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Cindy-Marie Leicester

Cindy-Marie Leicester

(4 / 5)

Say Hueque was the most friendly and helpful within my budget

I emailed a number of travel companies and Say Hueque was the most friendly and helpful within my budget. Agustin was really adaptable and very helpful. He offered suggestions and listened to my preferences

All of the hotels you selected for me were of a high standard for my budget. However the breakfast at the hotel in El Calafete was very poor.

The horse riding trek and being caught in the first hail storm for 8 months in Mendoza was quite an experience! There are no hard hats provided for the horseback tour. I am an experienced rider, I dont think that it was easy for beginners. All the drivers were punctual and helpful. My Mendoza driver was the best!


Dimitris Zomas

Dimitris Zomas

(5 / 5)

Thanks again for everything

I won a competition on facebook through TourRadar. I started rock climbing, hiking and in general outdoors activities in 2016 and I have always come across Patagonia as a must destination for climbers, hikers and mountain lovers. My first memory of Fitz Roy was when Tommy Coldwell and Alex Honnold did the Fitz Traverse in 2015 which means that they traversed all the towers in the Fitz roy range going up and down all in one push that took them a week to complete. Especially El Chalten and Torres del Paine were on my list for travelling destinations. So when I saw the trips TourRadar was offering in the competition I chose the 9 days Best of Patagonia.

The booking process was very smooth and I was communicating via email with both people from TourRadar and then with people from Say Hueque. Laura Rosales before we get to Argentina helped out a lot in terms of explaining things and booking the hotels we stayed at. All the hotels were lovely and we enjoyed our stay in every single one. Also Agostina was always available and was tracking down our whereabouts making sure everything was going alright. Thanks very much to both of you.

As I mentioned we really enjoyed our stays in all 3 hotels, but if I had to choose I would say Pudu Lodge was my favorite since El Chalten for me was the highlight of the whole trip. The girls in the front desk where amazing and super helpful. Also the location was terrific, just next to the hiking trails. My mom’s favorite was the one in Puerto Natales Weskar Patagonian Lodge because of the nice atmosphere and the great view.

My favorite excursion was the Torres del Paine with the border crossing over to Chile. Despite the cold, the wind and the really bad visibility it was a great excursion, with a great walk next to the lakes where we caught a glimpse of the rock towers, mainly their lower parts. But it was amazing to see the Chilean side of Patagonia as well.

My favorite moment from my trip was in day 1 when I reached the Mirador Laguna de los tres and the lake was frozen so I could walk on it. I got to the level of the lake facing the Fitz Roy range right in front of me and starting walking towards the granite towers. I was alone on the lake and the only thing I could hear was the sound of my footsteps on the snow that cover the whole lake. I would never forget the freedom, happiness and serenity I felt while I was so close to Fitz Roy and on a frozen lake. It never crossed my mind that Laguna de los tres would be frozen, I expected it to be a blue lake or even brown from the mud and melted snow coming from the mountains surrounding the lake. It was a lovely surprise.

Our guide in Perito Moreno Glacier excursion was amazing. Her name was Daniela ( I am pretty sure I remember correctly). She could speak English and German (and Spanish of course) and she was very sweet and knowledgeable and gave us a great overview of the park and Perito Moreno glacier. Everyone in the group had a great day in the Glaciers’ National Park.

I am extremely pleased about all the aspects of the trip. You guys did a great job organising everything perfectly. All I had to do was to follow the timetable and practise my Spanish with the bus drivers, taxi drivers, hotel employees, guides which I really enjoyed by the way, since I want to improve my Spanish level. My only complaint goes to the weather and particularly to a group of clouds that took away some amazing views of Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and Torres del Paine. But I was aware of the Patagonian weather and how unstable and unpredictable it can be so I was prepared for the worst. Afterall no one can control the weather. To be honest we had some glorious, sunny days during our trip.

One last thing I would recommend would be to add one more day in El Chalten to itinerary (take one of the rest days in El Calafate and add it in El Chalten for example) since for me 2 days seemed a too few. I am saying that just in case the weather is not good and maybe somebody wants to try the trails again to get better conditions and views. The town and people of El Chalten were great and I would have loved to stay a bit longer there.

Thanks again for everything.


Bruce Wilbat

Bruce Wilbat

(5 / 5)

All the best to you for ALL the individual steps you had to complete to put this all together!

I salute you now for such an incredible vacation, filled with SO MANY highlights.

I also want to give a big salute to all Say Hueque personnel with whom we interacted, especially Martin', but also all the drivers of all the transfers. And I should point out that we very much enjoyed the Palermo L hotel, not noisy at all as I feared, the most conscientious personnel, especially Jose, but also because it was only 1 1/2 blocks from La Cabrera!!

We are there once during our first days in BA and again! on our last night, this past Saturday! And enjoyed the 40% discount both times, being 6th in line the first time and FIRST in line last Saturday. Just magnificent! All the best to you for ALL the individual steps you had to complete to put this all together!


Gloria Pizarro Perez

Gloria Pizarro Perez

(5 / 5)

I will go back to Argentina with Say Hueque sure!!

My pleasure to give you guys my feedback and experiences in Argentina!

I choose traveling with Say Hueque because all the positive feedback at Trip Advisor. My booking process with my travel advisor, Maria, was awesome! She was very patient, never left me with doubts, her emails and calls back were always the same day or next day on point. Maria, always cared that I had the best comfort and enough to enjoy my days in Argentina. She NEVER made me feel that I was bothering her with question and that make me feel even more secure choosing Say Heuque. KODUS to Maria!!!

My favorite Hotel was Alto de Calafate hotel, but that was not the one I choose, I was moved to that one due maintenance. Hotel Alto Calafate wasn't even on your list. Stunning Hotel. You might considerate added on you hotel list, a bit price but worth it. My least favorite, was Jardin de Iguazu, the outside and the pool were very nice but I found a cockroach in my room, so the cleaning was not very good. Overall, It was okay.

My favorites excursion was Perito Morenos Glacier, Calafate. Being able to walk on the glacier still speechless. Once of my best experiences EVER. Yes, I would definitely share memory from my trip.

Only thing I would NOT recommend at all was Buenos Aires tours NOT worth it. We did not get a chance enough to walk around... the traffic in Central Buenos Aires always bad so that makes the tours in the bus a hustle.

Thank you so much guys!! WAY TO GO!!! I will go back to Argentina with Say Hueque sure!!


Fabian Gomez

Fabian Gomez

(4 / 5)

I had travelled with Say Hueque in 2015, and was pleased with the experience, so I used your services again

I had travelled with Say Hueque in 2015, and was pleased with the experience, so I used your services again.
The booking process was good. We dealt with Agustin Orso who was patient and helpful.
Favorite hotel was the Dazzler in Puerto Madryn, with a great restaurant El Coiron. Least favorite was Estancia Candelaria del Monte. It is being re-done by new management and we felt unattended. The pool was closed for construction. The heating was poor.
The favorite excursion was Iguazu Falls, with the best memory being the boat ride into the waterfalls.
Martin was a very good guide, always attentive and responsive to our needs. We also enjoyed the guide in El Calafate that took us to the glacier. He was very informative, entertaining, and helpful throughout the trip.
We were disappointed and fatigued with all of the flight changes and delays. I understand it is beyond your control, but it diminished our enjoyment of the trip.


Sonia Bergh

Sonia Bergh

(4 / 5)

Overall, the trip was a great success

I found Say Hueque with a Google search and then read reviews, which were very positive. Booking was very easy and Karen was responsive quickly to any questions or modifications. The one form I filled out online was easy to do and didn’t require a lot of time.

Favorite hotel was Palo Santos; least was Raíces Aconcagua but we only stayed in two. However, there was a vast difference between them. Raices was subpar and not at all what a 4-star hotel should be.

I enjoyed the trip to get a closer look at Aconcagua the most. The winery tours were fine but the biking was not at all enjoyable. The kayaking was just OK though the scenery was beautiful. There was a lot of downtime with the kayaking, even though they gave us a complimentary rafting tour because they didn’t have a kayaking guide available until later.

Martin was very helpful, gracious and available. I appreciated that. The other guide who was very good was the one we had for the Aconcagua trip but I don’t remember his name right now.

The Raices Aconcagua hotel did not fulfill our expectations. I can forward my sister’s email that addresses that. The biking aspect of the winery tour was also not worth it. The terrain (rocks) and traffic made biking more challenging than it actually was and, overall, the distances were very short to say we got much biking or range of views out of it. Kayaking didn’t get us much change in scenery either for the amount of time that it took to get there, get outfitted and get to the site.

Overall, the trip was a great success. We saw what we wanted and our expectations were met. I would have had to like more flexibility as far as making changes along the way (such as canceling transportation if we gave over 24 hours notice—I don’t mean canceling in a few hours but, if we gave a day or two notice, that should not have been an issue).

Thanks for your assistance and support. Hope we see you again when we’re in Argentina next.


Analia Carpenter

Analia Carpenter

(4 / 5)

Thank you for all of your assistance

I was dissatisfied with the Raíces Aconcagua in hotel in Mendoza. In terms of the room there being very basic, I would like to add that it lacked the following:

1. not enough towels

2. ran out of toilet paper

3. no coffee or tea available to make in the room

4. the windows were not insulated well and there was a lot of street noise

5. tv remote control didn't work due to lack of batteries

5. had to scan the digital key several times before we could get the door to open

6. room temperature wasn't easy to control (air conditioning)

I also just received an email survey from the Raíces Aconcagua hotel a couple of days ago. When I went to respond and answer the survey online, it didn't work because the questions were all in grey and you couldn't input any of the answers. So that didn't work at all. Someone should let them know this.

As for everything else, I was very happy with our other hotel, excursions, and transportations. Thank you for all of your assistance.


Mark and Rita Peterson

Mark and Rita Peterson

(5 / 5)

Our thanks for a wonderful trip

When we travel it is important to us that we learn something of the country we are visiting, and more important to learn something of the people and their culture. If we just had a check list to see Plaza de Mayo, Caminito, we could find those by ourselves. Say Hueque appeared to us to offer the cultural enrichment to better understand Argentina and make the trip more valuable to us.

Booking was very easy. We were somewhat concerned over how early payment was requested, but upon learning more of the economic situation in Argentina, it all made sense and we were at ease with the payment.

While the Patios de San Telmo was very nice and we had no complaints, the Copa Sul in Rio de Janeiro offered such large rooms and such a sumptuous breakfast buffet that it was our favorite.

We enjoyed and learned much from each of our excursions. Our time in Buenos Aires was memorable, particularly the mate ceremony. The tango lesson and show was astounding. Our time in San Antonio de Areco was great. The tour of Santa Teresa and the Tijuca National Forest was phenomenal. Our only disappointment was what was supposed to be our tour of central Rio, which ended up being mostly a repeat of the Santa Teresa tour we had taken the day before.

The guide Agostina Marangoni went above and beyond typical duties in offering a bottle of Malbec and sharing mate with us. It is one of the best memories we had of the trip. We were caught unaware that the tour of Buenos Aires would be our last time to see her and had hoped to offer her a nice tip for such good service.

Pablo from Signature Tours who took us to the El Ombu de Areco estancia was also excellent in explaining Argentine history and culture as we headed out of town.

Marcelo Macedo was a most impressive guide in Santa Teresa and the Tijuca National Forest. He had a difficult task guiding my wife and I and two residents of Rio who were merely out for a day of drinking while someone else did the driving. Marcelo handled it all well.

Ilana May and her friend Helen who filled in for her on our tour of downtown Rio were disappointments. Both seemed more interested in chatting in Portuguese with the driver than with us. Helen was apparently unaware that most of the sights she took us to, with the exception of the Cathedral and Sambadrome, where places we had been to the previous day with Marcelo. Helen also appears to be unaware that Jorge Selaron, of Escadaria Selaron fame, is from Chile, not Venezuela. It was the only downside on the trip.

Again our thanks for a wonderful trip.


Susanne & Miles Rowe

Susanne & Miles Rowe

(5 / 5)

We will recommend your company to all our friends & family

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for a fantastic holiday in Argentina!

We loved the country and the people. The highlights for us was Iguazu Falls, the wine tour & the little hotel in Mendoza and the Glacier trekking. The Glacier was amazing!!!

All flights were on time and your guides were always there to meet and great. Please pass on a special thank you to Carla who looked after us in BA and kept in touch all through our travels.

Thanks again to Lujan, who did a fantastic job putting it all together and we will recommend you and your company to all our friends & family.


Sariyah Khalid

Sariyah Khalid

(5 / 5)

It was a wonderful experience to be in Argentina under your team's care

It was a wonderful experience to be in Argentina under your team's care.

I travelled with you because ​I won an FB photo contest organized by ​Laura has been very accommodation and assisted me throughout the booking process.

I loved all the hotel that was handpicked by Say Hueque. Especially the Brick Hotel. So beautiful and great location!

Definitely visiting the Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil. Breath-taking view and an experience we can never forget. A definite wonder. We had a truly great time exploring the Iguazu Jungle.

Regarding the guides, I should definitely mention Carla and Adrian!!! Genuine service and care. Always there to assist whenever we need.