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Kelly and David Holland

Kelly and David Holland

(5 / 5)

We had the most wonderful 20th wedding anniversary celebration

Hi, Patricio and Patty

Firstly, I’m so sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you! We had a wonderful trip in Argentina and would love to come back again some day. As promised, here is some general feedback on the various aspects of our trip in February…...

Feedback for Say Hueque: Patricio, we really appreciated the quick responses to our queries when we were in the early stages of booking the holiday. We had no idea where to go or what to see, so your suggestions were really helpful. We also appreciated that you took notice of the types on hotels we were interested in staying in and also the activities that we were keen on. You were happy to make changes and to listen to our suggestions and you also worked to keep it within a reasonable budget. All in all, we were really delighted with the service that we received from you. Thanks!

Our favourite part of the trip was the week we spent in the North West driving ourselves. We would definitely like to do that again and spend more time in some of the villages and towns.

Feedback and thoughts on the various activities and places we stayed and visited: I have written reviews on TripAdvisor for most of them, you can find me under the username “fractal” if you’d like to read them

We liked all the hotels we stayed in. Each one was just right for its location and suited us perfectly. If we had to pick, probably our two favourites were Hacienda de Molinos in Molinos and Finca Adalgisa in Chacras de Coria.
Hacienda de Molinos had great charm and the food was excellent. We loved our room and would have liked to have spent a couple of days there. We had the best room at Finca Adalgisa….number 17, which has a very big terrace. The service was excellent and the breakfasts really good. We loved the summer house and the fact that we could go every evening for a glass of Malbec and a snack. The BoBo Hotel was also great….although I preferred our room when we first arrived, the room they gave us on our one night on our way out of Argentina at the end of the stay was much smaller and also very noisy. We liked it’s location in the city; it was great to walk around Palermo. The Vinas de Cafayate had great views and the room was nice. The food in their restaurant was also quite good. La Aldea de la Selva in Iguazu had the best breakfasts on our trip. The lodge was interesting and the room big, although it didn’t have much character. The staff were helpful with making restaurant suggestions and reservations. The Design Suites Hotel in Salta was great….our room on our first couple of nights was nicer than the room we had when we returned….the first room had a better view. The breakfasts were a little boring.
La Comarca in Purmamarca was really nice. It had great views of the mountains and was spacious.
Esplendor Calafate was also very good. Our room was really big and had a great view. The decor was interesting and the bathroom was lovely.

One thing we did notice…..Argentina is a wine country and yet only one or two of the hotels had wine glasses in the rooms….we had to ask!!

The agents on the ground were mostly very good.


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Tony Davies

Tony Davies

(4 / 5)

Overall the trip went smoothly.

Hi Patricio

Overall the trip went smoothly. The hotels were of various standards but all were acceptable, and transfer arrangements went to plan ...........except for the Serrano River trip to Torres del Paine being cancelled and having to wait 5 hours for transfer to Torres.

Some detailed comments for you and your business partners below

Diego Velazquez Hotel......Santiago.
Clean and quiet room. No problems

Skorpios Cruise.
Really enjoyed it despite some poor weather...........but why no wifi ?

El Muelle.....Puerto Natales.
Very helpful Reception staff but unable to make IDD calls, which was important as I could not call your emergency number in Argentina. The fact that you do not work at weekends and public holidays IS an issue. I felt very uncomfortable when no transport had arrived by 2.35pm to take me to Torres del Paine. Your local agent could not tell me what was happening and I could not contact anybody at Say Hueque. I was starting to panic when the transfer finally arrived.
Surely an earlier transfer was possible ? Having to wait 5 hours at the Muelle was no fun and it was beautiful weather. A wasted day.
Please ensure you get the refund for the cancelled river trip

Las Torres.
The hotel was excellent and I enjoyed my stay

Pro comments
Great location
Excellent service and food quality in the restaurant........thankyou Francisco
Very friendly atmosphere
Reception staff very helpful
Comfortable, clean and spacious room
Great nights sleep

Con comments
Lighting in bathroom could have been better
Bad advice from excursion guides.
I took the French Valley hike on my first day. For some reason we started late and it then seemed more like a race than a hike. I like to take my time and enjoy the scenery so was a bit slower than most of the group. I got to the mirador at the top.
Maybe because I was slow the guide advised I should not attempt the Las Torres Senderos de Ascensio hike. She told me it was almost twice as difficult as the French Valley hike. The excursion staff at the hotel then suggested I could take the Cerro Paine half day hike instead and still see the towers. I accepted the advice given...........but the Cerro Paine tour was subseqently cancelled because it was too muddy. The rain had been the previous afternoon before I switched tours, so surely somebody would know it was likely to be cancelled.
As a result I did not see the towers and was very disappointed. I met people that took the full day Las Senderos de Ascensio hike that day and did see the towers. Very frustrating. I later completed the Laguna de los Tres hike to the base of Fitzroy in El Chalten, so I am sure I could have made it

Kau Yatun ....El Calafate
Initially sent to a room that had not been cleaned. Moved to a different room but could not turn off the radiator and the room was too warm at night. Had problems with the door lock and had to get help to access the room a couple of times
I was given the wrong time for pickup for my tour on March 4th. The hotel reception told me I would be picked up at 8.30am. My initial itinerary said pickup at 7am, so I was surprised when told 8.30am and asked whether they were sure. The Reception confirmed 8.30am, but the van arrived at 8am and I had to skip breakfast. Not sure whose fault this was....the hotel or the agent.
Tours were OK. Lunch at Estancia Cristina was disappointing

Pudu Lodge....El Chalten
Reception unable to provide a map of the area and a bit far from the centre, but OK

Rios de Hielo Express.....El Calafate
Very big catamaran and too many people, but glad I saw Spegazzini Glacier

Quillen Hotel......Bariloche
Asked for a quiet room but was put on first floor. Noisy reception guy speaking very loudly on the phone at 5am - 5.30am woke me up too early the final morning

Tours in Bariloche
For some reason the local operator switched the dates around for my tours and put me on the Seven Lakes tour the first day. As soon as we started the tour the guide pointed across the lake and said unfortunately we were heading for the dark clouds over the other side, whereas it was OK in Bariloche. Had very bad weather for what I suspect was the more expensive and more scenic tour. When I asked the local operator why they switched the dates he said it would be too windy at Cerro Otto on 11 March..................but it was very windy on the day I did go there ( 13 March) and this was no issue as I could sit inside the revolving restaurant.

Lake Crossing to Chile
Very well organized.

Cabanos del Lago......Puerto Varas
Excellent hotel

Malalhue Hotel ......Pucon
A bit too far from the centre of town and no map available. Breakfast quality varied. First day offered fruit, bread , cheese and ham........second day just offered bread, cheese and ham...... third day offered bread, cheese, ham, fruit and eggs. Strange.

Rivers and Valleys tour.....Pucon
Felt short-changed on this as the itinerary the guide was given was different to one you gave me. Only went to one waterfall instead of three and there was no walk along the Liucara River. The guide said he had no idea where this walk could have taken place. Tour finished in 3.5 hours instead of 4 hours. However, the guide was really exceptional.....not his fault.




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Leilani Cruz

Leilani Cruz

(5 / 5)

It was an awesome trip! Again, thank you soooo very much.

Hello Yuna,

Thank you for your welcome back email. We arrived home yesterday afternoon. :)

It was an awesome trip! Words can't describe the beauty of Torres del Paine.

I wanted to thank you for setting up our Cave tour in Puerto Natales. And I also wanted to extend our gratitude to Carolina (our guide). Carolina was very friendly and very knowledgeable.

I will keep your information, specially when we travel to Argentina. We have Cape Horn and Ushuaia, Buenos Aires in mind.

I also wanted to ask you, Do you offer t-shirts for W Trek? I am interested in getting one from Say Hueque.

Again, thank you soooo very much.




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Andy Marshall

Andy Marshall

(5 / 5)

Very happy memories of your lovely city...

Hi Rodrigo
We returned to the UK on Wednesday. Can I just thank you for the service you provided in Buenos Aires. You and Marina really made a huge difference to our stay in Buenos Aires and your assistance left us with very happy memories of your lovely city. I will add a review to Trip Advisor and send you through a link
Best Regards


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Gemma y Dani Torras

Gemma y Dani Torras

(5 / 5)

Nos hemos quedado con muchas ganas de ver más cosas en Argentina.

Hola Rodrigo,
Somos Gemma y Dani de Barcelona.

Estuvimos juntos el 07/03 compartiendo un city tour muy extraño.

Por un lado la manifestación en el centro que no nos dejó disfrutar de todas tus explicaciones como guía, aunque nos fueron muy bien para el día siguiente.
Y de otro lado, nos tienes que pedonar que no estábamos muy activos. Dani tenía mucha fiebre, no sé qué le pasó (al día siguiente mejoró), y yo estaba muy cansada del viaje. y no estábamos al cien por cien.

Aún así, nos gustó mucho el paseo y nos explicaste muchas cosas que nos sirvieron en el viaje.

Nos hemos quedado con muchas ganas de ver más cosas en Argentina. Tenéis un país espectacular.

Gracias por enviarnos saludos a la vuelta al hotel de Buenos Aires.

Deseamos lo mejor para ti, para tu pareja y para el niño que esperáis.

Un abrazo!

Gemma y Dani


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Joseph Tenn

Joseph Tenn

(4 / 5)

We were very impressed with Say Hueque. You suggested good tours, arranged for good lodgings, and made all the arrangements, including domestic travel.


For privacy reasons I do not participate in social networks or submit reviews to sites such as Yelp. or Trustpilot.

However, I am happy to give you some feedback on our trip. We were very impressed with Say Hueque. You suggested good tours, arranged for good lodgings, and made all the arrangements, including domestic travel. The transfers, more than a dozen of them, were a strong point. All but one were on time or early, and all proceeded with no difficulties.

My main suggestion is to give your clients more information. I spent time needlessly worrying about how to keep my camera dry during the "get wet" boat trip at Iguazú Falls. If you had informed me in advance that the boat crew furnishes large waterproof bags I would not have been bothered. Also, your itinerary said only that we would fly from El Calafate to Puerto Iguazú from 15:30 to 21:15. It also said that we would have a meal on the flight. Had we known that there would be no meal and that we would have an hour in the airport at Buenos Aires we would not have arrived hungry late in the evening.

If we were going to make the trip knowing what we know now we would make two changes: We would not take a city tour of Buenos Aires. The traffic is too heavy for such tours. Ours was rescheduled from morning to afternoon because of traffic, and it still took 4.5 hours for what was supposed to be a 3-hour tour, and we only got out of the van twice. I would take walking tours instead. The other change is that I would not stay at Hotel Las Torres without a car. I would make every attempt to rent a car (at El Calafate? If that is not possible, then in Chile) and drive to Torres del Paine, where I would stay in a less expensive lodging. We felt like captives at Hotel Las Torres, from which we could not get to any of the park's many attractions without buying a very expensive excursion from the hotel.

I would not hesitate to recommend Say Hueque to others, although I would inform them of the comments above.

Joe Tenn


Nevenka Gorjanc

Nevenka Gorjanc

(5 / 5)

Nevenka Gorjanc


I have to congratulate your organisation. It was perfect, everything on time, nice friendly people. It was only one change, due to the stormy weather in BA on Saturday, so we have landed on Ezeiza instead at Aeroparco. Just one caĺl to your 24/7 number and everything was sattled. The driver was already coming to pick me up. Excellent!! (VALDI)

I have only one comment that I have tould also to the guide in Mendoza. I think his name is Sergio. The wine tour was pour. When tasting different wines you should get a piece of bread between one wine and another. In first winery we have got at least water, but in the second Vistandes we have had to taste red wine in the same glass as before white one, without any water to clean the glass and mouth. And they were rushing us as well.

The olive oil tour in Pasrai was very nice and very good. I am writing this just for you to know, because this was not only my opinion. (HUENTATA) In total I am really pleased that I have got recommandation to use your company and I will recommend it further to my friends if needed.

Regards, Nevenka


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Joan Gushiken

Joan Gushiken

(5 / 5)

Patricio did an excellent job - very patient, quick and organized !

Dear Sergio,
Thank you for your email. I would be most honored to write about my Argentina Holiday that Patricio kindly assisted me in planning.
Patricio did an excellent job in answering my many questions regarding the different type of tours Say Hueque offers and was very patient, quick and organized in his replies to me. He was also prompt in offering other options as fit my specific needs and didn't hesitate to do further research if needed. He deserves 4+ out of 4 stars on service and commitment.
I chose Say Hueque through researching various online reviews and the positive feedback I received when I personally contacted this company through their toll free phone number. Talking to a person is more personable and gives prompt replies to questions that need immediate answers than emailing and waiting for answers.
Seeing Mt. Fritz Roy through hiking and a full day adventure seeing both Perito Moreno Glacier and visiting the lovely sheep ranch with an absolutely delicious Argentinean barbecue meal with Malbec wine was the best of traveling with you.
With a late afternoon flight into Iguazu, I arrived late to Saint George Hotel. After I checked in, I was hoping to get a light meal since I had an early start the next day. The only thing the hotel could offer was the buffet. Is it possible, that a hotel could also offer soup/sandwiches without having to buy a full-price buffet ticket or to leave the hotel late at night to get a lighter meal?
All of the guides that were assigned to me were very thorough in answering my questions, helpful in suggestions and had a concern and respect for all individuals on the tour to give quality service to each person.

I will also write additional information to Trip Advisor.

Best regards,
Joan Gushiken


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Michele Morris

Michele Morris

(5 / 5)

I had a great trip and want to thank you so much for all the work you did. I too will recommend you enthusiastically to any friend that may be planning a trip.

Hello Patty and Silvia:

Sorry for the delay, but we are in the middle of harvest right now, luckily, Sunday is a day off!

Pam knew of your company, so I can make no credit in choosing you - but you all did a great job and were very attentive and professional. I always felt that we could get ahold of any of you is we needed, but things went so smoothly that it was seamless.

I liked the organization the most, since it saved us so much time once we arrived in each place, and your suggestions were right on point. I will second all the things that Pam said, I totally agree.

I liked all three hotels based on quality to price. It was fun being around other people doing similar things. All were nice, but that said, I probably liked the Ushuaia hotel and the Chalten hotel the best. I think it had more to do with group sizes than anything else. They were all pretty close.

My favorite excursions were in El Chalten. I loved the hikes and the organization of the National Park. I think the Perito Moreno Glacier day was my least favorite, because there seemed to be an effort to draw it out to fill in the day. For me, that could have gone faster and maybe added something else. I loved the day of hiking and paddling in Ushuaia also, My pattern here seems to be the more activity the happier I am, so my preferences are probably based on that.

Our guide for padding and hiking in Ushuaia, Gabriel, was the standout. Everyone was good, but he was great, knowledgeable, and funny. Lots of fun.

I had a fantastic week, no complaints, but my only suggestion would be to get your clients ( us in other words ) to focus on the open day options, as things fill up. We had that problem in El Calafate especially. I think that I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to do, so kept days open. However, going forward, I don’t think I would make that decision again.

I had a great trip and want to thank you so much for all the work you did. I too will recommend you enthusiastically to any friend that may be planning a trip.

I will forward a couple of photos in another email, as our internet is not really 21st century!

Thanks again,


Pamela Wheaton

Pamela Wheaton

(5 / 5)

Say Hueque did a great job of planning our trip and being responsive to my suggestions. Thank you!

Hi Patty and hi, Silvia,

I am happy to provide feedback to you. We had a great trip and your help was much appreciated. I will forward you pictures (taken by Michelle!) in another email. And I did post several on my Instagram account with the #sayhuequejourneys. I'm Pamela Wheaton on Instagram. There are a few on my Facebook page too (same name) but I need to add more.

My daughter, Amalia della Paolera, used Say Hueque to plan her trip to Patagonia (I believe it was in January, 2014). She highly recommended you guys and I was in contact with Silvia beginning in 2015. I was very pleased to visit Silvia at your office last year and to begin to firm up plans. It's a great office, too and I really appreciated your patience as we stopped and started several times in the planning of this trip.

It was wonderful to get off the planes and see a sign with my name and have a pleasant, informative driver waiting for us. Also having a nice balance of organized excursions and free time was great. The drivers and guides were very professional; responsible and on time. Also loved having your restaurant and excursion suggestions!

What has been our favourite hotel is a tough question, and one that Michelle and I talked about a lot. The three hotels were all good, each with its pluses and minuses. In Ushuaia, Rosa de Los Vientos, definitely had the best room (large and comfortable with a good bathroom) and the reception area was comfortable and sunny with good WIFI. Breakfast there was only so-so and the uphill location is a steep climb. But that might have been my "favorite", if only because of the room. Rincon Del Calafate had a great lobby and attentive staff but the room was tiny. Really small for two people. Also a simple thing to fix: no luggage stands in the room. The lack of a luggage stand means you're constantly having to move your luggage to open it, scratching paint on the walls. I would recommend to them that they invest in foldable luggage stands --a simple and inexpensive improvement. The location was a bit out of the way too. Pudu Lodge was a good hotel. Loved the location next to the trailheads. The room was on the small side and lacked luggage stands (I would make that suggestion to them too!). Breakfast was good. The staff was friendly and helpful at the three places. No real complaints, especially for the price. (Oh, one thing we noticed is that the coffee was lukewarm and not very good at any of them)

Another tough question is what was our favorite excursion. I missed the second excursion in Ushuaia because of food poisoning (trips to penguin and bird islands). The first day in Ushuaia was probably my favorite because of the variety. It was fun to be on the water paddling, lunch in the tent was delicious and convivial with the other people and then we got to hike in the forest too. So, for the whole package, that was probably my favorite. It was really good to have a tasty lunch included so we didn't have to scramble to pick up lunch beforehand. We also visited Estancia Cristina. That was a great trip (we did the trek) but it is indeed a LONG day. We would suggest that the end of the trek be curtailed somehow, maybe by having a 4x4 pick up hikers once you get down off the mountain. The last little recovery time in the beautiful bar/restaurant was way too short! The boat ride was beautiful.

The guides were all good. But a shout out to Gabriel (think that was his name!) from Nunatek in Ushuaia. Fun, charming, well-informed. He was great.

Say Hueque did a great job of planning our trip and being responsive to my suggestions. Thank you! We were initially a little disappointed not to be able to go to Torres del Paine because it was fully booked for the days we were in Calafate. I might be important to stress even more to travelers....that you must book ahead of time. Also, while the view of Perito Moreno was exquisite, that excursion (especially the half-hour on the boat basically in the same place looking at the glacier) didn't seem as well thought out as the rest of them. Of course it's a must to visit the park and the glacier, just not sure the time on the boat was necessary, or that the day needs to be as long as planned.

Both Michelle and I are super active and like things organized so we probably could have done with a little less "down time" on the trip (the half day, especially, in Calafate we were kind of scrambling to fill and to arrange and excursion for the empty day.) On the other hand, El Chalten, with the self-guided treks was magnificent. A real highlight.
For the days when lunch is not included, some suggestions in Calafate for where to get a good picnic would be welcome. The supermarket had a very limited selection. But on my last day there, I found a bakery (can't remember the name but it was at the turn for the hotel off of Liberator) that looked like it had a very good selection of sandwiches.

A recommendation to add to your list: the spa in El Chalten called Cabaña y Spa Yaten. After 2 days of treks (including that long one to Laguna de los Tres) we treated ourselves to a foot massage and treatment. So wonderful and restorative. I would go back to El Chalten just for that! They have the coolest "boots" for your feet that give you a massage while you are sitting in a chair looking out through huge windows at Fitz Roy. They also have a "bed" for a back massage and a chair that apparently is amazing and gives a full body massage. This is not your typical spa, but so restorative after a day or two or three of hiking! The owners, Mayra Imas Wagner and Luis Cocha were terrific. He is a basketball coach in the school and has really interesting stories to tell about the life of the town. She is multi-lingual. Definitely I would add to your list...not sure re the prices, but it was worth it (cheaper if you pay in cash).

There are apparently yoga classes in El Chalten too. We didn't try those out but I bet some travelers would be interested in having information about that too.

Your restaurant suggestions were all good (with exception of our awful meal in Ushuaia I told Patty about) as were the suggested walks and excursions. Loved the Laguna Nimez (I went twice) and the walk to the waterfall in El Chalten was lovely and a perfect way to begin the visit to El Chalten.

Thanks so much for your attentiveness and follow-up! I have already recommended Say Hueque to friends and will continue to do so! I'll post on Trip Advisor too.



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