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Chicas Guerra

Chicas Guerra

(5 / 5)

Patty and team at Say Hueque were truly marvelous. Patricio Rapaport the organizer of our trip was stunning.

Hi Patty,

We recently returned from a 13 days trip to Argentina. We used Say Hueque for the first time and are delighted with the customer service they provided prior and during our trip.

We picked Say Hueque from other travel agencies in Buenos Aires because of their professionalism, communications, accommodation to all our request (there were many) also they met our travel budget.

I was most impressed with the fact that they assigned a Destination Host to your trip and this person is attentive to all your needs during the trip. If there are any issues they are resolved quickly.

We had a hic up with our first day hotel. It was quickly resolved, we moved to a different hotel, the cost of the taxi was immediately reimbursed, and the group was treated to a dinner later in Calafate for our inconvenience.
We took five domestic flights and all transportation and airlines arrangements went smoothly.

We spent two days in Buenos Aires, visited the Iguazu Falls on both the Argentine and Brazilian side. Then traveled to Ushuaia; went trekking on Tierra del Fuego National Park and then paddling on a raft, they cook lunch for us and it was delicious. Also, visited Isla Martillo and saw penguins. Our next stop was Calafate, (our favorite city) and trekking on the Glacier Perito Moreno was the highlight of our trip. A MUST DO IF YOU VISIT ARGENTINA. Returned to Buenos Aires for two more days, visited El Tigre, City Tour and saw two Tangos (our favorite was Sr. Tango).

Our favorite hotel was Patios San Telmo in Buenos Aires and our least favorite and not recommended was L Hotel which we ended up leaving after one hour in the room.

Patty our Destination host ensure we had a very pleasant vacation and she was amazing. Patty and team at Say Hueque were truly marvelous.

Our driver Gaston Renso in Iguazu was extremely helpful, funny and respectful. Our other two guides Vanesa and Haydee were pleasant and knowledgeable.

Patricio Rapaport the organizer of our trip was stunning. He’s the main reason we choose Say Hueque. From the beginning of our tour negotiation, Patricio was prompt to respond to all our inquiries, he was informative and above all very patient with us and our many demands.

I will use Say Hueque again and highly recommend them if you are traveling to South America.
Best wishes and continued success.

Las Chica’s from Miami, FL


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Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia

Steve Merlan & familia

Steve Merlan & familia

(5 / 5)

Gracias por la excelente organizacion!

Estimade Karen, Estimada Yuna,

Escribo en el nombre de la familia para exprimir neustras sensaciones de agradecimiento por la excelente organizacion, las excelentes sugerencias y la aparencia sin dificultades algunas de la ayuda en cada lugar por el cual pasamos. Una estrella mas por el restaurante Maria Lola en Ushuaia.

No usamos el auto Avis en Ushuaia porque parecio rapidamente que habia bastante y mas a hacer y visitar en la cuidad y alrededor que era al alcance de taxis y que un coche fuera solo un obstaculo.

Hemos polido el dedo del pie de la estatua del Tehuelche en Punta Arenas, y quando volvemos, o si un amigo pide consejo sobre metodos de organizar un viaje en Argentina, Chile o Patagonia, SayHueque sera mencionado inmediatamente.

Steve Merlan y Tomas desde Santa Fe, Frances desde Saint Louis y Stephen Philip desde New Orleans


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Chile, Featured Trips, Patagonia

Claudio Martin

Claudio Martin

(5 / 5)

It was a great trip. Everything was organized well and efficiently from start to finish.

Hola Marcela!

I first learned about Say Hueque through Google, I think.

I decided to travel with you because of the good reviews and that Say Hueque is based in Argentina with lots of information on the website that gave me confidence in your local knowledge. Everything was organized well and efficiently from start to finish.

L'Hotel is my favorite- picteresque, good location, friendly staff.

The best excursion was the Estancia Cristina hike through Canyon of Fossils. Beautiful scenery with views of glacier from the boat and 1st part of the hike, then the canyon with the spectacular rock colors and fossils. Last part through valley, not so exciting but we did come across a herd of horses. It was a great physical activity, not too strenous or difficult but just right!

Our guide Sergio from Puerto Madryn has te be mentioned. He was our guide for the Peninsula Valdez excursion and had lots of information that he shared at appropriate times. The next day on the Punto Tomba visit, we were with another guide, but kept crossing paths with Sergio (he had a small group) and he was again very friendly and talked with us quite a bit (without ignoring his own group of course!).

It was a great trip. I will make a post on TripAdvisor.

Thank you,


Laurie K

Laurie K

(5 / 5)

Easter Island - Definitely different !

We went from Lima to Santiago to Easter Island before returning to Santiago where we will fly to Punta Arenas to catch the ship. Here are some shots from Easter Island. Some of them show the moai (statues) face down because that is how they were found by the later day explorers. They had been pushed over by raiding groups who had attacked. Several countries (Japan and USA included) have helped finance the restoring of many of them to the way they would have stood. There are about 3000 natives on the small island, and seem to be more Polynisian than anything else. Definitely different than the Chileans.


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Chile, Peru
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Jorge and Michelle Lozano

Jorge and Michelle Lozano

(5 / 5)

The Say Hueque staff was wonderful to work with. We love you guys and will definetly recommend you to everyone who plans to travel there.

Dear Marcela,

We found Say Hueque through Online Google Search
We decided to work with you because of your friendly no pressure and easy to work with style. Your professionalism and wonderful customer service put us at ease as we traveled from one destination to another.

Our favourite Hotel was the Las Torres Hotel at Torres del Paine. We liked how close we were to the mountain and trails, the friendly staff, the delicious food at their restaurant and bar, the honeymoon tray of pastries they delivered to room.

It’s hard to say what our favourite excursion was, because there were so many, but the ones that stood out were the Buenos Aires city tour and the glacier boat ride.

Of course we would like to mention Marcela Benegas. She made us feel at home and we loved our time with her and all the places she took us to, the tasty pastries we shared, and the many other suggested city destinations that we went to on our own time and loved.

The Say Hueque staff was wonderful to work with from start of the planning process until the day we flew back home. We love you guys and will definetly recommend you to everyone who plans to travel there.

If your company offered the same services to other destinations around the world, we would use you to plan all our vacations.
Thank you!
Jorge and Michelle

P.S. We wrote a TripAdvisor review of our experience. Here's a copy.
My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon in Patagonia (Argentina & Chile) and we chose Say Hueque (travel agency) to organize our trip. Thanks to their wonderful staff, we had an amazing time and postcard quality pictures that I’ve been showing off to everyone.
Lucia Marin, our Say Hueque Travel Advisor & Argentina Specialist were very helpful in designing a package that, not only met our budget, but also highlighted all the major destinations and excursions we wanted see and do in Patagonia. She was instrumental and very patient during the entire planning process, always giving great suggestions, changing itineraries as requested and responding quickly to all my questions. The accommodations, transportation and tours they arranged were all outstanding. Even when the Argentinean airlines had a one-day strike, and all domestic flight were grounded, the Say Hueque team quickly updated our itinerary to work around it, made the necessary flight schedule changes, and notified us via email. All the updates were made seamlessly–our stay at the hotel was extended, private transportation was arranged, etc.—and we didn’t have to do anything but confirm the changes and enjoy more of the beautiful weather and sites.
Marcela Benegas was our Say Hueque Destination Host. Her bright smile and friendly personality made us feel at home the moment we arrived in Argentina. She took the time to show us many of the beautiful tourist sites that Buenos Aires to offer and even suggested a few hidden gems like El Ateneo, an opera house that’s been converted to a book store, and the Café “Tortoni,” which epitomizes the "porteño café" and is considered an “indispensable part of the history of Buenos Aires.”
We are very happy with all the people at Say Hueque. They are super warm, friendly, and very organized. I would say that their customer service ranks up there with Disney. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Since I have family in Buenos Aires, I will work with Say Hueque to schedule more memorable excursions when I visit.
My wife and I send a big warm hug and an Argentinean kiss to Lucia and Marcela for an amazing honeymoon. Also, we would like to congratulate Lucia as she also became a newly wed during our trip. We wish you many years of wedded bliss.


Jennifer and Glen Revell

Jennifer and Glen Revell

(3 / 5)

We had a great time. Thank you for organizing this trip!

Hi Patty,

We have now finished our trip and would like to provide you with some feedback.

Firstly the trip was fabulous and we had a great time. Most things went really well and we had no problems.

Extremely disappointed that the 4WD trip across from San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni in Bolivia was with a guide who only spoke Spanish. We understood that the trip had an English speaking guide. We received no information about anything relating to the area we crossed, except by some bits of translation from some French tourists who were also travelling with us. But as English is not their first language (and it wasn’t their job) we missed all the details relating to the salt flats and the lakes etc. on the way. Also, given the amount of money we spent on our tour, it would have been better for us to have been put on a tour where there was always hot/cold running water and heating. The refuge would have been fine, provided that other accommodation was not available, but having to stay with no heating and in a room of six people, where only four sleeping bags were provided, was not good.

Some of the information given to us was incorrect. Where the information provided for San Pedro that we would be collected from our hotel for the Moon Valley tour was not correct and as a result we missed the tour. We were supposed to go to the office of the tour company, but this information was not provided to us. Luckily they contacted us at the hotel and arranged for us to go on the tour the next day, but it jammed up against the other tour which was organized to the geysers.

The Machu Picchu trek was great, however given that the last day started at 3.30am and our train was not until 5.45pm, with 3.5 hours of train travel and then a .5 hour transfer to Cusco, it would have been much more preferable to have spent a night in Agues Calientes after the trek. This would have allowed us to enjoy A C without carrying around our backpacks. Also, arriving in Cusco at 10pm and having to leave at 5am the next morning was not a good idea.

The locations of most hotels was great and most of the hotels were very comfortable and very friendly. However the hotel in Arequipa was very cramped and it was very difficult because the staff did not have much English and weren’t very helpful.

The return journey from Isabella Island in the Galapagos should have been organized for the afternoon of the third day and then stay the night at Puerto Ayora, instead of having to get a 5am start and spend over 2 hours on a speedboat and then an hour driving across the island to get a flight. It would have given us more time to see Puerto Ayora as well.

In the Amazon we were scheduled to do a canopy tour of the jungle, however when we asked at our Eco Lodge about this they said that they didn’t offer this tour?? We did get to Lake Sandoval and we did do the night river tour to see cayman, however this was to be one of the highlights and we were exceptionally disappointed not to get this tour.

The rest was very good and we thank you for organizing this trip and hope you understand this feedback may help you with making the trip more enjoyable for others.

Kind Regards,

Jennifer and Glenn Revell


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Atacama & Uyuni, Peru

Matt Jones

Matt Jones

(5 / 5)

The timing of the trip, the 100% success with transfers/pick ups, the mix of activities, the small guides to each location, vouchers and itinerary were excellent.

I found Say Hueque when I walked past the office and saw the sign ;) También, I was looking for a local travel agent.
Probably the highlight of the trip were three perfect days in El Chalten (with my own room!) after a long washed out Torres del Paine trip. The Pudo Lodge was great for obvious reasons :) Of the hostels, my favorite was America del sur.

Not counting El Chalten, the excursion to las ballenas at Peninsula Valdes was my favorite!
I would like to mention Gabriel on the boat/trek day in Ushuaia (I think Gabriel was the guide and Dario the driver). His bad (funny, nothing too wrong!) jokes about Chileans, amazing soundtrack (always a good song to motivate the group) and well-timed warming shots of local alcohol after the cold walk - a cool guy.

También, I won the small ship flag from the Ushuaia boat competition. When I take a photo with the flag in Australia, I will send you a copy too.

Seriously nothing to improve, the timing of the trip, the 100% success with transfers/pick ups, the mix of activities, the small guides to each location, vouchers and itinerary were excellent.

I should have taken the advice about the unico cajero automatico en El Chalten more seriously (no efectivo the whole three days) but it was clear in the guide!

And of course my thanks for your patience with the initial payment trouble.

I finally tried one of your burger suggestions - Los Infernales was amazing :D Me gusta San Telmo!


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Lanie Somers-Standifer

Lanie Somers-Standifer

(5 / 5)

Cheers to Say Hueque! The difference between Say Hueque and others were the unique touches and suggestions they added to our trip.

Hi Patty,

Here is what I posted…

What a trip!! Everyone at Say Hueque was fabulous, responsive and kind. We had a hiccup or two with transports, because of airlines, Patty and her team was responsive and got us back on track in no time!

The difference between Say Hueque and others were the unique touches and suggestions they added to our trip. During our short stay in Buenos Aires they arraigned for dinner with an Argentinian family. This evening was lovely, the family, food, wine and conversation added a personal touch I have never experienced on a trip.

They found unique accommodations that were practical but added something. For instance, in El Calafate our charming hotel was across the street from a bird sanctuary. I mentioned I was an avid birder once during casual conversations, they picked up on it and made a trip packed with Patagonia highlights our own one of a kind experience.

Cheers to Say Hueque!

A special shout out to our friend in Santiago, dealing with a lost tourist Visa could have been stressful. He was kind, stayed with us and everything we smoothly…he also made it clear it was his pleasure and he wanted us to be safe. That was very comforting.

Only improvement for me would have been less days in City’s…it felt like some transitions could have been used to see other riches of Argentina and Chile….. I chalk most of that feeling up to being in a new place for the first time and not knowing 100% what you want to do, so don’t take it the wrong way!!


All the best,

Lanie Somers-Standifer


Mia Basharahil

Mia Basharahil

(5 / 5)

Amazing time in Argentina & Chile. Patagonia, in particular, Torres del Paine is just absolutely spectacular!

We had an amazing time in Argentina/Chile and many thanks to Say Hueque for arranging most our transfers and some of our hotels. Vera and Yuna were amazing in sorting our itinerary and making last minute changes promptly, very attentive to our requests and made detailed programs.

Our couple friends used Say Hueque for their Argentinian travels and recommended it to us, this made us to choose to work with you. We also do not know much about Argentina and we are not to familiar with Patagonia (which is the main purpose of our trip) and needed some help in transfers and excursions. Cities such as Buenos Aires and Santiago are easy to navigate by ourselves but not places like Patagonia which saves us a lot of headache arranging through a travel agent.

The highlight of our trip was definitely Patagonia and Iguazu falls. Patagonia, in particular, Torres del Paine is just absolutely spectacular. The hotels we stayed in all had a different vibe and character to it, which we liked. The transfers between towns, airports and excursions went all smoothly.

Our favorite hotel is Torres del Paine, Las Torres. It´s a little fancier than the others but homely and cosy at the same time. Its location, right in the park was just so stunning, having to wake up in the mornings to the sight of the park was just wonderful. The hosteria we stayed in El Chalten was also lovely, small but homely and cosy. We chatted and met quite a few people, I guess thats the beauty of staying in a quaint hosteria! Also loved the mountain refugee in the woods we accidentally stayed in ( this was suppose to be the Eco Domes but nevertheless we had an amazing time), it was so tranquil and quiet. Great to get away from connectivity some times.

The iguazu excursion was superb, great tour guide very informative. Both excursions at the Perito Moreno glaciers, one which was included in the package and the other mini trek up the glaciers, were wonderful. But I must say the excursion from El Calafate to Torres del Paine is the winner! Absolutely wonderful tour guide, very attentive and always making sure we are fine especially at the border controls. Humorous and love listening to his exceptional knowledge in the geology of the park. So all guides were wonderful but the Torres del Paine one is the winner.
There were a couple of hiccups but nothing big issues. For example, we got the bus from Santiago to Mendoza. The bus station was a huge one with many different buildings and we were confused in finding the one we are to take the bus from. The address mentioned was correct but the platform number was incorrect. It did not take us too long though, as we found the bus Cata International, which happened to be the only Cata International bus we saw that day, as we entered another bus building area.

We were so glad that we took the bus to Mendoza as the bus ride was absolutely terrifyingly gorgeous, cutting through the Andes mountains. We didn’t expect it to be a highlight but we are so glad we did it. It was such a beautiful ride and we got amazing seats right up front!
We noticed that we could have gotten in earlier connecting flights so maybe next time, if you can give options of flights on the day of flying and we can make our choice based on our schedule say if we rather pay a little extra but will leave a little earlier. Its similar to the options you gave us for hotels, you can also give us for flights. And to ask where we will also need baggage allowance for the flights.

But in all, we had a unforgettable time and left with wonderful memories.
Thank you to all three of you!




(4 / 5)

Thanks again to Say Hueque and especially to you & Lucia and all the other people who helped me have a wonderful holiday.

Hello Marcela
How are you ? I hope you are fine. Apologies for the long delay in responding. I had to go back to work the day after getting home from South America and then two friends from London arrived to stay with me for two weeks so I've been busy looking after them.

I heard about Say Hueque, from searching the internet for local travel agents in South America.
I like to use local businesses when i travel. That way i know i'm contributing to the economy and the locals like to present their country the best way possible.

My favourite destination was El Calafate. I loved the little town. My hotel was upgraded and the excursions to Perito Moreno and Torres Del Paine day trips were excellent.

My favourite hotel was Mirador Del Lago in El Calafate & Don Tomas in Atacama were both very good and hard to choose which one was better out of the two. Very good service at both hotels. The meals in the restaurants were delicious. The facilities and location was also very good and suited my needs

About the excrsion, it is hard to choose between Perito Moreno & Iguasu day trips. Both were excellent. But the organisation in El Calafate was probably the better out of the two.

Guides, They were all pretty good.

I think the full day trip to Argentine side of Iguasu is a bit too much if people are not doing the boat rides. There should be an option to do a half day trip without the boat ride. Because only 2 people in the group did the boat ride and the rest of us just sat around. People can spend the time to look at other waterfalls in the area but after a whole day of walking around it's very tiring for some people.

Thanks again to Say Hueque and especially to you & Lucia and all the other people who helped me have a wonderful holiday.


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