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Puerto Natales Day Tours

Boat Trip to Torres del Paine


Discover Torres del Paine National Park from a different perspective with this off-the-beaten track excursion. On this tour, you will travel Puerto Bories through the Última Esperanza Fjord as you make you way to the Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers. This route will show you the diverse wildlife and give you an up close and personal vantage of the millennial glaciers. You’ll hop on smaller zodiac boats to travel up the Serrano River. While you make your way around, you’ll be amazed with the views of the Southern Ice Field (Campo del Hielo Sur), but also landscapes of mountains, waterfalls, ranches and plentiful Patagonian wildlife.

Torres del Paine – Sailing to Grey Lake

Sail one of the prettiest lakes in Torres del Paine on this three hour ride through one of the best parts of Patagonia. This relaxing ride shows off floating icebergs, lush green forests and some of the most breathtaking parts of the national park. You will drift through the serene mountain landscape, passing every shade of blue in existence. The highlight of this ride is the half-way point when you come face to face with Grey Glacier, part of one of the largest ice fields in the world and a major attraction of Torres del Paine. This boat ride is a great experience to reconnect with the nature that surrounds you and will show you how truly incredible Patagonia is.


Duration: Full day (10 hours)
Services Included: Gourmet lunch, boat tickets

Not Included: Transfers in/out from Puerto Natales

*Notes: regular service


Private Trek to Sarmiento Lake GateHouse – Amarga Lagoon

Starting on the eastern side of the national park at Sarmiento Lake Lookout, the second largest lake in the national park, to take incredible pictures and marvel at this natural wonder. From there, you will hike to see cave paintings from more than 6,000 years ago. On your hike, you will see a spectacular view of the Paine towers, that give Torres del Paine its namesake. Also, on your hike you will see Blanquillos Lagoon which is known as the nesting and feeding grounds for many endemic birds such as ducks, black-necked swans and geese. To reward your hard work, enjoy a refreshing boxed lunch near the Sarmiento gatehouse.


Duration: Full day 
Services Included: Transfer in/out, bilingual guide, box lunch (pvt)

Services Not Included: National Park entrance fees


Private Trekking at Green Lagoon (Lazo Farm – Weber Bridge)


Explore the surreal natural spectacle of Torres del Paine National Park. Discover amazing lakes, and stunning views of the Paine Towers that give Torres del Paine its name. With this private trekking, you will make your way toward a trifecta of lagoons: Green Lagoon, Onda Lagoon or Calafate Lagoon. Not to mention, you’ll pass small canyons that also show off even more of the natural beauty of this national park. You will trek to a lookout point of El Arenal which will open up to a breathtaking view of the national park, complete with the teal water of a lake shimmering below for a postcard perfect shot.

Duration: Full day ( 8 hours)
Services Included: Private transfers in/out, bilingual guide, boxed lunch
Services Not Included: National Park entrance fees


Private Tour to Milodon Cave Paintings


Visit one of the oldest human settlements in Patagonia at Milodon Cave which is more than 11,000 years old. Prehistoric animal bones have been found in this area suggesting the land contains secrets known by very few. Walking along the path that guide through the interior of the extensive cavern, it’s easy to imagine the presence of the prehistoric humans and animals who had used the Milodon Cave for protection. Then head to an underground cave with petroglyphs and cave paintings from over 5,000 years ago in an area known as ‘Dos Herraduras.’ Finish your tour at the Devil’s chair, La Silla del Diablo, to enjoy a picnic.


Duration: Half day (5 hours)
Services Included: Private transfer in/out, bilingual guide, picnic, park entrance fee


Horseback Riding on Paine Hill

Discover one of the most famous parts of Patagonia on horseback. Trot through the incredible Andes mountains to cover more ground and take in the fresh air. You will dismount for a short van ride to Blue Lagoon for an incredible picnic lunch in one of the best destinations. Talk about this incredible for years as you remember your horseback ride through the rolling plaines and breathtaking mountains of Patagonia, where you were rewarded with lunch at the foot of the Torres del Paine rock formations. If you luck out with great weather conditions, you will be able to see the three towers reflected in the water of the lagoon.


Duration: Full day (10 hours) 
Services Included: Shared transfer in/out, bilingual guide, helmet, riding boots, picnic lunch
Services Not Included: National Park Fee

Bike City Tour


Change up your trip transportation techniques and trade in your car for a bike. Learn the history of Chilean Patagonia and discover the stories of the first people to live here on two wheels. Imagine mountain biking through the Andes in Patagonia as you pass beautiful streets, historical monuments, a recently redesigned waterfront with the Braun Blanchard Pier and pass through the famous Arturo Prat plaza. Connect with the culture of this port city, which is also the capital of Última Esperanza (or last hope in English). This part of Patagonia will give you insight as to how the people of Patagonia today live.

Duration: Half day (3 hours)
Services Included: bikes and related equipment, local guide, snack


Las Torres Base Trekking “First Class”

Puerto Natales is a short drive to Torres del Paine, one of the most incredible parts of Patagonia. From the getway city to the park, venture inside the national park to embark on one of the most famous hikes in Chile, if not the world.  Discover the breathtaking beauty of Torres del Paine National Park. This tour will show you the top sights and leave you marveling in wonder. As part of your excursion, you hike 19km through a beautiful valley, an old suspension bridge and more as you cross streams and traverse woodlands. The trek ends with an unbelievable view of the three towers of Torres del Paine.

Duration: Full day (10 hours) 
Services Included: Snack, shared transportation, bilingual guide
Services Not Included: National Park entrance fee, lunch


Mercedes Ranch


Learn the true traditions of Patagonian culture on this visit to Mercedes Ranch. On your excursion here, you will meet the Garcia-Iglesias family. This family is descendant from the first pioneers to arrive to this land and embodies the spirit of their ancestors today. Enjoy horseback riding through their land, which will show off the local flora and fauna of the region. Not to mention, you will trot to spectacular views of fjords, channels and, of course, past the beloved Andes Mountain Range. As part of this tour, you will also enjoy a satisfying lunch on the ranch.


Duration: Full day 
Services Included: Shared transfer in/out, breakfast on ranch, full lunch, local ranch guide, ferry ticket, horseback riding equipment. 


Note: Ranch excursion only available from September to April and is subject to weather conditions. Additionally, the horseback ride can also be done as a hike instead. 

FD Balmaceda & Serrano Glaciers


Cruise through the beautiful fjords like the first pioneers of Patagonia as you discover the natural wonders of this region. The Bernado O´Higgins National Park offer beautiful views of the Andes Mountain Range reflected in calm waters as the clouds pass over head. You will board a boat that will take you through the Señoret Channel as you head to Guanaco Island, but keep your eyes peeled along the way for Patagonian dolphins. The boat will take you past sea lions, waterfalls and cliffs that all make up Patagonia. After your ride, enjoy a hike through the native forest which has coigues, ñirres and ciruelillos.

Duration: Full day (9 hours)
Services Included: lunch, bilingual, local guide
Services Not Included: Park entrance fees, transportation


Note: Tour only available from mid-September until April. 


Private Historical City Tour Puerto Natales


Learn the secrets behind the history of Puerto Natales as you spend the day in the city that overlooks the Señoret Channel. This city has it all: culture, history and friendly people, and is situated in the perfect location too. Between the mountains and the water, you will find yourself discovering the history of this colorful town. The town was originally a major attraction for a flourishing sheep industry and attracted immigrants from all over. As a result, the city formed from the mixing of many cultures to develop the beautiful waterfront, main plaza, fishing pier and panoramic views that make it famous today.

Duration: Half day (4 hours)
Services Included: transportation, bilingual guide