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Elaine Sidgwick

Elaine Sidgwick

(5 / 5)

Would like to say ‘thank you’ for making our trip so pleasurable

We had a fantastic trip, thank you!

We chose to travel with Say Hueque because you provided a bespoke itinerary in line with where we wanted to go, we were looking with a company with local knowledge. We saw your website and you offered what we were looking for.

2The booking process was very good. All changes were to itinerary were made / advice given speedily. The only issue was not paying by pay pal - although we did this by credit card in the end the process was more complicated.

Our favourite hotel was the Kaulem Hosteria in El Chalten - an intimate and cosy place with only 4 rooms, delicious breakfast, cakes and coffee - brilliantly located and the staff were really friendly. Out least favourite hotel was Hosteria Koi Aiken in El Calafate. This is mainly due to the location due to a 40 minute power walk to the outskirts of town and tthe rooms were a bit tired looking, although the breakfast was very good.

It's difficult to say which was our favourite excursion as they were all fantastic. The trip to Perito Merino glacier was amazing, simply because the scenery was so breathtaking and the glacier hike really interesting with informative and friendly guides. The paddle trip into the national park at Ushuaia was also great fun - again the guide spoke excellent English and made the trip enjoyable with his knowledge of the park and flora and fauna. And the excursion to the Iguazu falls was also great as the guide knew all the tricks to make sure we spent the least time queueing as possible - and again he was very informative and knowledgeable. Its really difficult to pick out a favourite memory as we loved all of the places we stayed. We hiked to the see Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre - this was also amazing. My memory will be the the diverse and stunning scenery - glaciers, mountains, waterfalls and wildlife (beagle channel cruise) the friendliness of all the people we met and the knowledge of the guides. oh and the great steak and huge portions of food!

Rene - the Iguazu falls guide - he saved us so much time queueing and was really knowledgeable about the birds and plants. But all our guides made the experience memorable.

I was a bit disappointed with the location of the Koi Aiken hosteria as we spent a lot of time walking to and from town - and I did expect that arrangements would have been made for our bags to be transferred between the Rebelde hotel. We asked and the lady at the Rebelled sorted this out for us, but an agent from Say Hueque did email to say this was our responsibility.

I would definitely recommend your company to any friends who are travelling to Argentina and would like to say ‘thank you’ for making our trip so pleasurable.


Tami Reiss

Tami Reiss

(4 / 5)

Everyone was super helpful!

We chose to travel with Say Hueque because you had all of the tours we wanted and helped us customize an option that worked with our budget. The booking process was easy and helpful.

The Mercure in Iguazu was our favorite hotel... and we visited the Loi for dinner and thought it was better. Worst hotel was the Dazzler Palermo... room was small and dirty.

Our favourite excursion was Punto Tumbo penguins... soooo many of them. Would have been better if somehow you could take a boat down from Valdez peninsula, but I know that isn’t an option. Regarding the guides, everyone was super helpful!

We had to change our flight from Puerto Madryn last minute. I thought Lucia and I had talked about leaving earlier and she said the tour wouldn’t be over in time.. though she was right about the end time of the tour, we didn’t need to see the paleontology museum so we skipped that. Similarly, we wasted 5 hours in the Foz de Iguazu airport waiting to fly to Rio (a flight we had booked) but we would have preferred a tour that used up more of our day if the flight time was known.


Stephanie Morillo

Stephanie Morillo

(4 / 5)

We hope to be back in Argentina in the future and will definitely book throughout Say Hueque

We wanted the help of a reputable agency to plan our trip. It was a rather large trip and since we were unfamiliar with the country, needed help coordinating everything. We also were overwhelmed with all of the possible places to go and Say Hueque made it easy with their trips. Working with Daiana was fantastic. She even took care of booking flights which was SO important for us.

Favorite hotel was Dazzler Polo and least favorite was Aeroparque Inn and Suites. The best excursions were in Ushuaia, followed by Iguazú. I really loved the hiking and paddling trip especially.

The team from Antartur were amazing and René from Ecoturismo Iguazú was phenomenal. He used all of his connections to get us around which were key because the amount of tourists in Iguazú was substantial.

The El Calafate trip could have been improved. We were scheduled to have a day of excursions, a day off, and a half day there before flying back. Because of the Christmas holiday, however, it meant that we couldn’t book the excursion we wanted for the free day (Estancia Cristina) but we did a glacier boat ride. And the following day we were in El Calafate until almost 5PM. In the future, it will help for the team to ensure travelers have something to do during the Christmas holiday and to have that booked far in advance (and an earlier flight out would’ve been great). It affected scheduling for Iguazú and we were on a flight every day for three days which wasn’t so fun!

We hope to be back in Argentina in the future and will definitely book throughout Say Hueque :).


Benny Melumad

Benny Melumad

(4 / 5)

We chose to travel with Say Hueque due to a recommendation by a friend

We chose to travel with Say Hueque due to a recommendation by a friend, and initial discussion with the company was positive.
The booking process was smooth.

The hotel in Puerto Iguazu was our favorite but all hotels were really nice.

Our favourite excursion was probably the mini trekking and the penguins were the favorites. So unique. The guide in Ushuaia was great.

Your supplier in Puerto Iguazu was not in par with the others - we had two guides (one for each day) and they were not as professional as the others. In addition of not showing up to pick us up from the airport.


Diane Thein

Diane Thein

(5 / 5)

It was a fabulous trip!

It was a fabulous trip! We might even write a little blog for those traveling and not camping. We have friends with Patagonia on their list and we will definitely highly recommend you.


Erin Decker

Erin Decker

(5 / 5)

Overall I very much enjoyed my trip!

The "Best of Patagonia" trip included all of the major sites within Patagonia that I wanted to see. Also, the price was much lower than similar tour packages from other companies, even after adding on the solo traveler supplement fee. Also, my travel advisor Agustin was very responsive and followed up with me multiple times during the booking process. Agustin was very responsive, and answered all of my questions in less than 24 hours after I sent them.

There was only one hotel that I did not like very much, and that was the Chalet Chapital in Punta Arenas. The room was missing a lot of small conveniences, such as a glass for water, a drain plug for the bathtub, and a hair dryer. I could have tried to ask the staff for these things, and they may have been able to provide them, but they did not speak any English and I was only there for one night, so I didn't bother to ask. Also, the WiFi quality was very poor, and I could not do even simple things like load any web pages or send any text messages.

The Cyan Calafate was good but only complaint was that it was extremely hot in the hotel the entire time! I am not sure if it was something they could control, since the heater in my room was off, but even leaving my window open all night did not help and it was a bit difficult to sleep. They had the best breakfast selection though! Hosteria Foike was great, hotel and room were very cozy and staff very friendly and helpful. Hosteria El Paraiso in Chalten was also very nice, room was very simple but had everything I needed and beautiful views. The Hotel Patagonia IF in Puerto Natales was probably my favorite, beautiful views and a very cool, unique modern design to the place, which I really enjoyed. Very comfortable bed too!

It is hard to choose a favorite excursion, they were all very good! The one in Ushuaia was lots of fun, and our guides were the best on that trip too. They seemed to genuinely enjoy what they were doing and answered lots of questions, prepared a very nice lunch for us, and just seemed to have all of our activities very well-organized.

The two guides mentioned above in Ushuaia for Tierra del Fuego were very good, the main guide was Pedro and I didn't catch the name of the driver/other guide, but he was very friendly as well. Pedro was very knowledgable about the nature of the area and enthusiastically pointed out lots of things on the trail to tell us about. I appreciated this because it added a lot of value to the hike as we stopped at certain points while he told us about different plants, animals, etc. The guide for Torres del Paine was also good (I believe his name was Ian?), he was energetic and funny.

I was surprised that there were no organized events available in Punta Arenas. I inquired about doing a half-day (4-hour) city walking tour (optional tour for extra cost) while I was there, but was told that there wouldn't be enough time in my schedule for that. However, I arrived at the hotel pretty early that first day, around 12:30-1:00pm, and had the rest of the afternoon free, so I think that would have been enough time.

Overall I very much enjoyed my trip!


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Buenos Aires, Chile, Patagonia

Maureen Wilbat

Maureen Wilbat

(5 / 5)

Patricio could not have put together a better trip plan for us!

I had the absolute pleasure of sharing our recent Patagonia trip that you helped him plan. Patricio could not have put together a better trip plan for us!! The trip was amazing from the moment we arrived in Buenos Aires to the sad departure we made 3 weeks later. I loved every part of the trip and each day I couldn’t believe that it could get better. And then it did!! Thank you for all the work you put into scheduling all our activities and for all the many questions you answered for us in our planning. I want to come back and explore more of your amazing and absolutely beautiful country!!

Thank you again so much.


Abhinav Gaur

Abhinav Gaur

(5 / 5)

We chose to travel with Say Hueque because of the great offering & excellent reviews on TripAdvisor

We chose to travel with Say Hueque because of the great offering & excellent reviews on TripAdvisor. The strong reviews on TA definitely made it easier for us to move quickly to make the booking. Very simple booking process – working with Lucia (via email and by phone) made booking very easy. Also the customised itinerary online is a nice touch.

We only stayed in 2 hotels – both in very different locations so its probably not fair to choose a favourite. We liked both hotels but I think the location of hotel in Buenos Aires was really really good.

I think seeing the Iguazu falls was our favourite – its really not to be missed! Probably the final walk along the platform on the Argentenian side (when you get wet) was our favourite.

Our favourite memory would be the Milonga – it was a real cultural learning and we had fantastic teachers & guide (also a teacher). I would also say that the Tango was not to be missed – really exceptional.

We thought all of the guides were exceptional – very knowledgeable and keen to share their experiences. Really nice people too.


Norm Trudeau

Norm Trudeau

(4 / 5)

In general, all expectations were met

We use Cruise Critic to communicate with fellow cruise passengers for information and suggestions on ports and other activities. A fellow passenger (Stan Harpin) used your services a few years ago and recommend your company as a way to see the falls.
In General, the booking went well – we understand that your company has many clients and can expect a few minor issues, but everything went well.

The hotel at the falls was by far the better of the two – the staff there was also excellent.

The hotel in Buenos Aires (L’Hotel) for us was a bit bellow standard. The staff was very good and provided us with everything we needed, but the facility was poor for us. The concept was good and breakfast great, but the rooms were very small – the first night in the superior room was better, but the last two night was tough with luggage all over the floor.

The falls were by far the best but we had to cut our tour short due to the heat – it was far too hot to continue on the second day.

We had two guides from the company and both exceeded our expectations.

In general, all expectations were met – the transfers, Tango show, etc were very good
The only negative was the hotel remembering that the staff, cleanliness, and overall appearance was good, just the size and layout was, to us, a little below standard


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Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert

(4 / 5)

I didn't have the sense that I was being pushed into any pre-existing configuration that suited the travel agent rather than my interests.

I was networking for a travel outfitter that has deep experience in Patagonia travel and was given an endorsement.
Agustin was a pleasure - always responsive, engaging, authentic. I didn't have the sense that I was being pushed into any pre-existing configuration that suited the travel agent rather than my interests.

Regarding hotels, Explora was our favorite by far. The setting, the service, the quality of the experience is world-class. We didn't have a least favorite.

One of the happiest days of my life was galloping with a gaucho and guide across the pampas (Explora). On multiple rides I was alone w/ the gaucho and guide and no other guests. The guides were super - engaging, warm, respectful. I particularly enjoyed the tent experience at el Chalten too. That was a first.

*Ceci greeted us at Buenos Aires when we first arrived - she made us feel welcome and we greatly enjoyed her during the time we spent in the car with her. She also followed up with some much appreciated notes to inquire how we were doing.

Kareen at Explora, head of hospitality, is superb. Amy had food poisoning and was laid up for 4 days. Kareen ensured that every need including a trip to a hospital 2 hours away on a mostly dirt road was well organized and executed (she assigned a driver and a translator from her staff).

*Notable guides at the Explora include Mica (superb - warm, engaging), Kera (spelling? was lots of fun), Santiago (who appreciated I just wanted to cantor/gallop and made that happen), and Daniel (a guide who is first class at photography - we filmed at 1:00 a.m. together the night sky). Also greatly enjoyed our explora driver Ivan (former Chilean special forces).

There was one important issue. As a photographer coming for the photography, I understood that my guide for the 2 day el Chalten hike would be a photographer. I was quite surprised to learn that the assigned guide, Lois, didn't even own a camera and certainly doesn't see himself as a photographer.

The other issue was that due to Say Huque not breaking out costs in any way, I couldn't assess whether Say Huque was a good value that I can recommend and use again or not (experientially Say Huque was a good value). I know Argentina and Chile are very low cost countries given the deflation of their respective currencies vs the US dollar. I don't know whether we had any of that benefit.