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Theo van der Linden

Theo van der Linden

(5 / 5)

Guides gave lots of information, in Spanish and English and full of humor!

Dear Patty,

We just returned from a 3week South America trip. It was great and I will reply gladly to your questions.

We searched on internet and learned about Say Hueque. We decided to travel with you because the comments over the 6day trip Attacama-Uyuni were really good.

I would say our highlight were the good guides who gave lots of information. We only stayed in e one hotel, the Don Tomas hotel in San Pedro.

We had short excursions and one large: the three day 4wd to Uyuni. The El Tunio exursions was great. Early to get up but worth it. The 4wd tour was awesome with highlights and depths (the overnight stay in the refugee: ‘basic’ accommodation was an understatement). Although an experience, it took many hours to recover from it.

I forgot the name of the guide to the El Tunio geysers – he was awesome (I believe he is an San Pedro artist). He gave lots of information, in Spanish and English and full of humor!


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Manuela Schippel

Manuela Schippel

(5 / 5)

Many thanks for the great organization!

Dear Patty,

here are my answers to your questions. I found Say Hueque through the Internet and chosed you because you offered exactly the tour (Buenos Aires and Mendoza) I wanted to do!

My highlights were the Street Art Tour with Miriam and the Bike Tour with Marcelo in Buenos Aires! Bilingual tours are sometimes exhausting ... long explanations in Spanish, shorter ones in English.
My favorite Hotel is Casa Lila in Mendoza, familiar atmosphere and great staff ( Erica and Maria)

Again many thanks for the great organization!



Gopal Ganesh

Gopal Ganesh

(4 / 5)

I must congratulate the agency for providing good accomodation and guide services throughout the journey. Thank you for making my visit memorable.

Dear Patty,

These are my comments on my recent trip to Argentina and Brazil with Say Hueque.

I made my booking through this agency after looking at the internet with particular emphasis on experience of the agency and the favourable comments made by previous users.

I must congratulate the agency for providing good accomodation and guide services throughout the journey. The hotels where I was put up were good. However, I would have liked tea/coffee making arrangements in the hotel rooms. Except for Igazu, other hotels did not have this facility.

I also felt that in Igazu, it would have made better sense to be put up on the Brazilian side on the second day of visit, instead of coming over to the Argentinian side hotel for the night and then crossing the border again to catch the Avianca flight from Puerto Igazu next morning. The crossing clearances took a long time and it was tense in the morning when you had to cross the border to take a flight.

In Argentina, I felt that the sightseeing programme could have been organized better. The half day programme of sightseeing was spent more on travelling to the city and except for seeing the Palace and the surrounding park, besides the cemetry of Eva Peron, there was nothing else.Since I was the only person in the group who stayed in Palermo, I was sent back to the hotel in a taxi.

In Brazil, it was a taxi driver who informed me that the first day's sightseeing programme was cancelled owing to prospect of rain. I was left to visit museums on my own that day. Conseqiuently, the last day in Rio de Janeiro was crowded and it was a miracle that I managed to get to the hotel and check out as agreed with them.
The visit was marred by the cancellation of the flight from Rio de Janeiro to London Heathrow after waiting in the aircraft for several hours. We were put up at a hotel with full boarding but there was no announcement till late afternoon about the flight to London. I fell sick there and it has taken me more than 15 days to become normal again.
About events in Rio de Janeiro, could I suggest that in future you could think of including a programme on Samba like the Tango show in Buenos Aires?

One more word regarding the flight to Igazu from Buenos Aires. The booking done by you was through a local airline (which was delayed after boarding due to some technical glitch), which did not have any code sharing agreement with Avianca- the airlines which was used by me in Peru as well and in which I came to Buenos Aires- with the result that the luggage allowance was only 15 kg instead of 23 kg. This cost me about 12$ in excess baggage. In future, in case it is possible, please book through an airline which has code sharing arrangement with the prominent airline of South America.

These are some of the critical comments I had to make to help you to better your services.

Overall, I was quite impressed with your services.
Thank you for making my visit memorable.

Yours sincerely
Gopal Ganesh


Dipa Gandhi

Dipa Gandhi

(5 / 5)

The trip was fabulous. EVERYTHING was taken care of.

Hello Patty,

Sorry this has taken so long! I am on Facebook and have shared SO many pictures on there so feel free to use them as needed. Here is my survey, feel free to use it as well!

My friend Don and Julie Weissbanger had used your agency three years ago and recommended you highly. I was trying to do my own research and set everything up and I was completely overwhelmed and confused on my own.
EVERYTHING was taken care of and I had a phone to call 24 hours/day, my highlight of traveling with you!
I loved every accommodation for it's own reasons but Sheraton Iguazu and Dazzler Palermo were probably my favorites for their location and service.

SOOOO many guides that were great but Federico in Salta and 2 tour guides in Easter Island (julia and teranji) really stand out . Easter Island tours were perfect. Guides were so knowledgeable and answered our numerous questions with accuracy.

I only would have liked more breakfast choices for a vegetarian and I wish I could have pre-paid for dinner and had it at the hotels. Most of our hotels arranged for dinner if planned ahead of time. When I asked about that during planning, I was told it was not possible. I was usually tired after a full day of activity and I just wanted something easy and convenient. I know most people like to try new restaurants but I'm not like that.

All of our pick ups, drop offs, tours were PERFECT until we got to Buenos Aires. Which I thought would the best since we were in Sayhueque's home town. Our Dinner/Tango pick up was late picking us up and it took 1.5 hours to pick up everyone else! I felt the Dinner/Tango place was out to simply make money off tourists. They constantly trying to sell programs, CDs, etc so they would not let us take even one photo of the show. They didn't tell me they didn't have my ONE vegetarian ravioli as a choice so they simply brought me spaghetti. No explanation until I asked. The getting back on the bus to our hotel was a bit of a confusing mess. Show was good though so other issues not really a big deal.
The tour I was most unhappy with was our two city tours. Santiago tour was late pick up but guide was good so all was forgotten. The worst was our Buenos Aires city tour. Each stop to pick up others was at least 10 - 15 minutes and passengers weren't ready. Tour guide was CONSTANTLY on the phone and would stop mid sentence to answer her phone. Then she asked where we wanted to stay at the end of the tour ( go back to hotel or stay in Recoleta). It felt like a rushed decision bc we didn't know which area we wanted to visit. But she seemed like she was just happy to get rid of us, so we left after the cemetery and had a fabulous day on our own.

STILL trip was fabulous!!

IF you have more questions, I'd be happy to give you more positive feedback. Hotels were clean, great staff, well situated and in safe areas so we could explore on foot easily. LOVED having access to Patty


Florence Chen

Florence Chen

(5 / 5)

Pleasurable, memorable, considerate and caring!

Dear Patty,

It is difficult to express how wounder the trip is ! We feel so happy for all your arrangement especially my two kids birthday celebration. Also, it is our pleasure to share your service and comment with everyone!

We found Say Hueque via internet search and decided to work with you from your first reply of my email question.
Everything was pleasurable, memorable, considerate and caring. Special thanks to Patty and the guide for Cusco and Sacred Valley was great.

Our favourite hotel was the Casa Andina Group, tidy and clean. Our favourite excursions have been to Machu Picchu and the Glacier.

Best regards
Florence Chen


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Paul Bhadha

Paul Bhadha

(5 / 5)

It was very pleasant working with Lujan and Say Hueque!

Dear Patty,

Thank you for all your help. Persis did go in the Estancia tour and had a good time. She also went to a soccer match and loved it.

Overall, we had a very good time!

We first learned about Say Hueque just from an internet search of Argentina vacations. Lujan immediately responded to inquiries and was very cooperative in planning the tour with Kashmira.

It was very pleasant working with Lujan and Say Hueque who agreed to our every request and let us book our own flights and hotels as needed. Some other travel agencies often want to book the hotels, themselves.

These were the highlights of our tour:

1. Iguazu Falls. Simply incredible and very good guide who took us everywhere
2. City Tour of Buenos Aires. Very nice city to visit and very knowledgable and friendly guide, Patty.
3. Changing of the Guard at Cabildo, Salta. Very nice to watch and we stumbled upon it only by accident, just before we were ready to catch a plane leaving Salta. Takes place at noon, every day, during the tourist season. Neither Say Huque nor our local guide, Ramon, mentioned this!
4. Live Open Air Concert in the town of Humahuaca. Again, this was just by accident. We were in Humahuaca during the last 30 minutes of the concert, primarily because we were late leaving our hotel for the trip.
5. Excursion to Cologne, Uruguay by ferry. Cologne is such a quaint town which has retained its charm and heritage. You must recommend that to your customers.

Our favorite hotel was the Sheraton in Salta. It was extremely nice. Relatively inexpensive, very spacious rooms, excellent food, and very modern, spacious, well equipped gym – the best I have seen in hotels. During my second stay, they were sold out, so they upgraded me to a giant suite with a separate study, kitchen, huge balcony, giant living room and dining area with a huge dining table with 10 chairs and complete tea service!

The best excursion was to the Iguazu Falls. Lot of sights, lot of walking in lush Green rain forests, lots of wild life. But the half-day tour of Buenos Aires was a very close second.

Of course we would like to mention Patty in Buenos Aires! Patty was excellent. Very knowledgeable, friendly, walked with us everywhere, and gave us enough time to do everything. Also helped us arrange other tours and recommended restaurants. We loved walking through the Recoleta Cementery and the Boca neighborhood, and the BA sights.

Patty, my only regret is that we didn’t get to see the Botanical Gardens. You said they would be closed on Monday but they were open until 5:30 p.m. on that day Unfortunately, we found that out only when we were driving past the Gardens at 5:25 p.m.

Our guide in Iguazu (I forget her name) was also very good. She escorted us everywhere and was very knowledgeable about the Falls, the river, the forest and the history.

The English-speaking guide at Buquebus was also very knowledgeable, very friendly, and walked with us everywhere in Cologne, Uruguay.

Sr. Ramal of Ramal Tours was very patient with my family who were always very late in leaving the hotel every day. He went out of his way to pick up and drop off my second daughter who was staying at a different location in Salta. He also rearranged the trip when he found out one of my daughters was sick on one day. So we did get to see everything, thanks to him. So we did give him good tips for his efforts (a total of about US $250)

What I didn’t like was that Ramal came to the airport to pick us up in a truck with an open bed (just like a pick-up truck but with 2 rows of seats) saying his other vehicle was in the shop! I was a little worried about our bags in the open bed of the truck being exposed to the tremendous amount of dust and also possible to the rain or somebody just stealing them. Every day (next 4 days) for our remaining excursions, he still brought this same truck! He should have arranged for the rental of some other vehicle if his van was in the repair shop.

Sr. Ramal said he had been in the tour business for 19 years. Although he was knowledgeable, he didn’t seem that enthusiastic about anything. He also didn’t want to accompany us anywhere where there would be any excessive walking or climbing (such as in the Inca ruins). He would walk with us up to a point and then tell us where to walk further and then go back to his truck.

Other than the town of Humahuaca and the Salt Flats which we liked, the excursions in Salta were not all that great. The Inca ruins were not worth visiting, especially in comparison with Machu Picchu. The food served at all places on our Salta excursions was of bad (with the exception of the hotel at Purmamarca where the food was very good). Although the mountains with their different colors are worth seeing, the drive to the mountains is not very pleasant because the roads are rough, the sun is very bright with not a cloud in the sky, and because it is so dry, it is extremely dusty with no trees or vegetation. Not fun driving through essentially a desert in a truck!

The town of Salta was probably the best part of our stay in Salta and the surrounding sites.

We never got the lunch promised us on the Buquebus tour. It was supposed to be a box lunch but the Buquebus guide said it would be at a restaurant and pointed out this restaurant when we were on the walking tour and then left us. When we went to the restaurant, the restaurant refused to honor the lunch vouchers that Say Hueque provided and said the vouchers were for a box lunch.

So we went to another restaurant which took very long to serve us and we had to pay for lunch out of our own pocket. Partly as a result of the long wait at the restaurant, we missed the ferry going back. While Buquebus allowed us to go on the next ferry, they said the regular class was sold out and we would have to pay the difference in fares between regular class and business class, which cost us an additional US $99 for the 4 tickets.

I will send some photos, later.

Best Regards,



Ian & Alina Chen

Ian & Alina Chen

(5 / 5)

The advice and recommendations provided throughout, such as restaurants and services, were very much appreciated.

Hey Paty,

Great to hear from you!

Our friend - Justin Siau, who had gone on a trip with SH before and was very impressed with the service and experience he received, recommended SH to us.

In addition to our friend's referral, we were very pleased that SH was able to fit all the different sights and locations that we wanted to visit in a succinct schedule, as we knew we did not have a lot of time for the whole trip. The advice and recommendations provided throughout, such as restaurants and services, were very much appreciated.

The seamless coordination across multiple locations and countries, coupled with the wealth of information shared prior the trip, really allowed us - the honeymoon couple, to just sit back and enjoy the trip with each other.

Our favorite hotel: It would have to be Casona Yucay. Not just for the views and the scenery, but the very professional service provided by the front desk. The front desk had to assist us to print out our train tickets and were prompt in confirming our schedule with the local travel agency due to last minute changes caused by the strike in Cusco.

Our favorite excursions have been to the glaciers in El Calafate and Iguazu Falls on the Argentinean side. We also would like to mention our guides for the visits - El Calafate (Fleur) and Iguazu Falls (Diego).

We were rather upset that due to the strike in Cusco, there were a few hiccups to the coordination and arrangements for our trip in Cusco. For example, we were left stranded at a train station 2-hours outside of Cusco and were without our luggage for over 48 hours, despite arriving back in Cusco.

Hopefully we don't have to wait too long to our next trip back to South America!

Ian & Alina


Claudio Martin

Claudio Martin

(5 / 5)

Wonderful trip!

Thanks - we had a wonderful trip. The Estancia Cristina hike was our favorite day from the whole trip. I'm so glad we made that choice!

I have already given your website to a couple of people who were interested.



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Chris Sewald

Chris Sewald

(5 / 5)

Professional, prompt, courteous, and friendly.

Dear Sergio,

I first learned about Say Hueque just cruising the internet looking for vineyard tours. My highlight of traveling with you was having an excellent English speaking and knowledgeable guide.

The excursions they were all excellent. Mendel was extra special because of the age of the place, what we got to see and experience, and the wonderful hostess.

Both Cecilia, our guide and Damian, our driver, were professional, prompt, courteous, and friendly. Great people.

This was not a trip driven much by budget. If it were, I do think the overall price was a bit high. I would have liked a choice of hotels. Staying on site with the family at Robles Besares was fine but some people might be put off by that.

Best regards,


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Joy & Patrick Hills

Joy & Patrick Hills

(5 / 5)

We all enjoyed the trip immensely discovering more of Argentina outside of Buenos Aires.

Hola Sergio

We learnt about you through our friend Barry McKerrow who was organising a trip to Iquazu Falls.

The highlights were the National Park and the waterfalls, also the well set up access throughout the park and over the falls. Amazing views. The tracks and viewing platforms were well cared for and easily accessible . Seeing both the Argentinian and Brazilian views was great. Transport was good, comfortable and reliable. It was great being picked up and taken back to the airport and to our hotel.

Improvement recommendations: I would recommend if visitors where taking the boat trip at the bottom of the falls in winter as we did that it would be suggested/recommended to buy or for your tour guide to provide/loan a plastic poncho or waterproof jacket or something similiar to stay dry. After the waterfall trip we then took the boat trip down river and then the jungle truck back in the late afternoon. We were very wet and unpleasantly cold by the time we reached our hotel.

Our guide Diego was excellent, very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

We all enjoyed the trip immensely and enjoyed discovering more of Argentina outside of Buenos Aires.

Thank you for your services.

Warm regards

Joy Hills (from New Zealand)


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