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Danny & Rina Colbeci

Danny & Rina Colbeci

(5 / 5)

Most attractive agency - We enjoyed the trip very much and we shall recommend you to all our friends.

Hi Marcela and Patricio,

I would like to thank you and the team for the perfect organization , coordination , hotels and trips chosen and responsiveness in case of need .
We enjoyed the trip very much and we shall recommend you to all our friends.

We learned about Say Hueque while searching for an organizer in internet. You were the most attractive agency and Patricio was the most cooperative.

My highlight of travelling with you was the commitment . The most impressive site was El Calafate with its Glaciers. The best Hotel was Las Torres in Torres del Paine and Casa Sur in B.A , But all were very good. Our favorite excursions & guides were the one in Torres del Paine and in Ushuaia.

The only thing which might be improved is the communication in Chile.

Regards, Danny


Adrian Cuenca

Adrian Cuenca

(5 / 5)

We highly recommend!

Hi Vanessa,

We are home safe and sound. I just left a review on trip advisor.

I have left some responses to your questions below:

I heard from Say Hueque from my parents. They used Say Hueque before and had a good experience.

Our highlight was the Las Torres program - it was awesome and we are so glad you suggested this to us. Our favourite Hotel was the Las Torres Hotel.

Our favourite excursion was the Argentine Polo Day - we highly recommend this company. Also our ice guide on Hielo y Adventura mini trekking was very good.

Kind regards,



Magen Schmidt

Magen Schmidt

(5 / 5)

Our trip was flawless!! I highly recommend your service to anyone interested in traveling to Patagonia.

Yuna and Say Hueque staff,

I just wanted to say thank you for organizing such an amazing trip for me and my husband! With our limited Spanish language skills it would have been impossible to arrange all of the transfers and accommodations for our busy trip.

We were also very impressed with the quality of all of the hotels you chose: Patagonia If, Kau Yatun, and Ilaia .

I highly recommend your service to anyone interested in traveling to Patagonia. Our trip was flawless - THANKS AGAIN!!!!

Feel free to share my review on your website.
-Magen Schmidt


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Noam and Emma Hamovitch

Noam and Emma Hamovitch

(5 / 5)

We loved everything travelling with you. Guides and Patti were amazing!

Hi Patti,

I found you on Google. Lots of positive reviews about you. Patricio was very responsive and patient with me as we made many different changes to the itinerary. Your costs we're also very good for the quality of hotels and trips we requested.
We loved everything travelling with you. We were very appreciative of all the re-booking and changes you made as we were in Argentina - from flights to hotels to even dinner reservations.

Our favourite Hotel in Buenos Aires was the Fierro Hotel and Design Suites in Salta. UCO Restaurant was amazing!
In El Calafate we had wonderful guides and the weather was perfect. The glaciers are truly a sight to see and there aren't many left in the world.

Every guide we had was amazing and we were very impressed with their level of English. Patti was amazing and we absolutely loved Fernando for our Salta excursions. He was fantastic.

Maybe one thing to improve: I think it would have helped to give us some tips before traveling - things like Reciprocity Visa, exchanging money, travel/safety tips.

Best regards,
Noam and Emma


Daniele Sironi

Daniele Sironi

(5 / 5)

The whole trip was great for a solo traveller and the places/location visited were stunning.

Hi Patricia,

I knew say hueque visiting the tourradar travel site.I watched your web site and I found the ideas and travel offers good.

The whole trip was great for a solo traveller. The b&b were ok and the places/location visited were stunning.
The only think to underline is that in el chalten there were no active ATM nor banks. This means that you cannot take any money once you there.
My highlight of traveling with you was that I could avoid any intermediate company and have a packed trip planned.
My favorite hotel was El chalten cyan for the breakfast and my favorite excursion the personal boat tour in Ushuaia. The best guide was Nico on Torres del Paine tour

Communication in general and in specific cases could be improved. Like the one of no ATM in el chalten. Patagonia Sur is expensive.

Have a good day,


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Mariko Elvin

Mariko Elvin

(5 / 5)

We were very happy with all the services that Say Hueque provided for us. We will recommend you to our friends and will certainly use you again next time our travels takes us to Argentina.

Hello Patty,

I am so sorry for the late reply. Our car was fine but we came home to a lot of clean up, but everything is ok.

We had a wonderful time in Argentina! Thank you to your travel agency!! I will try my best to answer your questions. I first learned about your travel agency through the internet. I think probably trip advisor. Your company had a lot of good reviews. Ultimately we ended up using Say Hueque because I liked your prompt response time, the trip itinerary/options that you suggested, and the positive reviews online. The information on Argentina on your website is very helpful.

We really LOVED the tango dinner show. It was fabulous!! But I think the highlight of our trip was Iguazu Falls. We are so glad we toured the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. Both were wonderful in different ways! We were also very happy with your suggestions for hotels. Both the Bellini and Sheraton had friendly staff, great breakfasts, and great location. The Sheraton really needs to be updated but the view was fabulous! We really appreciated all your friendly knowledgeable tour guides and that your transfers were punctual. We thank you for showing us the map of the city and the highlights to see.

It was very helpful to have that orientation on the day of arrival. We were very happy with all the services that Say Hueque provided for us. It definitely made our trip so easy and enjoyable. We will recommend you to our friends and will certainly use you again next time our travels takes us to Argentina.

Thank you again also for making sure that my kindle reader was returned to me safe!

Thank you,


Sau Wah Chan

Sau Wah Chan

(5 / 5)

I still miss the time in Argentina very much!

Dear Patty,

How are you? Time flies and it's already a month since I returned home though I still miss the time in Argentina very much! I've actively picked up my Spanish again and hope I'll have some improvement at next visit.

Here are my feedbacks: I first learned about Say Hueque by research on internet. Research on comments from past customers and sought quotation some 4 months ago and wish to depart in short time instead of spending time to do research all over again made me to chose to work with you. To travel with you was organized and independent.

I have to say I have more than one favorite hotel!
a. Clasico Hotel - like the location and the vibe of the furbishment.
b. Arami Hotel & Lodge - it's clean with big room and it has a swimming pool!
c. Lila Hotel - like the coziness.

My favorite excurions (it’s more than one – again!)
a. The Tango show - good show and good food.
b. The Iguazu fall trip - highly suggest future visitors to do both sides (Brazilian and Argentina side). Brazilian side for the panoramic view of the fall. Argentina side for the experience with the fall.
c. Full day horseback riding - I had a brilliant gaucho that day.
d. Full Day Lakes Off Road - the guide made delicious Asado.
e. Full Day Perito Moreno Glacier & Navigation - it was low season during my visit. Had taken many nice pictures on the walkway with no people around. Witnessed a large chunk of ice fell from the glacier into the water. Magnificent!

I also would like to mention the guides)! though I do remember every one of their names. I'm sure it could be tracked down for identification.
a. My local contact - Patty. I know you are not (technically) a guide but I have to name you, Patty. I was surprised you follow up and actually called the Airlines to check out the luggage issue and the
booking issue of a night out in Iguazu which I booked by myself through another local agent. I thought you may be one of those casually said that will follow up but no constructive things are going to be done. No, you actually called and reached out and talked to these people for me!.
I also like you have been whatsapping me along my trip to check me out, feel like a friend checking out if I am having a good time.
b. Full Day Lakes Off Road - the guy called "Christian". Enjoyed the conversation with him and the Asado.
c. Full day horseback riding - I don't remember the name of the guy but he has Italian origin. Enjoyed the conversation with him and the people at the ranch.
d. The Iguazu fall trip (Argentina side) - I don't remember the name of the guy. He was very professional and able to get all people in our small group together and we had a very good time!

Following some suggestions for improvement:
a. I first enquired about the luggage issue while I was booking/booked the trip. The reply from the "travel adviser" dealing with my booking was helpful. I would be better if a more constructive reply (like what you did, Patty) could be given as that would help me in packing my stuff before departing my home city.

b. I was very disappointed with the "Full Day High Mountain Tour" in Mendoza. I thought it was a hiking tour but it end up is a coach tour. More clear information should be given.

c. The extra activities for add on should have more clear information. If some activities are seasonal, it should be clearly stated to save the time like what I had, a reply saying "oh, the activity is not available at your visiting time" and then I have to re-oganized again. I was very disappointed as I very much wanna to do the "Big Ice" (walking on theice) when I was in Calafate. The reply from the "travel adviser" was it's not available at my visiting time. When I arrived in Calafate, I found out that the activity started in August (i.e. 1st August) but I am flying out Calafate on 1st August! Had the "travel adviser" be more initiative and suggested if I would extend one more day while I was booking the trip, I would do so.

Let me know if you need further information of my feedback above, Patty.

Best regards,


Enrica Wong

Enrica Wong

(4 / 5)

The 4WD tour in Bolivia was very good.

Hi Patty,

I first learned about Say Hueque searching in the Internet. I worked with you because of the good reviews and you had a tour option that fitted my needs.
Knowing I had someone to contact if I needed and being able to tailor the tour as needed was my highlight of traveling with you.

The Ayres hotel in Salta wasn't very good and it wasn't the hotel I had initial chosen, it was quite dated, could just have been the room I had.

My favorite excursion was The 4WD tour in Bolivia. Eddy, the driver in Bolivia was very good, even though he only spoke Spanish.

The tours in San Pedro always started late, I don't mind waiting, but it would be good if you got notified because you're not sure if they're still coming. On the last day in San Pedro, I had to wait about an hour before my pick up came.



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Iris Lim Ai Ping

Iris Lim Ai Ping

(5 / 5)

Really enjoyed the trip!

Hi Patty,

Thanks for the email, I' m doing good and really enjoyed the trip! Thank you once again also for replying to my whats app messages! :)

I learned about Say Hueque through the internet – mainly trip advisor. It was an easy choice to work with you because there were not many available recommended tours. I also liked the easy communication through the online chat and that it was possible to make last minute bookings. I also consulted my sister who owns a travel agency in Singapore and she mentioned that the prices offered by you guys seem quite reasonable.

Being able to make changes to my tour at the very last minute was my highlight of traveling with you - thank you for helping to arrange! The tours were also in very small groups of just 3 people so it was more cozy.

Hotel Peninsula Valdes was ok, didn't stay at other hotels.

My favorite excursion was Doradillo excursion but this was done by another tour agency (i think it's Flamenco travel as Huinca travel didn't have available tours. Huinca travel was really great in being able to help me do the last minute arrangements too). In addition to watching the whales, the guide took us to other locations which had beautiful views and we even went on a mini trek!

The initial itinerary provided to me had a tour to Punta Tombo to see the penguins, and I was only told that Punta Tombo is not available AFTER i made confirmed the tour by making the payments. The itinerary provided should have been an up-to-date one since it is customized. I had 2 options as replacement for my Punta Tombo tour (2nd day): Punta Loma and Doradillo. Initially i chose Punta Loma but on the whale watching tour during the first day, the guide told me that the sea lions are in the Valdes area and not Punta Loma this season so Punta Loma would be pretty empty.....hence i made the last minute request to change to Doradillo. This was a lucky decision for me because i met other tour customers who went to Punta Loma and told me there was no sea lions to see at all. While I' m happy that you guys managed to grant my last minute request, this information should have been made known to me when the tours were offered also to avoid disappointment.


Best Rgds,


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Alice & Mat Whittingtom

Alice & Mat Whittingtom

(5 / 5)

The variety that was offered on our tour suited us very well. The Salar de Uyuni at sunrise was truly a unique place.

Hi Patty,

We arrived back into Australia on Sunday after spending a couple of further weeks exploring some more of South America. Have put some feedback comments in below for you.

I found you through Google searching for tours that included Atacama Desert options.The Good online reviews from numerous other travelers convinced us to work with you. Also the variety that was offered on this tour suited as very well
The 4WD trip through Bolivia was amazing. It's like a different planet up there and was a real experience. The Salar de Uyuni at sunrise was fantastic on the 4WD tour. Truly a unique place.

We really enjoyed the hotel in Purmurmarca - Hotel El Manantial del Silencio. It had real character and drinking Argentinian red wine by the open fireplace was lovely.

All our guides were very good and were friendly and welcoming. Eddie, our 4WD driver did not speak English which made it a bit hard to converse with, but we were lucky enough to be travelling with an Austrian family who were able to relay information to us. The guides for the Tatio geysers and the Humahuaca day tour were very good at relaying everything in Spanish and English. Sorry - but I can't recall their names!

Just one suggestion: It would be worth noting to people that not all services run every day and this needs to be confirmed for the requested dates. This didn't put us out too much as we got to spend an extra day in the North of Argentina, but we may have shifted our internal flights around a bit have we known the bus didn't run on a daily basis.

Cheers, Mat


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