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Ushuaia Day Tours

Beagle Channel Navigation

No trip to Ushuaia is complete without a visit to Beagle Channel. This body of water separates Argentina from the rest of the world and was one of the original waterways that Darwin’s HMS Beagle sailed through on his explorations. This boat excursion will carry you to the iconic ‘Les Eclaireurs’ lighthouse, which is a quintessential part of the Ushuaia landscape. On your ride, you will see incredible views of Ushuaia Bay, even seeing the city reflected in the water before crossing paths with thriving elephant seal and cormorant colonies. Navigate the end of the world aboard your ride through the Beagle Channel.


Duration: Half day (3-4 hours)
Services Inclueded: snacks and drinks
Services Not Inclueded: Transfer from/to the pier. Local port tax: USD 4 per person.


Walk in Penguin Rookery – Estancia Harberton

Walk with penguins at the end of the world and discover the secrets of marine biology at Estancia Haberton. Travel through the landscape of the Southern tip of Argentine Patagonia until you reach the estancia. From there, you’ll board a small boat that will carry you out to Martillo Island. This island is the natural nesting grounds of two penguin species. On the tour, you will learn more about the life cycle, diet and habits of penguins and even find yourself walking alongside them. As you walk around the island learning as much as you can about these fun animals.

Duration: 9 hours
Services Included: Guide, Transfer from port to Estancia Haberton
Services Not Included: Entrance to Estancia Harberton, Port fee


Note: Tour only valid from October to April.


Half Day Tierra del Fuego National Park

Hike the trails at the national park at the end of the world in this half day excursion that will take you to the end of the panamerican highway or to expansive views of Chile. Enjoy your time in the national park, surrounded by mountains and a relaxing natural environment where you can see beaver damns and the post office at the end of the world. Hike through the diverse landscapes of Tierra del Fuego by foot, but also move through the massive national park faster with the help of car to take you to the easy to moderate trails you want to hike.


Duration: Half Day
Services Not Included: National Park entrance fee
Difficulty: Low


Additional: End of the World Train
Established to carry prisoners to labor camps, the Train at the End of the World is an interesting historical addition to a tour of the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Experience the same journey that prisoners were forced to do decades ago while providing lovely views of the landscape at the end of the world.
Duration: 1 hour (to be combined with a tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park)


4WR Off Road Adventure

Make the most of your adventure in Ushuaia by jumping onto 4WD vehicles as you head the Ushuaia Lake District crossing the Fueguian Andes through the Garibaldi Pass. The, you will follow the old woodcutter’s road to Fagnano Lake for incredible views of the Patagonian landscape. Afterward, return back to Tierra Mayor for a refreshing lunch where you’ll trade in the 4WD for snow fun. Try out the snow cats or dog sleds, maybe even go Nordic skiing or ice skating as you enjoy winter fun in the snowy valley before heading back to Ushuaia.


Duration: Full Day (8 hours)
Services Included: Guide, Lunch and snack (no beverages)
Difficulty: Easy, anyway it is not allow pregnant women and passengers with back pain.


Snow & Fire

Combine extreme forces of nature in this ultimate end of the world adventure. Start your excursion in the Tierra Mayor Valley as you hope aboard a dog sled to sled across the valley in the dark, winter night. You will follow a trail lit by lanterns into the forest until you arrive at a clearing where a chef will be awaiting your arrival with kebabs and mountain stew. The open fire, hot wine and house specialty, “Woodsman’s Coffee.” (Lumberjack Coffee) will be inviting you to come close for dinner. While you enjoy the meal, a guitar will be played as an accompaniment to the meal.

Duration: Half Day (5 hours).
Services Included: Dinner, guides, related equipment, ride on Huskies pulled sleds, 1 extra activity (Snowmobile, Snow Rackets OR Land Rover circuit).

Difficulty: Easy


Husky Experience


Embrace the winter weather in this end of the world outpost with one of the coolest ways to get around in the snow: dog sled. There is no feeling quite like being carried through the snow by your dog team. Head to Tierra Mayor Valley where the team will help you harness the dogs and hook them up to a sled, training you with everything you need to know. With a shout of SIGA!, you’ll be on your way. You will race through the snowy valley with your dog sled team all day long. Take a break at “Base Camp I” to replenish, relax and learn a little about igloo building techniques.

Duration: Half Day (6 hours)
Difficulty: Moderate. Fit shape, dog friendly attitude and team work spirit is required.
Age: Must be 17 or older to participate


Note: Passengers will manage their own sleds; there is going to be one wooden sled with a padded seat, pulled by a team of four dogs, every two passengers.

White Adventure


Enjoy a dog sled journey over the great snowy valley of Tierra Mayor Ski Resort. From there, you will cross a value that will take you into the forest. Once inside of the forest, follow an old lumberjack’s trail that cuts through the thick lenga forest. This trail will lead you to the lumberjack’s house where you’ll let the dogs rest and throw on snowshoes. Adorned in the proper snow exploration gear, you will snowshoe to the Alvear icefalls and be privy to a breathtaking panoramic overlook of the Tierra Mayor Valley. Recover with hot chocolate and homemade cake before returning.

Duration: Half day (5 hours)
Services Included: Guides and related equipment, Snack
Difficulty: Moderate


4WD Lake Adventure

Venture deep into the lands of Tierra del Fuego on board of Land Rover vehicles. You will drive through forest, mud and rocks in this exhilarating adventure. On your adventure, you will come across Lago Fagnano, which has a surprising size and absolutely breathtaking scenery. Slow the adventure speed as you come to a stop for lunch at a remote campsite, complete with warm and welcoming owners sharing a traditional barbeque with you. With your stomach full, travel onward to impressive views of the Lake Escondido (Hidden Lake). During spring-summer season, enjoy an hour canoeing session to further discover the great beauty of this lake.

Duration: Full Day
Services Included: Lunch, Guide, Snack, related equipment
Services Not Included: National Park entrance fee


Trekking & Canoeing in the National Park

Make the most of your time in Ushuaia with a rewarding 3 hour trek after departing from a picturesque setting poised between Beagle Channel and the Ensenada Bay.  While on your hike, discover artifacts left behind by the original inhabitants of these lands, the Yamana people. You will also be amazed by the diversity of the local flora and fauna on your 6 km trail. Replenish with a hot meal before canoeing along the Laptaia River in hopes of reaching Laptaia Bay. End the day feeling satisfied with the effort you exerted among beautiful scenery.


Duration: Full Day (8 hours)
Services Included: Lunch, guides, equipment
Services Not Included: National Park entrance fee


Note: Trekking will be around 3 hours, Canoeing will be around 1 ½ hours / Minimum 2 passengers / For the canoeing, children must be older than 5. Valid from October to April.


Trekking Esmeralda Lagoon


Trek through a variety of different landscapes in hopes of arriving at Esmeralda Lagoon. On your route, you will cross terrain including bogs, impressive lenga forests and indigenous cohiue forests, all wish have histories rooted back hundreds of years in this part of the world. Trek for about two hours, once you enter the heart of the Tierra del Fuego Natural Reserve, to the lagoon. One of the most incredible parts, if not the most incredible, is the captivating color of the water found here. The lagoon offers incredible views and almost begs an invitation to rest and realx with a delicious lunch.


Duration: Full day (6 hours)
Services Included: Guide, lunch
Difficulty: Moderate


Note: The Trekking will be 3-4 hours. This excursion is only valid from October to Mid-April. 


Park & Nature Experience


This is the best way to get to know the most southern national park in the Argentina, Tierra del Fuego. Find yourself reconnecting with nature and discovering new flora and fauna in the national park. With your knowledgable guide leading the way, learn about the flora and fauna of the region as you walk some of the most famous trails. During your visit, you will come across some of the most stunning views and incredibly diverse landscapes.  The national park’s ecosystems and stunning views of Lapataia Bay, Roca Lake and Ensenada Bay will leave you impressed during this unforgettable excursion.

Duration: Half day (4 hours) 
Services Included: Guide
Services Not Included: National Park entrance fee
Difficulty: Low



Gable Island & Penguin Rookery & Canoeing

Embark on this rewarding adventure in the Beagle Channel on this canoeing excursion on choppy waters at the end of the world. Hop in a canoe, heading down river toward the Beagle Channel  where you will pass incredible wildlife, native to the region. From there, you’ll let someone else take control aboard a motorboat to Martillo Island to observe the penguins nesting. From there, you’ll head to the top attraction of your tour: Gable Island. On the island, your lunch awaits you.


Duration: Full Day
Services Included: Entrance fee to Haberton Ranch, lunch
Services Not Included: National Park entrance fee, walking with the penguins (you will view them from a boat)
Departures: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays


Note: Canoeing allowed for children over 5 years old. Valid from October to April.


Gable Island & Penguin Rookery


Join a great journey into the almost uninhabited, peaceful location of the first “estancia” in Tierra del Fuego: Harberton Ranch. Visit the Marine Mammal Museum “Acatushún”, and the surroundings of one of the first white men settlements in Tierra del Fuego: The Yamanas. Towards Martillo Island on a motor boat, prepare your camera and lens to portrey penguis in the breeding lair. Once in Gable Island, enjoy a delicious lunch before adventuring yourself into this gorgeous island, crossing over beaver damms and through the impressive forest that leads to the Beagle Channel shore.This area shows an infinite and primal landscape, both magic and extreme, surrounded by the enigmatic sound and silence of nature.


Duration: Full Day
Services Included: Entrance fee to Harberton Ranch.
Services Not Included: National Park entrance fee, desembarkation to walk with penguins.


Note: You will be viewing penguins from a boat. This excursion is only valid from October to April on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.