passionate locals and expats host this event together, so you’ll get a flavorful mix over shared laughs where you’ll realize the curious quirks and customs that make argentines some of the most interesting and passionate people in Latin America.

Duration: 3 hours (dinner only), 4 hours (dinner + cocktail class)
Services included: Dinner, host
Services Not Included: Transportation In/Out


Ecological Boat (In Iguazu National Park)


If a relaxing vacation, filled with fascinating sites as you work your way wandering down a river is your speed, join us aboard this ecological boat tour. Embrace the beauty of this subtropical climate and admire the beauty of the unique flora and fauna of the region. The guide abroad will provide you with fascinating insight about the native plants and animals in Iguazu that will leave you feeling like an expert yourself. If you’re especially lucky, perhaps you’ll manage to spot an alligator sulking in the waters or a monkey swinging through the trees.


Duration: 30 minutes (combined with visit to Argentinean side of the falls)

Das Aves Park

Bird lovers will adore this excursion. In Brazil, there is an expansive bird park that will wow all types of birders. With more than 900 birds made up of more than 130 different specifies, most of which are in danger of extinction, the diversity will amaze you . This bird park is surrounded by abundant subtropical forests and related vegetation, which lets you get up close and personal with the animals. Find yourself face to face with crocodiles, anacondas, boas, marmosets, colorful butterflies, macaws and the friendly toucans, so close that you can take amazing photographs without any special equipment.


Duration: 2 hours (This tour is combined with visit to Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls).
Services included: Transfer in/out
Services Not Included: Park enterance fee

Note: It is mandatory to have a Brazilian Visa for American, Canadian or Australian citizens.