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Mendoza Day Tours

Rafting and Trekking Mendoza River

Experience a fun and full of adrenaline experience, navigating through Class III rapids along the Mendoza River in Potrerillos, taking in the stunning backdrop of the Andes mountains range that surround you. This pleasant and fun activity will sure be a memorable mement. Enjoy a trek through the hills of Potrerillos and interact with the beautiful flora and fauna of the area.

Duration: Full day

Included: Shared transport, technical equipment, bilingual instructor, Regional lunch.


Note: Rapel activity is optional at the end of the tour


Trekking – Quebrada del Cóndor


Spend an unforgettable day trekking through the heart of the Andes. Trek for about four hours along the different mountainous trails that have been formed naturally by animals passing over time or pockets of people from small mountain settlements, like the insider ‘baqueanos’ who you will find here. The trails will take you through beautiful local valleys, past snow-capped mountain tops, pristine lakes and rocky ravines that will show you the diversity of this region, but also the beauty of the native flora and fauna found here, taking your breath away with every step you take.


Duration: Full day (10 hours approx.)
Services Included: Private transfer in/out, bilingual guide, box lunch.


Note: This tour can be combined with Kayak or Zipline.


Vineyard visit in Valle de Uco North

Venture into the Uco Valley, known for its high-altitude vines and microclimate ideal for viticulture. However the Uco Valley has stunning backdrops of the Andes Mountains to offer as well, perfectly complimenting rows of neat vineyards. This region features some of Argentina’s most acclaimed wineries producing Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Semillon wines with international renown. On this tour, you will visit different wineries learning the Argentine winemaking process. Also, along the way you will sample various vintages, learning from the experts guiding your tour, all while enjoying a splendid day in the vineyards at the feet of the Andes.

Duration: Full day (9 hours approx.)
Services Included: Private transportion, bilingual guide, snack,  lunch, winery visits


Luján de Cuyo Vineyards Visit

If you love wine, then you should definitely carve out time to visit vineyards at the top wine producing regions in the world. The vineyards of Mendoza feature Argentina’s oldest wines and a unique mix of traditional bodegas and modern producers. This region is famed for brining Argentina’s wines from the common table to the international stage. Visit different wineries, learning the process of Argentine winemaking and sample the various vintages whilst enjoying a splendid day all while basking in the shadows of the great Andes Mountains for incredible views and even better wine.


Duration: Half day (4 hours approx.)
Services Included: Private transport, bilingual guide, snack, wineries visits


Wineries Bike Tour – Chacras de Coria

Explore the area of Chacras de Coria in a fun and different way as you pass your way along the Wine Road of Lujan de Cuyo. While on a bicycle, ride along beautiful country houses and luxurious tree-lined roads as you visit world-class vineyards and wineries. Mendoza is famous for having some of the best wines in the world. At each vineyard, find yourself around walking around the facilities and learning the art and craft of Argentine winemaking. Along the way, learn from the experts and sample the various vintages whilst enjoying a splendid day amongst the vineyards, all at the feet of the Andes mountain range.


Duration: Half day (7-8 hours approx.)
Services Included: Private transport, bilingual guide, snack, gourmet tasting lunch, visit to 3 wineries.


Note: Only from Monday to Saturday


Kayaking – Potrerillos Lake


Find yourself in the middle of natural beauty as you kayak around Lake Potrerillos. The entire circuit will have you kayaking no more than 50-80 m (160-200 ft) away from the shoreline, giving you an intimate perspective of the surrounding area. Gently kayak around the lake to truly connect with the pristine glass-like water and the breathtaking mountains surrounding you. Trade in the water for land as you hop out of the boat to explore the islands by foot. Discover the unparalleled beauty of this clean and cleansing natural paradise full of peace, serenity and tranquility.


Duration: Half day (4 hours approx.)
Services Included: Shared transfer in/out, technical equipment, bilingual instructor, snack.


Cooking Class and Dinner in the City

The best way to soak up any unique culture is through stomach. Experience the culture of Mendoza in this culinary experience where professional chefs will teach you a traditional recipe that will indulge your taste buds over dinner. Embrace the long-standing tradition of smoking fresh, local vegetables over a fire of burning red flames and glowing embers. When dinner time rolls around, enjoy the local wine pairing that compliments the meal perfectly, leaving you with the savory flavors of a meal unlike any other. This incredible dinner experience will leave you wanting more than just seconds.


Duration: Half day (5 hours approx.)
Services Included: Private transport, bilingual chef, cooking class, dinner and drinks. 


Horseback Riding – Quebrada del Cóndor

Travel through the rustic landscape of Argentina’s famous wine growing region atop a horse. Discover the diverse landscapes as the vineyard scenes and distant mountains shift into indescribable rock formations. Enjoy the breathtaking views of your multi-hour (2 or 4) horseback ride through the Andean Mountain range. You’ll learn not only about the region’s unique flora and fauna, but also the geography, traditions, history and gastronomy of the region. As your stomach starts to rumble, stop for lunch at the “Puesto,” which is a local cattle station, traditionally owned by a rancher who lives in small mountain settlements called a “baqueano.”


Duration: Full day (10 hours approx)
Services Included: Transfer in/out, equipment, bilingual ‘baqueano’ guide, lunch (full asado – Argentine barbecue)


4WD Adventure to Uspallata


Have the ultimate adventure in Mendoza as you ride in 4WD trucks on an off-roading adventure. Your expert driver will take you from wine country through the Andes in a thrill-seeking adventure to Uspallata. On the trip, you will cross lagoons and feel the mountainous terrain as you make your way through the Andes Mountain Range. This experience gives you the opportunity to discover sites that are often inaccessible to most. This tour will give you some of the most impressive views of the great Mount Aconcagua, especially from the highest site in your drive, Cruz de Paramillos, which sits at 3200m above sea level.


Duration: Full day (9 hours)
Services Included: Private transport, bilingual guide, snack, entrance ticket to Aconcagua Park