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Salta Region Day Tours

Salinas Grandes & Finca Flores

Departing early in the morning, your adventure begins! From Purmamarca to Finca Flores is a two-hour trip, and upon arrival the owners welcome travelers with a local tea, chatting about local traditions and llama-shearing. They invite the guests to wander around the area and show them what the llamas’ shearing is all about.

Later on, it’s time to have lunch prepared by a professional chef on the property and the experience finishes with this moment of partaking the table with the local family.

The day continues as travelers make their way to El Moreno, an adobe town in the heart of the Puna (upland). From this town, they go forward on their way to Salinas Grandes, the exclusive sea of salt. This area is very private and with limited access, which ensures exclusive visits.

Llamas Caravan

The llamas’ caravan is an old custom from locals, who used to take their llamas from the salt flats to the valley in order to exchange salt for corn. This 3-hour activity is focused on experiencing first-hand this common Andean path in the cheerful company of a guide and freight llamas.

The route is two-and-a-half miles long and encourages participants to admire nature; the mountains’ geological origins, their forms, and minerals, in addition to the plant life in the surroundings. The guide/interpreter will lead the way along with the excursion and make the most of the journey by telling participants all about local legends and stories over a shared snack.

Folklore & Peña Tour

Soak up the traditional culture that Salta is known for with this fun night out. Listen to the local music and join in on the fun by learning the local folklore dance in a two hour class. Your class will be led by master experts that are dancers in a real peña, the name of the dance. With this musical activity, you will learn how gatos, chacareras and zambas are part of the memory of Salta, in addition to the beautiful landscape and incredible wines that are also found in the region.


Minimum: 3 passengers

Includes: Transfers, Guided visit to the main folklore places in the city.

Not included: Dinner



Gastronomic Tour

Get to know the flavors of Northwest Argentina by visiting San Miguel Market. This market is where you can find a whole host of local products and spices that will take any dish from good to great. Intensify the cultural connection, with advice from a local chef, who will help you find the best ingredients for a savory and delicious dish. As the tour continues, swap stories, local traditions and cultural lessons over a regional meal that will surely delight all of your senses on a truly delicious food tour.


Walking Tour Salta


Get to know the city of Salta with a downtown walking tour. On this tour, you will learn about the history, culture and tradition of a very indigenous part of the country. Visit the 9 de Julio Plaza and the historic buildings that surround it. Pause for more than a minute to appreciate, in detail, the San Francisco Church, as well as the peculiarities of Salteños, native residents of Salta, lifestyle. Your tour will take you to Abasto Market, which is a great sight for foodies and culinary art lovers before heading to the stunning High Mountain Museum (MAAM) suited for those interested in Inca civilization and archeology.

Not Included: Entrance fees


San Antonio de los Cobres

Head outside of Salta to travel along the Quebrada del Toro, which runs parallel to the Cloud’s Train railroad. Here you will notice that the scenery changes form thick vegetation to a desert full of cardoons that bring color to the landscape. On your adventure, you will discover several little towns nestled into the beautiful landscape that surrounds them.  To get your fill of history and culture, visit the Archaeological Museum of Santa Rosa and the pre-Incan ruins where ancient houses and streets can be clearly distinguished. Finally, end your visit amazed by the 63 m high ‘Polvorilla’ viaduct in San Antonio de los Cobres.

Services Not Included: Meals, entrance fees.


Route of High Altitude Wine

Celebrate the art and craft of wine in this high altitude wine production region. On this excursion, you will learn about the natural, historical and cultural richness found just outside of Salta. Pass by Lerma Valley and its historical towns to reach the Quebrada de las Conchas. The Quebrada is an incredible sight where wind and water erosion has naturally carved curves into the rock formations. From there, you will make your way to Cafayate to learn about the production of Torrontes wine, which is what the region is famous for.  Be a part of the wine fun with a visit to a wine museum and a wine tasting nearby.


The Mountain Bike Rainforest Circuit


Discover the lush vegetation of the rainforest while riding on two wheels. Zip past the towns that surround San Lorenzo in a car to arrive to the rainforest. Cross streams and rivers in this thriving ecosystem as you truly connect with nature in such a biodiverse place that offers many different trails for you to discover. In fact, the environment is actually one of the most complete biomes in Northwestern, Argentina. The adventure is even more exhilarating during the rainy season, as the streams grow in size and waterfalls appear amid the high humidity as the jungle truly turns into a rainforest.

Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: Different trails from easy-medium level to strenuous
Services Included: Transportation to/from San Lorenzo, safety equipment, snacks, mineral water, bilingual guide, insurance.

2 Days tour around the Calchaquí Valley – Private Tour

Depart Salta early in the morning as you make your way to the small town of Cachi. Your route will take you past stunning views and incredible landscapes, passing incredible sights such as Bishop’s slope. You’ll even take a short hike through Los Cardones National Park. Once you arrive to Cachi, discover the town’s colonial heritage, modeled today in its architecture. From there, head by car to visit Seclantas and Mollinos, mountain villages, on your way to Cafayate. Spend the day exploring the town and, of course, sampling wine in Salta’s wine country at a vineyard in town.


Duration: 2 days
Services Not included: Meals, tickets, accommodation

Note: Private tours available upon request. Three days tour also available upon request.


Cafayate Tour


Make your way to Argentina’s northern wine region as you head south along Conchas Gorge until you reach the picturesque town of Cafayate. As you make your way there, stop and appreciate the geography of the area seeing the Devil’s Throat and the Amphitheater, which offers up a natural stage complete with excellent acoustics). Once in Cafayate, sample the wines that are produced in the region as you learn about the making process with a visit to one of the most beautiful vineyards before heading back to Salta as the late afternoon turns into evening.


Duration: Full Day
Services Not included: Lunch, tickets

Note: Private tours available upon request.


Cachi Tour

Take the day to explore a nearby town. Cachi is one of the best kept secrets of the North of Argentina. Start your morning off, driving past the scenic Escoipe Gorge and the Bishop’s Slope. Then, you will pass through Los Cardones National Park and the Tin Tin straight line, until you hit the snow-capped mountains that celebrate your end. Once in Cachi explore its colonial history, where old houses lying on the very edge of narrow and cobblestoned streets. The town church dates to the 18th Century and stands out for its floor, ceiling and furniture made of cactus wood and adobe walls.


Duration: Full Day
Services Not included: Lunch, tickets


Note: Private tours available upon request.


Humahuaca Tour

Travel north along the Humahuaca Gorge, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will see the Humahuaca Ravine, which is a geological wonder with stunning views and amazing landscapes. Stop to see the impressive Seven Colored Mountain in the historical town of Purmamarca. Next up on your tour, you will visit the charming towns of Maimara, Uquia, Humahuaca and Tilcara to explore the rich indigenous history of the region. At the end of your whirlwind adventure, you will head back to the city of Salta. This tour truly captures the rich culture and history of Salta’s indigenous populations.

Duration: Full Day
Services Not Included: Lunch, tickets

Note: Private tours available upon request.


Salinas Grandes & San Antonio de los Cobres


One of the biggest draws to Salta is the expansive salt flats. See them for yourself after traveling across the Toro Gorge. On this journey, you will pass the remote town of San Antonio de los Cobres until you finally reach the Salinas Grandes salt flats found high in the Andes Mountains. Walk out onto the salt deposits for one-of-a-kind perspective of this breathtaking, and truly indescribable landscape. Ascend 4,170 m (above sea level) along the Cuesta de Lipan until arriving in the town of Purmamarca to visit the famous Seven Colored Hill and bask in the amazing views of this exceptional scenery.


Duration: Full Day
Services Not Included: Lunch, tickets.


Note: Private tours available upon request.


Salinas Grandes through Purmamarca


Discover the impressive Salinas Grandes salt flats high in the Andes Mountains, which are a top traveler’s attraction in the cultural-centered town of Salta. You will be amazed when you walk out onto the salt deposits which reach as far as your eyes can see, leaving you astonished with this one-of-a-kind experience.  Continue your tour as you ascend 4,170 m (above sea level) along the Cuesta de Lipan until arriving in the town of Purmamarca to visit the famous Seven Colored Hill for amazing views of this exceptional scenery. You’ll finish your visit by returning to Salta in the afternoon.


Duration: Full Day
Not included: Lunch, tickets.


Note: Private tours available upon request.


Quilmes Ruins Tour

If walls could talk, these ruins would leave you even more amazed. Visit the impressive Quilmes Ruins, which offers you a historic stage of the largest indigenous settlement in the country. Learn about the people of the past in this enthralling part of the region. As you find yourself walking through the past, your guide will teach you about the Quilmes people who once called this place home. The remnants of a past life provide a perfect window into the diverse history and anthropology of Argentina.  Find yourself amazed looking at the hillside town of the native people of this province.


Duration: 4 hours – shared services


Calchaqui River Trekking


The Calchaqui River offers some of the most unique views as you trek to vistas that will take your breath away. Beginning in San Carlos, this nature-filled trekking will leave you feeling renewed and relaxed from the beautiful views and fresh air. The trail provides a unique perspective of the mountains, but also shows all the hikers the diversity of the region walking across the riverbeds in the heart of the valley. The views on your trekking will be truly indescribable, so make sure to bring your camera along. 


Duration: 4 hours approx

Road of the Premium Wine (From Cafayate)

If wine is on your Argentine bucket list, make sure you set aside time to visit two of the top wineries of the Calchaqui Valley. Taste test the difference for yourself between this premium locales. In between sampling wines, you will also learn why the Calchaqui Valley is ideally suited for wine growing and how vineyards came about. Not to mention, you will learn about the production process from a real sommelier that will explain the particularities of the wine, the vine and cellar as well. Visit the Museum of the Vine and Wine to finish the tour as wine experts.


Duration: 4 hours approx.

The pick up is from hotels in Cafayate – max 4 pax